Continental Giant Rabbit For Sale Near You: US Breeders List

The Continental Giant is a relatively large breed among rabbits. They were initially bred for meat due to their giant bodies, however; now common as house pets. 

Continental Giants come in two varieties, white continental and colored continental. They are wonderful pets with pleasant personalities. 

Species Name Oryctolagus cuniculus
BreedContinental Giant 
Weight 16 – 25lbs on average
Family Leporids
ColorsWhite & Colored
Care LevelModerate
Temperament Friendly, smart and active
Body Temperature102-103°F
Lifespan 4 to 5 years
Size up to 4 feet long
Minimum Cage Size 30 x 30 x 24 inches cage size for a rabbit weighing around 5 to 6 pounds 
DietPellets, vegetables, hay

Where To Buy A Continental Giant Rabbit?

Generally, there are various options to buy a Continental Giant like getting it from a breeder, pet store, or shelter home.

Typically getting directly from a breeder is advised to get the pedigree information.

In the case of Continental Giant rabbits, you will need to track down breeders having Continental Giant rabbits for sale as the ARBA does not recognize this breed.

Continental Giant Rabbit For Sale Near You: US Breeders List

Sugar Ray’s RabbitsLitchfieldConnecticut
Crystal Creek RabbitsLivingstonTexas
Red Rock RabbitsCedar CityUtah
WEB’s BunsSouthwesternOhio

Disclaimer: Continental Giants Breed is not recognized by ARBA. The listed breeders are given for your help to find a better option

How Much Does A Continental Giant Rabbit Cost? 

The cost of owning a Continental Giant rabbit is between $300-$500. You may need to spend more as the ARBA does not recognize them, but several breeders sell them. So, it can cost a little more for expenses and travel.

Things To Consider Before Buying

  • Before buying a Continental Giant rabbit, consider the rabbit’s size as it will require a large space to be comfortable. 
  • You need to remember that some animals don’t like the company or a certain breed. If you already own other pets, you need to make sure they are compatible and safe. 
  • Buy from a trusted breeder and get complete information about the breed. 

What Is The Difference Between Flemish Giant And Continental Giant? 

The Continental Giant rabbits are found to have similarities with the Flemish Giants as they are the latter’s offspring.

  • Flemish Giant rabbits are larger than the Continental Giant rabbits.
  • Moreover, Flemish Giants have condensed, shiny fur; on the other hand, Continental Giant rabbits have thick fur.
  • Both are friendly, make good pets, and are easy to handle.
  • Lastly, the ARBA acknowledges the Flemish Giant breed, whereas the Continental Giant breed is not recognized by ARBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Continental Gian Rabbits:

Are Continental Giant Rabbits Friendly? 

Continental Giant are an example of being a lovely and active pet that will enjoy your company. They have become a popular breed as house pets. They are easy to handle, love attention, and responsive to human affection.

How Big Do Continental Giant Bunnies Get?

As the name suggests, they are big-sized rabbits. They can get as heavy as 16 to 20 pounds and a mature continental giant can get 3 feet tall. They are the second-largest rabbit breed after Flemish Giants.

How Long Do Giant Continental Rabbits Live?

The life expectancy of a Giant Continental rabbit is around 5-7 years. Due to their large size, they tend to sustain various medical issues than smaller breeds. Pet owners should take care of and maintain their health as much as possible to improve their life expectancy.

How Much Space Does A Continental Giant Need? 

They require large space to roam around and play, given their size. The cage should be triple the size of a Continental Giant. It should be high enough that the rabbit’s head doesn’t touch the top and wide enough to hop a few hops.  

Do Giant Rabbits Chew?

Yes, all rabbits, including Giant rabbits, have a habit of chewing. There is a biological reason for this habit as rabbits have their teeth constantly growing, and if they don’t chew well over, teeth can grow and hurt them causing health issues.

Do Giant Rabbits Shed?

Yes, like other breeds, Giant rabbits also shed two times a year, but regular grooming is advised; otherwise, they can get a wool block or worse, sores or other skin diseases.

How Much Do Continental Giant Rabbits Eat?

An average adult Continental Giant rabbit can eat up to 6-12 cups of pellets the whole day. The limit of their diet will depend on their size. A five-pound rabbit eats about a cup of pellets. Other than pellets, fresh hay and water should be provided 24/7. It would be best if you increased the food portions when the doe is pregnant as they eat twice their typical diet in these times.

What Colors Do Continental Giant Rabbits Come In? 

Continental Giant rabbits come in two variations, White continental, which by its names reveals its color, and the other category is Colored Continental Giant rabbits. They are available in black, sandy, white, fawn, steel gray, and faint gray color.

How High Can Continental Giants Jump?

Giant rabbits, including Continental Giant, can jump up to 3 feet high.

What’s The Biggest Size Rabbit?

The biggest-sized continental giant recorded by Guinness World Book is Darius weighing above 50lbs and having a length of 4.4 feet. After Flemish Giant, The Continental Giant rabbit is considered the second-largest breed that can weigh upto 25 pounds.

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