Flemish Giant Colors Guide (ARBA Recognized 2023)

Flemish Giants are called gentle giant rabbits because of their friendly nature.

They are, without doubt, the calmest and most docile of all rabbit breeds. They are pleasantly natured with their pet owners and other pets, making them an ideal choice for home pets.

ARBA recognizes the following seven colors for Flemish Giant Rabbits. These are black, fawn, blue, steel gray, sandy, and light gray.

Fleming Giant Rabbits have a long and lean, powerful body with heavily based erect ears. Their toenails have a uniform color except for the white rabbits.

The best part is their long glossy coat which rolls from front to back when stroked.

ARBA Recognized Flemish Giant Colors Guide

Flemish Giant Colors

As of January 2023, the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes 50 unique rabbit breeds.

The Flemish Giant is one of the few rabbit breeds which the ARBA recognizes. The seven Flemish giant color varieties of Flemish Rabbits that the ARBA recognizes are white, steel gray, black, blue, fawn, light gray, and sandy. 

Sandy Flemish Giant

Sandy Flemish Giant

The sandy Flemish giant is the most common variety found in the US and globally as well. They are the best developed and perfect variety of Flemish giants we get to see today. Sandy Flemish giants are also the most submissive ones as compared to other breeds. Their sweet and friendly nature also makes them competitive.

Fawn Flemish Giant

Fawn Flemish Giant

The fawn Flemish giant is among the gorgeous colors of the Flemish Giant breed. The fawn Flemish has a white belly, with white around the eyes, nose, and chin. The insides of the ears and ground touching the toes, tail, and feet are also white.

White Flemish Giant

White Flemish Giant

White Flemish rabbits are highly popular and in-demand by rabbit owners. Well, who doesn’t love an angelic-looking pet rabbit and that also a Flemish giant one? Their soft fur and rust-colored eyes make them the perfect petting companion.

Light Gray Flemish Giant

Light Gray Flemish Giant

The Light Gray is one of the most popular color varieties of the Flemish of Flemish Giant rabbits. They are noted for their charming looks and welcoming personalities. 

A light gray coat is perfected much to the liking of sandy. The undertone of their coat is near slate blue, whereas the ears are black. 

Steel Gray Flemish Giant 

Steel Gray Flemish Giant

Imagine a steel gray colored rabbit with a white-colored belly. Isn’t that a striking combination?

Presenting to you the steel gray Flemish giant breed which is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the Flemish giant color rabbit breeds.

Some steels are nothing more than a butcher’s knife, but the Flemish giant steel gray color is distinctive. It doesn’t have the brownish tint that makes the color undesirable.

Black Flemish Giant

The Black Flemish Giant is one of the rarest found rabbit breeds in the US. The color is very difficult to come, which adds to its rarity.

The black Flemish giant rabbit is jet black with no frosting, fading, white spots, rusty undertones, or white hairs. Though it’s common for most black breeds to have white hair, the Black Flemish giants are spotless in this aspect. Their color is more delicate than other colors of the breed. 

Blue Flemish Giant Rabbit

Blue Flemish Giant Rabbit

The last color on the list is blue in the Fleming giant rabbit, a gorgeous yet elusive color. Blues, just like the blacks, are very hard to breed, but once you get them right, they turn out as the best bet. 

Blue Flemish giant rabbits have a deep slate blue coat free from any discoloration, fading, white hairs, and rusty spots. You won’t even come across blue Flemish giant rabbits with white hair scatterings.

Flemish Giant Color Breeding Chart 

The color standards of ARBA are discreet, and any loophole disqualifies the Flemish giant rabbit. To keep up with the judicious standards, it is recommended to breed the Flemish giant rabbits of the same colors. However, the following colors of Fleming Giant rabbits can interbreed as well.

 Fawn      Sandy
White       Light Gray
Steel Gray       Light Gray 
BlackSteel Gray


Sandy Flemish Giant 

Sandy Flemish Giants are one of the most dominant colors of the Flemish breed. They are usually compatible with fawns. Rather, it is best to breed them with candies and fawns to achieve the best results.

Fawn Flemish Giant 

Fawn Flemish Giants are pretty similar in color characteristics to Sandies. It is the only compatible color for them to breed other than their color rabbits.

White Flemish Giant 

Whites play an integral role in breeding high-quality steels. Many whites tend to produce the best color offspring, which are technically non-whites. The offspring can never be light grays, but they can certainly be blacks, blues, steels gray, fawns, Sandies, and many other colors.

Light Gray Flemish Giant 

Light grays are best bred with light grays or whites or steels. 

Steel Gray Flemish Giant 

The best and common combinations to breed steel gray Flemish giants are black, blue, white, and sometimes light gray. Blue steels are acceptable, but it is not something you’d be proud to showcase.

Black Flemish Giant 

A black Flemish giant can never produce a fawn, light gray or sandy offspring unless the black is bred to one of these colors or has white hiding under them. It will also not produce steel unless bred to a steel or steel-colored gene carrying a rabbit.

Blue Flemish Giant Rabbit 

Blue Flemish are similar to blacks in their genetic code, so it is possible to get blues from blacks, but you cannot get blacks from blues. You can also not expect to produce sandies, fawns, steels, and light grays from blues unless bred to a white giant.

Do Flemish Giants Come in Broken Colors?

Yes, Flemish Giants come in broken colors, but they are not accepted or registered by the ARBA. This is because of the strict color guidelines, and Flemish that does not live up to the solid color mark pattern, is considered broken and rejected by the ARBA.

Final Verdict

The Flemish Giant rabbits are one of the best rabbit breeds to be kept as a pet. Their friendly nature, bulky size, and distinct glossy coat make them a favorite among rabbit lovers.

If you want to adopt one or are interested in breeding this giant, we suggest doing your research beforehand. Once you know what you are looking for, these adorable giants will make a place straight in your heart.

However, it is viable to keep the ARBA breeding standards in consideration. If different colour varieties are crossed, they will produce offspring with faults and affect the standards of ARBA’s perfection standards. 

So it is better to breed the same color of Flemish giants together or stick to the ones mentioned in the article above.

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