Chinchilla For Sale NEAR You! (Breeders List)

Baby chinchillas are the cutest creatures on this planet. Scroll down to know where to buy chinchillas.

Long-Tailed Chinchilla For Sale NEAR You!

NAMELong-Tailed ChinchillaKINGDOMAnimalia
LIFESPAN 8-10 yearsCLASSMammalia
WEIGHT370-490 gORDERRodentia
SIZE97-15 cmFAMILYChinchillidae
SPECIESC. lanigera

A long-tailed chinchilla is a gentle animal native to the South American region with fur that is considered the softest in the world, even softer than a human hair.

Not only is it an energetic animal, but it is also intelligent, agile, and inquisitive in nature. It loves to form a close bond with its owners. 

Long-Tailed Chinchilla Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
ArthurNew York347-225-7074
[email protected]
Sherry Rustman California949-636-8002
Michelle Johnson Ohio740-616-5429
Lee Sharpe Florida904-534-3845
Noah White Virginia540-755-9737
Michael J Kocan Michigan989-255-2190
Alyssa Velez Wisconsin605-431-8847

Short-Tailed Chinchilla For Sale NEAR You!

NAMEShort-Tailed ChinchillaKINGDOMAnimalia
LIFESPAN 8-10 yearsCLASSMammalia
WEIGHT510-794 gORDERRodentia
SIZE23-38 cmFAMILYChinchillidae
SPECIESC. chinchilla

Short-tailed chinchillas are world-famous for their soft, dense, and beautiful bluish-gray fur, which pairs well with its bushy tail to increase the exoticness of this South American endangered animal.

They are therefore more valuable due to this higher quality fur and considerably larger size.

Short-Tailed Chinchilla Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Kassandra Kowtko Michigan734-983-8818
Ladonna M Coleman Texas210-473-5394
[email protected]
Janell CampbellWisconsin414-659-2424
Jennifer StevensTexas512-799-2906
Laura Kenna Texas682-888-7701
Cory Matula New York845-444-4847

Chinchilla Price

How much is a chinchilla for? Owing to their endangered status, chinchillas are pricier than other animals of the same clan.

Reputable breeders may charge you around $150* to $500* depending on the market supply, the time of the year, and the breeder’s popularity. 

Chinchillas – Legal Or Illegal in the USA, UK, and AUS

USA – As long as you obtain a chinchilla by legal means (not capturing it from the wild), owning it is not illegal in most states of the USA.

The UK – The British government allows its citizens to keep pet chinchillas, but they have strict rules to keep the exotic animal safe in captivity.

Australia – Chinchillas couldn’t survive and breed like other animals in the Australian wilderness. Due to this reason, the Australian government has banned all non-native wildlife from importation into its homeland.

Chinchilla Adoption

Adopting a chinchilla is a nice way to provide it with a second chance at life and a caring environment.

There are a few simple steps usually followed by all adoption centers when they put up a chinchilla for adoption. A summary is given below;

  • The adoption center asks you to apply.
  • Upon registration, the center expects you to wait till they find a suitable chinchilla for your home. The suitability of the animal is decided by discussing its behavior, health, and background. Your application and the animal’s information are compared to see if they match.
  • You will be invited to the adoption center as soon as a potential companion is found. The team discusses the chinchilla’s information with you, and if all goes well, you will be required to submit a photo ID, proof of address, and permission from your landlord to house a pet on their property.
  • You can then take your new chinchilla to your home.
  • The adoption agency will charge you a fee for all these services, which helps them to cover their costs of looking after other animals.

Here are links to some notable and trustworthy adoption centers in the US;

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