About us

Thanks for visiting our pet website SmallPetsX. My name is Yuvraj. I am a crazy mad pet lover.

I am working on this blog with my friend Gurpreet, who is a qualified Animal Nutritionist.

We love small pets that live in hutches and cages.

Myself Yuvraj: I have kept pets all my life. My love for pets is growing day by day, and I decided to write about them, so I started SmallPetsX blog with my friend.

I own a pair of guinea pigs and also a talking parrot.

Gurpreet: Gurpreet, is a fantastic pet blogger and Animal Nutritionist. His love for pets has made him leave the traditional career path and retire with his pets as a blogger.

He kept many pets in the past, but he currently owns only a pair of hamsters.

Apart from that, He also owns a dog of the border collie breed.

Our Motto: To help small pet owners understand their pets a little better so that they can provide their pets with the life they deserve.

Our Vet

Dr. Ahmad – Veterinarian

Ahmad is a veterinarian & an animal journalist. He is living on a farm and has adopted different animals to live as a family. While in the vet school, he started volunteering for welfare of  pets and abandoned farm animals. After knowing the needs of pet parents and animal lovers, he started writing about animal health, pet nutrition and training. He believes in empowering the animals through words.

Medical Disclaimer