Baby Prairie Dogs For Sale NEAR You! (Breeders List)

Baby prairie dogs are herbivores native to North American grasslands.

If you’re wondering “Where can I buy a prairie dog?” look no further, as we have got your query sorted.

Baby Prairie Dogs For Sale NEAR You!

NAMEPrairie DogPHYLUMChordata
LIFESPAN 3-8 yearsORDERRodentia
WEIGHT2-4 poundsFAMILYSquirrel
SPECIESSciuridaeSIZE29 cm

Prairie dogs are not actually dogs, but squirrels.

They are short and chubby burrowing rodents, but their majority dwell on grasslands and prairies.

They aren’t even canines as their name suggests, though they occasionally love to feed on some insects. Besides insects, their favorite diet consists of small seeds and grasses.

Prairie Dog Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
World Exotics Inc.Florida239-774-5031
Ryan BlakleyTexas806-741-0123
Panhandle ExoticsFlorida850-542-4410
Ashley DuncanTexas210-241-1856
Rebecca MooreTexas830-423-6424
Steven FoxIllinois847-912-7692
Scout SpenceSouth Carolina912-944-8948

Which Breed of Prairie Dogs is Best to Own As A Pet?

Out of the five recognized breeds of prairie dogs, the black-tailed prairie dogs are most popular among pet lovers.

They have characteristics similar to most other rodents, like teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives, and their active and playful nature. 

Purchasing a black-tailed baby prairie dog to own as a pet would be an ideal choice because they are intelligent animals with strong communication skills and are affectionate as pets once you teach them to socialize properly while also giving them due attention. 

Prairie Dog Price

Prairie dogs are intelligent and adorable animals that are also low on maintenance as pets.

This is a winning combination, and if you’d like to get your hands on a pair of them, or even a single one would do good, but you’re worried about how much does a prairie dog cost?

You can get one for as little as 90* USD, but the prices may soar to 400-500* USD as well depending upon the rarity of the breed among other notable factors.

Prairie Dogs – Legal Or Illegal in the USA, UK, and AUS

USA – Prairie dogs have a different legal status across many states in the USA, due to the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

It is advised to consult local district authorities about their legality, and if keeping prairie dogs requires a permit or not, to remain on the safer side before owning a prairie dog.

Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Oregon need you to get some paperwork done before giving you a nod to own a prairie dog.

The UK – The UK does not allow keeping prairie dogs as pets without sourcing a pet license from relevant authorities.

AUSTRALIA – Australia has sturdy regulations regarding the import of animals from around the world, and prairie dogs are included in this list.  You cannot keep them as pets without written consent from local authorities. 

Which USA state has the most prairie dogs?

There are undoubtedly thousands of prairie dogs in a single colony because these animals live in complex networks of underground tunnels with multiple openings on the surface.

Prairie dogs are native to North America and their largest network ever recorded was estimated at 400 million stretching over 25096 square miles in the state of Texas. 

Adopt A Prairie Dog

Prairie dogs are consistently being displaced from their natural habitat due to never-ending land development, which is proving hazardous for the ecosystem of these adorable creatures.

Displaced prairie dogs face uncertain outcomes, but since they belong to an exotic pet species, their human relocation is a primary concern for animal lovers. 

In light of this situation, generous donations are sought by prairie dog adoption centers that aim to protect these animals in danger. When adopted, the animal’s future is secured as they won’t have to suffer in animal testing labs, puppy mills, or other factory farms. 

You can adopt a prairie dog for as little as $35* per annum, and the charges may add on if you choose to opt for some incentives. 

Interesting Information About Prairie Dogs

  • Prairie dogs form strong familial bonds and live in tight groups called coteries.
  • Prairie dogs are expert linguists and have complex communication skills.
  • Prairie dogs are exceptional architects with kitchen, nursery, and bathroom areas designated in their intricate warrens.
  • Their underground tunnels also benefit other burrowing animals like toads, and salamanders among other species.
  • Prairie dogs are tough animals.
  • Prairie dogs have a short mating season which lasts for just an hour.
  • Prairie dogs have an outstanding vocabulary that is far more advanced than that of any other animal found on the planet.
  • Prairie dogs are biological cousins of squirrels, marmots, chipmunks, groundhogs, and woodchucks.
  • Prairie dogs have been reduced by 95% of their original population.
  • Prairie dogs can die of the plague, rather it can wipe their entire colonies.
  • Prairie dogs are diurnal like humans. They sleep throughout the night and remain active throughout the day.
  • Prairie dogs are polygamous.
  • Prairie dogs are herbivores, but they don’t think twice before killing their competitors.
  • Prairie dogs depend exclusively on plants for their hydration.


Here are some frequently asked questions about prairie dogs:

How much does a prairie dog weigh?

A prairie dog is a short and stubby animal that may usually weigh around 2 to 4 pounds.

Does a prairie dog bark?

A prairie dog is known for its excellent communication skills. Yes, a prairie dog can bark, and it does this to alert all the other groups in the colony of any upcoming predator threat, like coyotes, foxes, and hawks.

Do prairie dogs bite?

Don’t go by a prairie dog’s cuteness, as the animal is armed with sharp claws and powerful teeth, which form a deadly combination. Wildlife workers term prairie dog bites as the worst animal bite.

Can prairie dogs be litter box trained?

Yes, you can litter train a prairie dog just like you would do a cat. This is because the animal is naturally trained while living in colonies, where it builds community latrines for this purpose.

Can prairie dogs swim?

Prairie dogs may swim down the stream or a shallow river. They can also swim short distances across a small creek, which they do by propelling themselves against the water flow. But since they aren’t great swimmers, they drown.

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