Hutch Size For 2 Mini Lop Rabbits: A Complete Guide

Mini lop rabbits are known for their adorable look and sweet nature, making them an ideal pet.

Like all other rabbits, Mini lops need a clean hutch, a nutritious diet, and gentle handling to ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Though mini lop???? is a miniature breed, they need plenty of space to hop around.

You might be wondering, “What hutch size do I need for 2 mini lop rabbits?”

Don’t fret if this is your concern, as we have sorted this menace out for you.

Hutch Size For 2 Mini Lop Rabbits: A Complete Guide


The minimum space that one mini lop rabbit can need is 3m wide, 2m deep, and 1m high or 10 ft x 6 ft x 3 ft. So, two medium-sized mini lop rabbits will roughly need 12 square feet or a combined 27 feet altogether.

Again, it is worth mentioning that the front of the hutch should be long enough for both the rabbits to lie down end to end.

Can 2 Mini Lop Rabbits Share A Hutch?

Bunnies love to stay and play together, and your mini lop rabbit will be happier with a friend. But get him a mini lop and not any other kind of rabbit.

Also, make sure both the bunnies are spayed or neutered so you don’t end up with an unexpected litter of mini lops. When they are neutered or spayed, there will be lesser aggression. 

How Much Space Does A Mini Lop Rabbit Need?

Hutch is a home for your mini lop rabbits which should provide them ample space to lie down, stretch out, stand on their backs without their ears touching the top, and long enough for them to have a little jump.

The sides of your hutch should be made of wire, never glass, because bunnies need plenty of fresh air to penetrate through their cage. Also, make sure that the bottom of the hutch is not wire lined, as this may cause sore feet.

Should A Rabbit Hutch Be Off The Ground?

Place your rabbit hutch on a smooth plain surface to avoid any rocking accidents. Line the cage floor with a soft material so your rabbit can make a comfortable nest for himself. The best option is to place hay in your mini lop rabbits’ cage but use ones that are approved for cage linings. 

Never use old grass or purchase from sources you don’t trust. Also, please stay away from pine or cedar wood shavings, as they are uncomfortable, and their fumes can hurt the internal organs of your fragile pets.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Rabbit Hutch Outdoors? 

If you desire to place your hutch outside, make sure to put it up in a shady place, so your mini lop rabbits don’t feel overheated during the summer. You will also need proper heating arrangements for the winter season to keep your rabbits warm. 

How Often Should You Clean A Mini Lop Rabbit Hutch?

Keep the hutch as clean as humanly possible. It should be specifically cleaned out every week. You can seek assistance from a friend to supervise your bunny while giving it’s home a thorough cleaning.

Throw out the old newspaper and hay. Wash the cabinet with hot soapy water and allow it to air dry. Then refill it with clean hay and newspaper. Clean out the pellet dish and water every couple of days, but the litter box should be changed every day. 

Is It Better For Rabbits To Be Inside Or Outside?

They are best kept outside, but their hutch must be in a sheltered spot.

  • If placed outside, they need a hutch as large as the space can afford with plenty of hay or barley straw to keep them warm and well-fed. 
  • Foxes, dogs, cats, and all birds of prey are also quite dangerous for your mini lop rabbits. So you need to ensure the proper safety of your rabbits as well.

Some Feequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is it cruel to keep mini lops in a hutch?

Mini lop rabbits should be housed in a hutch with the right size dimensions, but keeping them confined to their hutch is indeed cruel. They should also be provided with companionship and the opportunity to exercise and exhibit normal behavior.  

Can an 8-week-old rabbit live outside?

Introducing your mini rabbit to the outdoors is essential; however, the timing is crucial to avoid any harm. You can bring baby rabbits as young as four weeks old outside, but they should never be left alone unsupervised.

Do rabbits get cold at night?

Wild rabbits live in burrows underground, where the temperatures remain around 10 degrees Celsius. As most of the pet rabbits don’t have the liberty to do that, they can be affected by environmental temperature. That’s why their owners should ensure that rabbits have safe, clean, and dry bedding. 

Should I cover my rabbit’s cage at night?

This is the best way to calm your rabbits and wind them down to sleep. Since they will have nothing else to do except sleep, they will wind down easily. But be sure to cover the cage only when they are sleeping and leave good room for ventilation.

Can you put puppy pads in a rabbit cage?

Yes, you can undoubtedly use puppy pads in a rabbit’s cage. This needs to be done to confine your rabbit to one area and allow your bunny to acclimate to the surroundings. It is perfectly normal for your bunny to eat his puppy pad, as they are known to eat hay with their poop, so stay calm.

Do mini lop rabbits bite?

Rabbit is a prey animal and gets frightened when they don’t feel safe. Similarly, they can react when not treated decently. This behavior can include biting, kicking or scratching. Good attention can fix the problem, as they love to get noticed and show off.

Do mini lop rabbits stay small? 

As Mini lop is a miniature breed, they don’t grow to a large size rabbit. However, they are not dwarf and have very strong and muscular bodies. An adult mini lop can be anywhere between 3 to pounds lin weight.

Are rabbits happy in cages?

Rabbits are much safer and more satisfied in their cages when they have plenty of space to hop around and find all the needful things. Outside, they may be more prone to harmful elements. Rabbits don’t mind staying in hutches or cages as long as they have a solid base and lots of hay.

How often should you bathe a rabbit?

Rabbits should not be bathed too frequently. A bath after an interval of 2 months is sufficient. Frequent washing with or without shampoo will strip your rabbit’s fur of its natural oils – these oils are essential to keep the rabbit’s coat in good condition. Bath time is also highly stressful for rabbits.

How many pellets should an 8-week old rabbit have?

Fur parents love to see their rabbits grow fast, but caution is vital. Since they are raising bunnies, they need more pellets than an adult one, but you must limit the amount you feed them. The best way is to give them 1/4th cup of pellets for every 3 pounds of their body weight. 

How do you stop rabbits from eating pee pads?

It’s easy- if they can’t reach it, they won’t eat it. Try to put a plastic grid on top of their litter box, which you will get quickly from pet shops. Just make sure they are elevated, so the grid doesn’t touch the pee pad, and there is room for pooping too.

What litter do rabbits use?

The best ones to get for your rabbit are the paper-based unscented litter. They are extra absorbent, have more odor control, and are safe for the rabbits’ digestive and respiratory systems.

Final words

All in all, mini lop rabbits are fun-loving animals. They can serve as your best companion, provided you look after them properly. They aren’t high maintenance, but decent care isn’t too much to ask for.

Moreover, after reading this blog, your concerns regarding hutch size for 2 mini lop rabbits will indeed have been answered.

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