Do Holland Lops Shed? A Detailed Guide

Holland Lop ????, a type of hybrid bunny, is created to match the word “lovely.”

As a proud owner of a cute bunny ????, you must know that all rabbits, including Holland lops, have to pass through a shedding or molting process in their lifetime.

It is a spontaneous process of replacing a coat when that previous coat has worn out. You need not worry about it as it is natural to keep your bunny friend’s body fresh.

Holland Lop rabbits start molting by losing hair from the head to the neck and backside and then the stomach, eventually finishing on the lower bottom. On the whole, this process will naturally take not more than 2 to 5 weeks.

If you have been surfing numerous sites for a long time to know “Do Holland lops shed”; but didn’t get a detailed answer, you’ve landed at the right place. 

Let’s dig deeper into it.

Do Holland Lops Shed a lot?


Usually, Holland lops undergo the molting process twice a year, just like all other rabbits. But as you know, domestic rabbits experience different conditions than wild ones, so that they may face random molting patterns.

If your holland lop molts randomly and excessively, you should understand that something is wrong.

There are two exclusive conditions in which bunnies drop a lot of hair.

Not Getting The Right Food:

If you immediately stop feeding or giving it food with plenty of energy and short fibers, your bunny will start getting abnormal shedding patterns. Also, if you try everything new on your little bunny, like giving one brand a week and the other next week, it will disturb your rabbits’ molt patterns.

Consider giving them new and consistent diets with high fiber to improve their eating habits and ensure timely shedding.

Some Severe Illnesses:

It can also happen when they are feeling down due to some illness. It would help if you remembered that excessive hair loss from the jaw and chest is not good for your long-eared friend as it may be a sign of oral problems.

Similarly, if you notice its backside or rump abnormally shedding hairs, it may indicate an infection in any part of the urinary system.

How Much Does Holland Lop Shed?

Baby rabbits shed for the first time when they are only five months old.

After this primary shedding, an intermediate coat will appear that will take 2-3 months to prepare the bunny for the successive molt. Then, the adult fur will replace the previous one, and it is more fresh and clean. Now, the process goes smoothly.

The healthy adult long-eared rabbits shed their furs two times a year. Spring and autumn are the best times for them to shed hair effectively. This process interestingly continues in the form of a cycle. 

In the winter, they put on a thick coat and get rid of old flimsy and feeble coats which they put on during summer to avoid excess warmth. Likewise, they again shed the thick and heavy winter coat to welcome summer and replace it with a thinner one.

What Should Be Done If Holland Lop Won’t Blow His Coat?

The molting in Holland lops mostly occurs in a pattern like starting in the head and then continuing towards the neck, back, abdomen, and ends at the rump

But in a few bunnies, there may be a disturbance in shedding, or molt could get struck. During this condition, they won’t be able to blow their coat. This mostly happens in his thighs and on the abdomen.

It would help if you act upon these guidelines to overcome this situation:

  • Increased his protein intake to get out of this situation.
  • Give them fruits to boost their feed intake while molting.
  • Give the bunny a teaspoon of Black Oil Sunflower seeds to see a noticeable change in shedding time.

Removing the Loose Fur

A well-groomed, healthy, and active Holland lop is what makes you content and satisfied. Grooming the bunny also gives you a chance to provide him with a thorough checkup. 

Following is the best way to remove loose fur from a bunny’s body:


The only effective way to remove the bulk of the hair is by brushing its furs.

You should keep in mind the aim of brushing, which is to shed excessive hair or matted skin off the bunny’s body.

Actually, during self-grooming, the lop rabbits ingest many extra hairs from their body. To stop this, brushing is the best way to clean their skin.

It is advisable to brush the furs while it is busy satisfying hunger. You can repeat this 1-2 times daily while feeding him. The majority of lop rabbits owners advise that giving papaya tablets may prove helpful to get rid of loose fur.

Choosing The Right Brush:

For this purpose, you should choose the brush with fine strips for an excellent grip to put away the dead fur effectively. The rabbits have very delicate skin, and most Holland lops don’t like to be brushed, mainly when you use any brush with stiff strips. 

There is a variety of tools you can use when striving to find a meeting that will help to remove loose fur:

Flea Comb: This type of comb is a great option to remove the unnecessary fur if your bunny friend is too decent to sit still.

Pet Fur-buster Comb: As these combs are more extensive than those mentioned above, they can adequately comb a broader area in less time.

Fine-toothed Comb: The plastic comb that you use for brushing your hair can also work well. But still, you should make sure that bristles are very soft so they can’t irritate the little bunny.

Lint Roller: You can use lint rollers as the only without-bristles option if your bunny refuses to get brushed by any of the brushes mentioned above.

Fur Splitters: This fine-toothed tool helps to get rid of mats or clumps in bunny’s fur. If you are skilled at using such splitters, you can easily do it. But, don’t take it easy if you are using the clipper for the first time, as any minor mistake can cut your pet’s skin.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you get all you need to know about “Do Holland Lops Shed?” Keep in mind that abnormal molting, if left unnoticed, can put your bunny’s health at risk. So, you need to set an environment to overall check his body to avoid any irreversible loss. 

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