Baby Sugar Glider For Sale NEAR You! (Breeders List)

What would you name an animal that possesses a passion for all things sweet and can also fly like a squirrel? Did we hear you say sugar glider? That’s right.

Glide right in, and we’ll also tell you where to buy a sugar glider.

Baby Sugar Glider For Sale NEAR You!

NAMESugar gliderKINGDOMAnimalia
SCIENTIFIC NAMEPetaurus brevicepsPHYLUMChordate
LIFESPAN 10-12 yearsCLASSMammal
WEIGHTFemale 120 g Male 140 g ORDERDiprotodontia
SIZE16 cmFAMILYPetauridae
SPECIESPetaurus brevicepsPetaurus notatusPetaurus  ariel

Sugar gliders have a unique capability of living in different habitats, but their most favored environments include eucalyptus and acacia woods in Indonesia, Australia, Tasmania, and Papua New Guinea. 

The three known breeds of sugar gliders are;

  • Petaurus breviceps
  • Petaurus notatus
  • Petaurus  ariel

Sugar Glider Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
KyTy CrittersMissouri816-608-7784
Panhandle ExoticsFlorida850-542-4410
Alyssa SchaeperTexas253-777-7504
Debra Michel Washington206-850-6618
BenNew York917-586-9871
Heidi McKee New York716-344-7074
Daryl Scott BryanVirginia865-224-9463

Sugar Glider Price

Sugar gliders look appealing and adorable as they are one of the most exotic pest, making you wonder how much are sugar gliders for?

They aren’t a cheap species and their prices may vary from $200* to $500* for a baby sugar glider (8 to 12 weeks old) whereas an adult (over 12 weeks old) would cost you approximately $100* to $150*.

This price variation comes from the fact that adult sugar gliders are hard to train, making them less desirable to potential pet parents.

Sugar Gliders – Legal Or Illegal in the USA, UK, and AUS

USA – Sugar gliders are illegal in some places, so it’s always good to know about the details before purchasing them.

Except for Alaska, California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, sugar gliders are legal in all 46 states in the USA. However, in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, you need to have a permit from the local government to own a sugar glider. 

The UK – It is legal to keep sugar gliders as pets in the UK.

Australia – In Australia, where sugar gliders originally come from, it is completely illegal to own or sell them. You can’t even house them as pets as they are considered wild animals.

Is owning a Sugar Glider Hard?

Yes, it is, because their adorability can’t make up for the mess they create in their owner’s homes.

They need plenty of space to climb and glide and love to be as high up as possible owing to their wild animal instincts. 

Apart from housing, their maintenance is another hard nut to crack and doesn’t come cheap at any cost. You have to set aside at least $500* for them.

They have sharp claws and teeth, but unless something triggers them, they won’t bite anyone, don’t forget that they are wild animals and have the potential to cause damage that may hurt for some time.

They are messy creatures and constantly poop and pee at their convenience, be it your clothes or anything else.

If all this reasoning isn’t enough to convince you of their wild nature, let us tell you that sugar gliders are nocturnal, which means they sleep through the day and stay awake for most of the night.

Medical Needs of Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders may sometimes undergo depression, inactivity, and loss of appetite or weight.

Dehydration and pneumonia are some other common problems these tiny animals may face.

Since sugar gliders are exotic animals, owners should try to treat these medical conditions through a specialized vet. If they aren’t attended properly, they may quickly pass the recovery point.

Proper diet and supplementation go hand in hand to treat these conditions along with maintaining their basic hygiene.


Here are some frequently asked questions about sugar gliders.

Do you need 2 sugar gliders?

Sugar gliders are extremely social animals, and they love to live in large families and colonies, which is why they must always be kept in pairs. It doesn’t matter how much time you dedicate towards spending with your pet, the companionship of another sugar is irreplaceable.

Do sugar gliders bite?

No matter how hard you train sugar gliders, you cannot remove their biting habit from them because they don’t see this as a bad trait. They usually won’t bite anyone, unless they feel threatened by a foreign element or trapped.

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