Fennec Fox For Sale NEAR You! (Breeders List)

Baby fennec foxes have excellent auditory senses thanks to their giant ears. Read more if you want to know where to buy a fennec fox.

Fennec Fox For Sale NEAR You!

NAMEFennec FoxKINGDOMAnimalia
LIFESPAN 11 yearsCLASSMammalia
WEIGHT0.68 – 1.6 kgORDERCarnivora
SIZE20 cm height30-41 cm lengthFAMILYCanidae

Fennec foxes are the smallest of all the known fox breeds, but their large ears tell a different tale altogether.

They’re also called desert foxes because they can live in desert zones of North Africa and the Arabian and the Sinai Peninsula. 

Fennec Fox Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Christa BakerFlorida954-729-1554
Jungle Experience ZooNew York518-260-7972
Whitney ZohndOhio330-509-9687
Dustin BeyerSouth Dakota605-214-1976
Laura KennaTexas682-888-7701

Fennec Fox Price

A fennec fox can enchant anyone with its weird looks, and you’d also love to grab one for yourself, but how much is a fennec fox for?

If it is your first exotic pet, expect to spend $2500* to $3000* depending on the demand of the breeder and the animal’s rarity. The price doesn’t include the shipping cost, initial costs, and other supplies. 

A fennec fox is much more costly than other pet animals due to its unique breed and rarity, but it’s worth every penny you spend on it.

The fox family doesn’t come cheap. Compare your fennec fox to the red fox, which comes at around $300* to $1000*, while the arctic fox comes at double this price. 

Fennec Foxes – Legal Or Illegal in the USA, UK and AUS

USA – It’s easy to own a fennec fox, but before you make the big move, don’t forget to check if is it legal to own a fennec fox? In your state or not.

Luckily, the animal is permitted in most American states except Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington. In the states where it’s legal, you’ll need a permit to transport and house a fennec fox.

The UK – Keeping a fennec fox in the UK is legal, and you don’t need a special license to do so. 

AUSTRALIA – It is illegal to keep exotic animals like fennec foxes in Australia.

Fennec Fox as a Pet (Cruel or Not)

Keeping a fennec fox as a pet itself sounds pretty exotic. The animal is friendly and active and will provide good companionship, more or less like dogs, with only a few exceptions.

They don’t respond to name calls and don’t like to cuddle often, but they won’t mind if you touch them.

Due to their wild instincts, it’s not easy to train them, but they can be your loyal pet with consistency. They will show how happy they are in your companionship in their way.

They also don’t attack people around them unless provoked.

Fennec Fox Adoption

Beginning your life as a fennec fox owner, you must know where to start, which means you can buy or adopt a fennec fox.

The internet is the best and worst resource for naive buyers because unlicensed breeders offer unhealthy fennecs at throwaway rates.

Adopting is always a feasible option when it’s difficult for a buyer to bear the total cost of a fennec fox.

Most rescues take these animals in and request donations to maintain the facility and provide a safe home for these animals, but the applicants must follow strict requirements. 

You can expect to pay a lot less in amount as compared to the breeder’s market price. The adoption price may vary from around $350.* 

Below are some credible adoption agencies if your budget doesn’t allow you to take up a fennec fox from a breeder.

Fennec Fox Caring Cost

Fennec foxes aren’t high-maintenance animals, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to keep one happy and healthy.

Bringing home a fennec fox will hurt your wallet, but the initial cost would surely calm it down. You need just a few things to make their stay safe and comfortable at your home. 

Check the breakdown below of the initial costs of owning a fennec fox:

  • Indoor and outdoor enclosure $400*
  • Bedding $40*
  • Food $40*
  • Food and water utensils $0*
  • Toys $15*
  • Leash or harness $20*
  • Sand $90*
  • Total initial cost $625*

After dealing with the initial cost of owning a fennec fox, you have to brace for ongoing expenses like food supplies, medical checkups, and buying or replacing broken items. 

The monthly cost of owning a fennec is mainly spent on his wet food, which is approximately $200*, nearly the exact amount you need to feed a dog. 

Here is a breakdown of the annual cost you’ll need to spend on your fennec fox: 

  • Food supplies $1500*
  • Medical checkups and treatments $50 – $100*
  • Yearly blood tests $100 – $200*
  • Sand for litter box $200*
  • Miscellaneous expenses $150*
  • Approximate yearly cost is $2200*

The average cost of owning a fennec fox ranges from $1800* to $2200*, which is far cheaper than owning some dog breeds, which is more than $3000*.


Here are some frequently asked questions about fennec foxes.

Does fennec fox bites hurt?


Wouldn’t it be unusual if an animal bite didn’t hurt? The bite is, however, not as severe as it should be due to its incapability of seriously injuring anyone.

Does fennec fox smell?

Fennec foxes don’t smell as bad as other fox species because their body weight and glands are smaller. They, however, give off a musky odor from their glands located at the base of their tail, and when a fennec is startled or alarmed, the scent it releases is very nasty. Their urine also smells terrible.

Does fennec fox use litter boxes?

Fennec foxes are wild animals and aren’t domesticated like cats and dogs. However, they can be trained to use a litter box. The training process is gruesome, and you’ll have to take the fox to the litter box frequently and bribe him with lots of treats once he successfully learns to use it.

What kills fennec foxes?

Native populations in the Sahara region hunt fennec foxes for their meat, and they also trap these animals, sell them to tourists, or put them on exhibition. As far as an animal threat is concerned, the Verreaux’s eagle-owl, jackals, and other large animals hunt fennec foxes to satiate their appetite.

What is the cutest fox in the world?

A fennec fox is undoubtedly the cutest fox in the world.

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