Mini Rex For Sale NEAR You: Breeders List

Mini Rex rabbits are famous for their unique fur and small size. They are an ideal pet to own and are a fantastic company to be with.

They are compatible with elders and children due to their gentle nature.

Where To Buy a Mini Rex Rabbit?

Mini Rex Rabbit

Several organizations, breeders, and animal shelters where mini rex rabbits are available for sale. We recommend buying from the breeder directly as it has many advantages, namely;

  • Complete information about the breed.
  • Satisfaction of getting a normal, healthy pet.

Buying from pet stores has some disadvantages, such as

  • Incorrect information about the breed and its requirements.
  • Some pet stores sell weak, abused animals for which they don’t even give proper food.

These issues might end up being a big problem for you. It is hard to handle an abused, sick pet, especially when you don’t know its history.

BreedMini Rex
Specie NameOryctolagus cuniculus
Care LevelModerate
TemperamentCalm, easygoing, friendly
Cage SetupIndoor
Color formBlack, Blue, White with blue eyes, Himalayan, Lilac, opal, otter, red, chocolate, etc.
Life Span7-8 years
DietMore than 70% of the diet includes hay and pellets with occasional vegetables like lettuce, carrot, and kale
Minimum Cage Size30×30 inches
Body TemperatureBelow 80° Fahrenheit or 101-105°
Mini Rex Breed Information

Mini Rex Rabbit for Sale Near You: Breeders List

Breeder’s NameRabbitry NameCityStateEmail
Ricky CastillePapa Smurfs Rabbit FarmNew IberiaLouisiana[email protected]
Crystal StricklandSix Pines RabbitryHonea PathSouth Carolina[email protected]
Carolyn BrommerichCD Ranch Ramblin HillsKilaMontana[email protected]
Remington SheltonShelton AcresHamiltonMichigan[email protected]
Kelly PatriziMoon River RabbitrySpring HillFlorida[email protected]
Cara BinderCradle Butte Fur and FiberRozetWyoming[email protected]
Leah LevelHoney Bee RabbitrySpringfieldOhio[email protected]
Kim TerronesLucky 3 RabbitrySeattleWestern Australia[email protected]
Mini Rex Breeders List

Black Otter Mini Rex For Sale

Black Otter Mini Rex is one of the Mini Rex rabbits as they are available in various colors, including black. They have incredibly gorgeous fur on their head and back.

The fur around their eyes, ears, and lower body is cream-colored. They have a particular otter marking, such as a tan line separating the cream fur from the black coat. Due to their shiny and elegant black coat, they are sold at higher prices.

Blue Mini Rex For Sale

The blue Mini Rex rabbits have a pair of beautiful bluish-grey eyes. They have deep blue fur with a medium blue under color.

Dalmatian Rex Rabbits For Sale

Dalmatian Rex rabbits are scarce and are also known as Dalmatian rabbits. They have a delicate white color fur covering their body with a few colored patches here and there.

The color of the patches can only be blue, brown, orange, black, and fawn. The average weight of a Dalmatian Rex rabbit is around 1.7 to 2.0 Kg.

How Much Are Mini Rex Bunnies?

Mini Rex Rabbit is usually sold from $20 to $100. The price varies with the size, color, quality of the fur, and unique markings. If it’s a rare color, buyers have to pay an extra price.

Another factor that has an impact on the price is the seller. Buying from the animal shelter will require you to pay its adoption fee.

What Is The Difference Between A Rex And A Mini Rex Rabbit?

A Rex and a Mini Rex are similar yet different rabbit breeds. Both are calm and friendly. The significant difference between the two is the weight and size.

A Rex weighs around 8 to 11 pounds, whereas a Mini Rex weighs way smaller, weighing just 3 to 5 pounds maximum.

Their body shape is also a bit different. Rex has a big meaty body compared to a Mini Rex, which is small, and their physical features are distinctive.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Mini Rex Rabbits?

Rabbits are designed so that they can survive cold chilling winters, with temperatures up to 20° Fahrenheit with its thick winter fur. Even when you feel so hard that you think your teeth might fall off, your rabbit might feel normal.

Few signs and symptoms that will let you know if your pet is feeling cold include shivering, pale lips, unconsciousness, low temperature, and thriftiness.

If you feel that the temperature is too cold for your pet, check their body temperature, which should be between 101 and 103° Fahrenheit. If it’s lower than 100 degrees, cover them up, insulate their cage with extra bedding or boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about mini Rex.

Do Mini Rex Rabbits Like To Be Held?

Yes, these are some of those breeds which close their eyes in contentment when gently tapped. They are patient with their owners and love when a pet parent gives them attention.

Do Mini Rex Rabbits Stay Small?

Yes, they are considered minor but compared to dwarf rabbits, they appear to be medium-sized. Throughout their life, they weigh around 3.5 to 4.5 pounds.

Are Mini Rex Bunnies Good Pets?

Mini Rex bunnies are no doubt beautiful pets. They are really sociable with an easygoing personality. Due to their small size, children immediately form a bond with them. Their calm temperament makes them more lovable. They love affection and enjoy human interaction.

How Big Does Mini Rex Get?

Mini Rex rabbits have a petite body type in general. They are smaller in size but still weigh more than the dwarf breed. They weigh around 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. Their fur can grow up to 5 to 8 inches long. Female Mini Rex is relatively larger than male Mini Rex.

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