Harlequin VS Mini Rex (Does Their HYBRID Exist?)

Harlequin and Mini Rex Rabbit are considered the most luxurious rabbit breeds. They are both renowned for their plush coats and distinct color placement. Their hybrid does exist, but has not yet been recognized by ARBA.

Harlequin VS Mini Rex: Overview

Harlequin VS Mini Rex
Species NameOryctolagus cuniculusOryctolagus cuniculus 
FamilySemi wild Tortoise shell Dutch rabbit with truly wild rabbits Netherland Dwarf rabbits with Dutch rabbits
Lifespan5 or more years7-8 years 
WeightAround 6.5-9 poundsAround 5 pounds 
HeightWell proportioned body size6-7.5 inches 
TemperamentFriendly, easygoing funny and docileIntelligent,  curious, playful and social 
BehaviorGood behavior, clever, tame, intelligent, warm naturedFunny, friendly, social and thriving in human attention 

Harlequin Mini Rex: Does This Hybrid Exist?

Harlequin Rabbits and Mini Rex Rabbits are friendly and famous for their intelligence and docile nature. It is natural for rabbit breeders to consider their hybrid version. The hybrid does exist, but it has not been recognized by ARBA.

Can You Breed Harlequin and Mini Rex Together?

Yes, you can interbreed Harlequins and Mini Rex Rabbits. They can also successfully breed with other rabbit breeds, provided that their sizes are not very different to complete the mating process. For example, you cannot breed a giant rabbit with a dwarf one.

Harlequin VS Mini Rex Temperament

The Harlequin rabbits are intelligent, tamed, and playful. They are gentle and easygoing, respond to commands, and are easily litter box trained.

They appreciate a stroke or scratch on the back from the people they love. However, you must respect their personal space and give them time to adjust on arrival as they might try to bite people to ease their social anxiety.

Mini Rex rabbits are easygoing, gentle, curious, and social animals. Their excellent lively temperament gives them a unique distinct personality making them more playable than other rabbit breeds.

They love to be held and bond closest to the person who feeds them and spends the most time with them.

They will also let anyone whom they trust pick them up. They love to stay near their owners, grabbing their attention and enjoying their company.

Size and Weight Comparison

The Harlequin rabbits are medium to large breed and usually weigh between 6.5-9.5 lbs. The does are heavier than the bucks. They have a composite body with a round head and medium-length pointed ears on top of their heads.

The Mini Rex rabbit is a relatively small breed weighing between 3.5-4.5 lbs, making them slightly larger than most true dwarf rabbits. However, they are a well-proportioned breed.

They have a broad head that is set close to the body. The body is also medium in length as compared to its size.

Harlequin VS Mini Rex Fur

Both the Harlequin and Mini Rex rabbits are distinguished for their furs.

The Harlequin rabbits’ fur is short and sorted and does not need much maintenance. As a result, shedding is minimal, but if it worries you, you can brush the shedding off with a wire bristle brush when necessary.

The fur of a Mini Rex rabbit is a luxurious treat for the eyes and hands. It is short, having an ideal length of 5-8 inches, smooth and springy. It is neither too soft nor too silky. The fur is dense, upright, and straight.


Harlequin rabbits are popular pets. Whether you choose to place them inside or outside, they will need excellent care and good food to keep them healthy and to avoid unwanted behaviors. 

Good food for them is fresh grass hay which provides them with the necessary fiber for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. They also need a continuous freshwater supply for proper hydration. Fresh hay also wears down their ever-growing teeth, thus sparing them dental visits.

Similarly, the Mini Rex rabbits also require good food and a safe environment to help them thrive. For adult rabbits, their staple diet is fresh, loose grass hay with fresh water and pellets.

Fresh hay has sufficient fiber, which keeps its gastrointestinal tract in good health. It also helps wear down their ever-growing teeth.

Litter Size

Rabbits, no matter their breed, are rapid reproducers. The Harlequins are born in litter sizes of between five and six kits.

As for the Mini Rex rabbits, their female will produce 1 to 14 babies in one litter. So on average, you can expect a Mini Rex bunny to deliver six babies per litter.

Harlequin VS Mini Rex Price

Both Harlequin and Mini Rex Rabbits are exorbitantly priced. For example, when the Harlequin rabbit was brought into the United States in 1917, it cost around $40, which is about $900 in today’s money.

As for the Mini Rex, it is also among the most expensive rabbits of all time. So you can expect to get a Mini Rex at $250 or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Harlequin and Mini Rex rabbits.

Do Harlequin Rabbit Like To Be Held?

The harlequin rabbit is a highly energetic breed, and it does not like to be held but petted and stroked. They are excellent family pets, loved particularly by children due to their tame and submissive nature. Though they are loving, you can expect them to sleep on your lap by any means.

Are Harlequin Rabbits Good Pets?

Harlequin rabbits are excellent family pets, and their calm nature makes them suitable for children and adults alike. They are clever and tame with a playful spirit. People, who love sending time with pets, will love to have them as their playmates. Many people love having guinea pigs and hens, but harlequin rabbits are far more intelligent than them.

Are Harlequin Rabbits Endangered?

The harlequin rabbits are unusual, making up less percentage of the pet rabbit population. However, since they breed quickly, the chances are unlikely that they will die out soon.

Is A Mini Rex Rabbit A Good Pet?

Mini Rex Rabbits are an easygoing breed due to their quiet and docile nature. However, their care taking is entirely on the pricier side. They are calm-natured social animals and need a second rabbit for this purpose. Their cool temperament makes them one of the most affectionate rabbit breeds. Due to their boisterous nature, they get along well with other pet animals.

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