Rex VS Mini Rex (Standard Rex Term Also Explained!) 

Discovered back in 1919, Rex, aka standard Rex and Mini Rex, are two different rabbits breeds that share a common fur type.

If you want to differentiate between both Rex (Standard Rex) and Mini Rex, then you are in the right place.

Standard Rex VS Mini Rex: What’s The Difference Between Them? 

Rex Rabbit

Rex is an illusionist bunny with a vibrant history, mainly originating in the French village of Louché-Pringé. The breeders were impressed by its luscious fur.

Here is a comparison table of both breeds:

Breed NameRex (Standard Rex)Mini Rex
Specie NameOryctolagus cuniculusOryctolagus cuniculus
Weight6 to 10.5 pounds4.5 pounds
TemperamentCalm, intelligent, affectionateFriendly, calm, inquisitive
Average Life span6 to 8 years8 to 10 years
Care Level Require medium attention

A standard rex rabbit is super plushy with short and soft fur that pushes out instead of against their body. On the other hand, Mini Rex, as the name indicates, is a dwarf rabbit that was discovered in 1984 in France.

Mini Rex Rabbit

A standard rex rabbit and mini Rex has the same fur for which people have been their fans. But the standard rex rabbit is more significant in size than the mini Rex. The former one weighs 10.5 pounds, while the mini Rex has a maximum weight of 4.5 pounds.

If talking about the body style, a standard Rex is bulky whole mini rex is more compact. A standard rex rabbit’s body is designed to be a meat breed, while mini Rex’s body is not.

Both breeds have different head shapes and different-sized ears and eyes.

Moreover, both breeds have different temperaments as well.

Mini Rex VS Rex Rabbit Size Comparison

One of the most significant differences between a standard rex and mini rex rabbit is their size. As the name indicates, mini rex rabbit is a dwarf rabbit with a small and compact body.

On the other hand, a standard rex rabbit is just like a typical rabbit breed grown for meat purposes.

However, the other traits of these two rabbits are almost identical. For instance, both have the same coats and colors and similar behavioral qualities. At the same time, their food needs differ according to the size of their body.

The mini rex rabbit is the mini version of the Standard Rex rabbit, but this breed still has the same beautiful characteristics as the Rex. It has a velvety coat that makes it popular among all rabbit lovers.

Where To Buy A Rex And Mini Rex Rabbit? 

Rex and Mini Rex rabbits are famous among rabbit lovers due to their soft, smooth, and velvety fur. And both the breeds have this one thing in common as well.

But from where can you buy a standard rex and a mini rex rabbit?

Here is the list of breeders from where you can buy a rex and a mini rex rabbit of your own choice:

BreedRabbitry NameEmail
Rex, New Zealand  Busy Cat Rabbitry  [email protected]
Rex, New Zealand  Rapps Rabbitry  [email protected]
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex  CD Ranch Ramblin Hills  NA
Silver Fox, Mini Rex  Shelton Acres  [email protected]

Does Rex Lionhead Rabbit Exist? 

Lionhead rabbits have compact and upright body structures like the Netherland dwarf, but a standard rex rabbit is more significant in size. They are mainly meat breeders.

Crossing a rex and lionhead rabbit is possible, resulting in a breed that is in between both of them.

Does Holland Lop Mini Rex Cross Exist? 

A mini rex crossed with a holland rabbit will result in a smallish rabbit (5 to 6 pounds). Its coat will be standard, as well as the looped ears.

Both holland and Mini Rex are expensive breeds among rabbits with unique personalities.


A standard rex (also known as Rex) and a mini rex are famous breeds among rabbit lovers. Both share a smooth and velvety coat and calm and friendly behavior.

This article has explained all the rex and mini rex characteristics.

Moreover, a rex rabbit is majorly a meat breed. However, a mini rex is a small breed that suits ideally people who prefer small cute pets.

So, the choice is completely yours!

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