Flemish Giant Growth Chart (Download As PDF)

Flemish Giants originated in Belgium are the largest, most cuddly, and awe-inspiring animals in Kingdom Animalia.

They are a utility breed of domestic rabbits kept mostly for their fur and meat. Flemish Giant weight can reach up to 25 pounds, however, it is a common pet due to its docile and patient nature.

Though Flemish Giants are a domesticated breed, they still retain their attributes of staying in the wilderness with large ears, excellent hearing, and keen eyesight, helping them detect predators.

How Long Does It Take A Flemish Giant To Grow? 

Flemish Giant-Size varies as the animal grows, and they can reach an immense size in a short period, yet they do not reach full size until they are 1.5 years old (18 months precisely), and till this age, they consume a large amount of food. 

Flemish Giant Growth Chart


If you have been wondering, ‘How big does a Flemish Giant get’, then as per ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), there is no maximum size to which a Flemish Giant can grow. However, these adorable bushy rabbits can grow to an average height of 2.5 feet and weigh nearly 15 pounds.

2 weeksThey are naked with closed eyes and closed ears and look like red, hairless mice6 oz/1.0 lbs3”
4 weeks Their fur begins to rise. They spend time eating, sleeping, and pooping1.5/1.754”
2 monthsThey begin to start opening their eyes, their fur becomes more prominent and their size increases, enough to fit your palm. They still depend on their mommy for nutrition4.0/4.755”
3 monthsIncreased activity level, roaming around the hutch with mummy. They also learn to nurse themselves and grow at a steady pace6.0/7.05.5”
4 monthsBabies transition into adult Flemish characteristics8.0/9.255.5”
5 monthsUndergoing major spurts of adulthood, enjoying, hopping, playing, and eating their way to life. Can be kept away without mommy for a couple of days10.0/11.55.75”
6  months Best time to separate them from their mommy in a hutch of their own11.0/13.06”

Flemish Giant Care

Flemish Giant rabbits need care and attention just like other pet rabbits but considering their massive size; they require more living space, more food, and thus more attention than regular rabbits.

You will also have to make routine visits to the vet. Though Flemish Giants are friendly rabbits, you can expect an aggressive snap if you mishandle them.

Animals have their way of responding to neglect, and Flemish Giants get prone to obesity, sore hocks, and rabbit snuffles.

Since they eat more than other rabbits, so your duty of cleaning their litter box increases manifold. This frequency can vary from three to four days for these Giant species.

Healthy Flemish Giant Weight

Flemish Giants are undisputedly the heaviest of all the rabbit species.

On average, Flemish Giant rabbits weigh around 6.8 kilograms, though the largest among them can even reach a maximum weight of 10 kilograms.

Surprisingly, the heaviest Flemish Giant rabbit was recorded at around 22 kilograms. They require a year and a half to reach their full-grown status.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Flemish giant growth:

How Much Should I Feed A Flemish Giant?

The simplest answer to this query is, Plenty! Specifically speaking, an adult Flemish Giant rabbit needs a quarter cup of hay pellets a day which you may combine with grass. Moreover, give him water, chopped green leaves, carrots, and fruits daily.

Can 3-Month-Old Rabbits Get Pregnant?

On average, a female rabbit becomes sexually mature earlier than its male counterpart. Does get compatible at 3-8 months of age and can potentially get pregnant from this time to her entire life duration. But since Flemish rabbits are huge animals, they should be at least 7 months old to get pregnant.

How Big Is A 4-Month-Old Flemish Giant Rabbit?

A 4-month-old Flemish Giant Rabbit has a target weight of 12 pounds.

How Do You Make A Giant Flemish Bigger?

Do you want to make your Flemish Giant bigger? Give it plenty of fresh hay and pellets. During the initial six months, they grow rapidly, but once they get older, you will need to give them substantial exercise to keep obesity at bay. Their pen should be large and spacious; you can even take them out for play sessions in open areas.

What Rabbit Is Bigger Than A Flemish Giant?

The Continental Rabbit, which can weigh up to 16 pounds, is more powerful and longer than a Flemish Giant. The Flemish have no maximum weight limit, but the Continental ones have thick and heavy bones with a broad head.

Are Male Or Female Flemish Giants Bigger?

You can easily differentiate between a male and female Flemish Giant because the females weigh lesser than the males. The previous weighs nearly 20 pounds while the latter reaches 22 pounds. Moreover, the male has a broader head while the female has fur-coated skin. Another tell-apart feature is the large, full, evenly grown dewlap that females have (a fold of skin under their chin) to keep their little ones warm.

How Much Space Does A Flemish Giant Need?

The average size for a Flemish Giant cage should be at least 4 feet tall. This makes the ideal size of the enclosure 10 x 4 x 4 feet. This is the bare minimum because it’s always best to give your rabbit plenty of space to move, grow and get comfortable.

Final Words

Flemish Giant rabbits are undoubtedly called Gentle Giants because they are the friendliest. Their docile nature makes them double up as your best animal pals.

When you keep them inside your home, they usually hop around or sit comfortably on your lap. Give them proper care, and see how they flourish in your home. 

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