White Flemish Giant Color, Sale, Price, Facts, etc.

Flemish Giants, also known as Gentle Giants, is a very old rabbit breed. It was domesticated for harvesting meat and fur due to its large size. Furthermore, they tend to be excellent pets due to their calm demeanor and gentle personality.

Individuals of this breed are found in seven colors. We will discuss white Flemish giant rabbit, interesting facts about this breed, and some frequently asked questions.

White Flemish Giant Rabbit

White Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish giant is one of the largest rabbit breeds. An awe-interesting fact about this breed is that the Flemish giant rabbit may look like a medium-sized dog at first glance.

As an old breed, Flemish giants have found their origin since the 16th century in Belgium. The rules for this breed were first written in 1893. And American Rabbit Breeders Association recognized the Flemish giant in 1910

They have strong muscular bodies, long erect ears, and large eyes. The head is well-rounded and broader in males than that in females. The average weight of Flemish giants is 15 pounds with a length up to 2.5 feet. Males are a little heavier than females.

Seven colors recognized by the National Federation of Flemish Giant Breeders Association for this breed are black, blue, fawn, sandy, white-gray, steel gray, and white.

At first, only light gray, steel gray, and black were recognized. Blue and white color was accepted in 1919 and then sandy in 1924, and fawn in 1938. White Flemish giants are getting much attention due to their glossy white appearance.

White Flemish Giant Rabbit Price

The price of a white Flemish giant varies for several factors like its age, pedigree, and breed characteristics. You can get a white Flemish giant for $50 from a pet store. And the price of a pedigreed giant can go up to $400.

The price varies depending on the breeding potential, bloodline, and color of the rabbit.

National Federation for Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders (NFFGRB) is an organization working to propagate and improve the Flemish giant breed. A list of the potential breeder can be found on the official site of NFFGRB.

Do White Flemish Giants Have Red Eyes?

No, white Flemish giants don’t have red eyes. Their eye color is usually brown. The red color of the eyes is due to albinism-a recessive genetic trait that prevents skin pigmentation. Red-colored eyes are found only in Himalayan, Californian, and Florida White Rabbits.

White Flemish Giant Rabbit Facts

  • Flemish giant is the largest breed of rabbit, which can weigh up to 22 pounds.
  • A female can be distinguished from a male Flemish giant by its head shape.
  • They can live from 8 to 10 years.
  • A female Flemish giant can produce 5 to 12 babies in a litter- a reason for their survival for a long time.
  • Female giants have dewlap to keep their offspring warm.
  • Seven colors have been recognized for this breed by the breeder association.
  • Flemish giant is an old rabbit breed. They have been raised for meat and fur since the 16th century.

What Color Do Flemish Giants Come In?

The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Association has recognized these seven colors for the breed.

  • Black
  • Steel Gray
  • White 
  • Blue 
  • Light Gray
  • Sandy 
  • Fawn

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about white Flemish giants.

Can Flemish Giants Be White?

Yes, Flemish Giants can be white. In 1919 white color was accepted for this breed by the National Federation of Flemish Giants.

Does Blue Eyed White Flemish Giant Rabbit Exist?

Blue Flemish Giant is the only rabbit having blue-gray eyes. It is officially accepted as a breed standard for Blue giants. However, a black Flemish giant with blue eyes is disqualified from the black variety.

Do Flemish Giants Poop A Lot?

Yes, Flemish giants poop a lot like all other rabbitsNormally, a rabbit produces 100 to 400 fecal pellets a day. However, rabbit poop is not gross and doesn’t stink; so, it’s easy to clean.

Why Do Rabbits Eyes Turn Red?

Some rabbits normally have red eyes like Himalayan, Californian, and White Florida breed. Albino rabbits also have red eyes due to no pigmentation. On the other hand, the eyes of some rabbits turn red due to bacterial infection or inflammation of the blood vessels of the eyes. It’s quite a painful condition, and a visit to your veterinarian is advised as soon as possible.  

Are White Rabbits With Red Eyes Rare?

Yes, white rabbits with red eyes are rare. When an albino (having Red eyes) rabbit breed with a colorful rabbit, offspring will not have red eyes. Red eyes in rabbits are due to a recessive genetic trait that appears in the case of special genetic makeup. So it’s rare to find a white rabbit with red eyes in the wild.

How can you tell if a Flemish giant is purebred?

A purebred Flemish Giant can be recognized by keeping the breed characteristics in mind. Color should be one of the seven recognized colors; the head should be proportionate, erect ears with a heavy base, and uniform fur throughout the body.

Final Words

White Flemish Giant rabbit is a large but docile and gentle breed. Besides white, they are also found in 6 other colors. Don’t worry about their large size and weight; their temperament and personality make them good pets. Meanwhile, they can be littler-trained to keep your indoor clean.

If you are looking for a large pet rabbit pet, a Flemish giant is the best fit for you. Visit a nearby pet store or potential breeder to adopt your giant bunny.

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