Fawn Flemish Giant (Color Explained W/ Pictures)

Flemish giant is a large breed of rabbit that found its origin in the 16th century. If you want to have more than a cute little bunny, a Flemish giant is a sweet and gentle option for you.

This breed has seven recognized colors, and here we will discuss fawn Flemish giants. 

What is a Fawn Flemish Giant?

Fawn Flemish Giant

American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA) has recognized seven solid colors for the Flemish giant breed. Other than fawn, colors include white, blue, black, Steel gray, light gray, and sandy. These colors were accepted for the breed at different times.

Fawn is the latest color that was accepted for the Flemish giant breed in 1938. Fawn Flemish giant is light yellowish or tan colored, just like the wheat straw. You may have commonly seen this color in Persian cats, Labrador retriever dogs, and deer. Different shades of fawn color like light cream and skin are also acceptable.

Fawn Flemish giant has wide eyes, long upward projecting ears, and broad head. The ventral surface of the body, like the belly surface, under the tail and ground touching surface of the legs, are usually light cream to white.

Fawn Flemish Giant Rabbit Price

The price of a fawn Flemish giant will vary with some factors, and it may depend on your location. A fawn Flemish giant for keeping as a pet costs 20 to 50 dollars, while you can purchase a pedigreed Flemish giant can be bought in 50 to 100 dollars.

Fawn Flemish Giant Rabbit Facts

Here are some facts about Fawn Flemish giant Rabbits:

  • A male Flemish giant has a broader head than that of a female.
  • Flemish giant is a 6 class rabbit breed. Classes include senior buck, senior doe, intermediate buck, intermediate doe, junior buck, and junior doe.
  • Flemish giant is the only semi-arched breed recognized by ARBA.
  • A Flemish giant can tip the scale above 20lb.
  • Bucks are heavier than they does.

What color Flemish Giants can you breed together?

ARBA has given the list of seven recognized colors for Flemish Giant and provides guidelines to interbreed different breed varieties. Rabbits with smutty, broken color patterns, and mixed colors are not allowed at shows. They indicate that the individual does not belong to the pure bloodline.

To keep the standard colors, it is recommended to breed the Flemish giants of the same colors. However, you can interbreed following varieties with each other.

  • Fawn & Sandy
  • White & Light Grey
  • Steel & Light Grey
  • Black & steel
  • Blue & Black

Final Words

Fawn Flemish giant is one of the common varieties found in giant rabbits. It may be found in different shades like a light cream and skin color. However, breed standards by ARBA should be considered about the body characters and color pattern.

Color crossing of different varieties of a Flemish giant can produce faults and affect the standards of perfection. So, it is always recommended breeding the Flemish giants of similar colors.  

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