Polish Rabbits for Sale Near You: US Breeders List (2023)

Polish rabbits originated from England popular among magicians who use these rabbits in magic shows and exhibitions. They are calm and docile.

They are available in 6 colors and also in broken color patterns.  

Polish Rabbits Overview

Species NameOryctolagus cuniculus
Weight 2.5 to 3.5lbs
Family Leporids
ColorsRuby-eyed white, blue-eyed white, black, blue, chocolate and broken.
Care LevelModerate
Temperament Friendly, easygoing and active
Body Temperature38-40°C
Lifespan 6-10 years
Minimum Cage Size 36×22×30 inches
Diet70℅ hay, pellets, rabbit friendly vegetables and fruits.

Baby Polish Rabbits For Sale: Us Breeders List

Breeder’s NameRabbitry NameCityStateEmail
Ann IlliesAnn’s Hop-Bit FarmBemidjiMinnesota[email protected]
Mary Beth LucasDream Come True RabbitryStrasburgVirginia[email protected]
Chrisalyn & Nicole MitchellHappily Hoppin’ RabbitryEast BerlinPennsylvania[email protected]
Larry RauertMeadowlark FarmGrand IslandNebraska[email protected]
Suzanne WebbSD Rabbitry LLCKnoxIndiana[email protected]
Felicia KingAristocrats of WISomersWisconsin[email protected]
Jamie WheelerJ&H RabbitrySangerTexas[email protected]
Jaime Sanford
Mystic Rabbitry
AlmondWisconsin[email protected]

Polish Rabbit Price

The cost of the Polish rabbit depends on a few factors like the pedigree, color patterns and age. Polish rabbits are available in several colors with distinct markings. The price difference also matters if purchased from a breeder or a pet store.

The estimated price in the market for Polish rabbits is between 20 to 50$.

What Size Cage Do Polish Rabbits Need?

The general rule for opting out a cage size should be four times bigger than the rabbit’s size. It should have enough space for it to move around and stretch comfortably.

If you have a bigger space, there are no limits; you can make it as extensive as possible. In the case of small space, a minimum of 24×36 inches or 30×36 inches should be the cage size for your rabbit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about polish rabbits:

Are Polish Rabbits Good Pets?

Yes, apart from their friendly, responsive and calm personality, their small and round body with big doe eyes and flyback fur are compatible with small-sized apartments and studios. They are not aggressive and don’t require much maintenance. They also have an average lifespan of 5 to 6 years and can live more if properly cared for.

Do Polish Rabbits Like To Be Held?

Polish rabbits are domestic rabbits and are cheeky little bunnies who adore attention and love from their owners. They like being petted, held, and rub themselves in response to the affection. Their calm and composite nature makes them wonderful pets for people of all ages.

What Are Polish Rabbits Used For?

In the United States, they are used as show pets in fancy exhibitions. They were also used as a source of meat back in the day. They are preferred as pets and are popular because of their calm, pleasant and curious temperament. 

Do Polish Rabbits Shed?

Yes, Polish rabbits do shed, but they don’t require much grooming due to their short fur. Once or twice a week is more than enough. Polish rabbits shed mainly during the springtime. During this period, additional maintenance is needed; otherwise, the cage will get full of fur.

How High Can A Polish Rabbit Jump?

A Polish rabbit can jump as high as 3 feet. According to various reports, they can even jump higher than that.

What Should I Feed My Polish Rabbit?

The diet of a Polish Rabbit should consist of 70℅ hay with a portion of rabbit friendly fruits, vegetables and pellets. Keep an eye out for foods that contain chemicals or are treated with fertilizers. Diet varies according to the size and weight of the rabbit.

How Long Are Polish Rabbits Pregnant?

After mating, from the time of fertilization until delivery, it takes 31 days for the rabbit to produce kits. A doe can give birth to 1 to 12 kits. The entire pregnancy is steady and rarely does a rabbit act abnormally. You might see your rabbit plucking her fur out to make a nest towards the end of gestation. At this time, she will be uncomfortable and won’t eat much.

Are Polish Rabbits Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, most rabbit breeds, including Polish rabbits, are not hypoallergenic. With that said, it all depends upon what triggers that allergy, like dust, hay remnants in the cage or it could be fur. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help relieve allergies.

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