Fancy Bear Hamsters for Sale NEAR You (Male and Female)

A fancy bear hamster is a short haired Syrian hamster that makes a great pet if you want a cute little creature.

Among all the hamster breeds, fancy bear hamsters are the most popular ones because they are energetic and ethical enough.

So, if you want to buy a fancy bear hamster while living in the USA, ‘Pets Mart’ is one of the best available options.

What Is a Fancy Bear Hamster?


Fancy bear hamsters, also known as Syrian hamsters‘ or ‘Golden hamsters,’ are cute and cuddly creatures that make a great pet.

They are easy-going and low maintenance, so kids and aged people can easily pet them without extra effort.

Do you want to know how long a fancy bear hamster will live?

Well, both domesticated and wild fancy bear hamsters have different lifespans. A fantastic fancy bear hamster has an average lifespan of 1 to 2 years, while a domestic fancy bear hamster often reaches 3 years.  

Therefore, having a fancy bear hamster is not a short-term commitment but not as long as a dog or cat would.

If we talk about the difference between a fancy bear hamster and a teddy hamster, we see a lot of differences.

Fancy hamsters are short-haired Syrian hamsters, while teddy hamsters are long-haired.

Teddy hamsters are famous among all the hamster species because of their affordability and fluffy appearance. In addition, they are gentle in nature and usually make good pets compared to fancy hamsters.

Both fancy and teddy hamsters have up to 2 to 3 years.

Male And Female Fancy Bear Hamsters for Sale Near You!

Here is the breeder’s list from where you can buy a male and female fancy bear hamster of your choice:

Fancy Bear Hamster Lifespan

The average lifespan of a fancy bear hamster is around two to three years.

However, they can live up to five years maximum if they are taken care of well. Fancy bear hamsters are mainly weaned from their mothers when they are 3 to 4 weeks old.

So, having a fancy bear hamster is not a long commitment. Anyone who wants a pet for 2 to 3 years can go for fancy bear hamsters.

Fancy Bear Hamster Size

After knowing about a fancy bear hamster, you may be wondering, how big does a fancy bear hamster get?

Fancy bear hamsters are cute, and their size generally ranges from 4 to 6 inches. Although they can grow even more significant than this. But the average size is 4 to 6 inches long.

An interesting thing is that females fancy bear hamsters grow bigger than their male counterparts.

Moreover, a fancy bear hamster is one of the most giant hamster breeds – double the size of a dwarf hamster.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Fancy Bear Hamster?

Buying a fancy bear hamster does not have to be expensive.

In fact, you can adopt a hamster as well. However, if you want to purchase a fancy bear hamster, you can expect to pay up to $60*.

Moreover, a fancy bear hamster does not cost a lot of money, but there are a few things to consider that will increase your budget. Below is the list of fancy hamster equipment to help you in budgeting:


Like other hamster breeds, the fancy bear hamster is also a burrower by nature. So, while making a bed for your little one, ensure that the hamster has enough bedding to hide.

While a typical fancy bear hamster will need a layer of 6 inches of bedding. And it could cost around $12 to $20.


An average Fancy bear hamster can grow up to 4 to 6 inches, so you need a large cage.

Hamster cages cost around $20 to $100 – depending upon the size of the cage. Or, if you have enough time, you can DIY.


Besides fruits, vegetables, and nuts available in-home, hamsters eat nutritious pre-made pellets and seed mix. You can get it from any pet food store, and a bag costs around $18 to $20.


Fancy bear hamsters need brain stimulation as they are highly active. Therefore, they need toys in their cage to play with. Tunnels, bridges, and tubes are favorite toys of a fancy bear hamster, and they can cost up to $10 to $15.


Hamsters are hideous creatures, and they like to retreat to a safe place. Hideouts are made from different types of material, and the price is between $5 to $15.


A hamster carrier is not an essential thing straightway. But if you want to carry your hamster outside your home, a page is a thing to consider.

A primary hamster carrier costs around $12 to $15. Although, you can also make your own by using the boxes at home.

How Can I Get a Fancy Bear Hamster?

  • Visit a breeder or a pet store.
  • Choose whether you want a female or a male fancy bear hamster.  

Fancy Bear Hamster Care

Fancy bear hamsters are an excellent choice for small children and old people as they are low maintenance. As well as, they are fun to play with and have adaptive nature.

Unlike other breeds, the fancy bear hamster does not need constant care or attention. Fancy bear hamsters are crepuscular – they are more like to be active at dawn or dusk. So, the routine is perfect for school-going children.

However, at first, when you’ll bring a fancy hamster to your home, you need to put an extra effort into training it. But again, they are easy to train and friendly in nature.

Additionally, you need to take care of their cage and keep it clean regularly. Also, provide them some toys to chew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about fancy bear hamsters:

Are Fancy Bear Hamsters Friendly?

Yes, fancy bear hamsters are friendly in nature. Moreover, they are calm and docile with excellent learning skills. One does not have to put a lot of effort into training a fancy bear hamster.

Do Fancy Bear Hamsters Smell?

Like other hamster breeds, a fancy bear hamster does not stink. But yes, their cage can. If you don’t maintain the cage’s cleanliness, then it will stink. The layers of bedding can be a reason for stink. Dump the hamster bedding and clean the cage thoroughly with a detergent and warm water.

What Is Cage Appropriate for Fancy Bear Hamster?

Fancy bear hamsters are long and grow up to 6 to 7 inches. For this purpose, it is essential to consider an appropriate cage for them. It should be large enough that your hamster can stroll inside it. Take care that the cage is enough for the bedding as well.

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