Long-Haired Syrian Hamster For Sale NEAR You! (Online)

Long haired hamsters, also known as ‘Syrian hamsters’ or Teddy Bear hamsters, are cute and cuddly pets with a friendly and docile nature.

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Long Haired Syrian Hamster Overview


Long Haired Syrian hamsters are also known as teddy bear hamsters. They are pretty, friendly, and docile by nature. However, they are nocturnal and have a good lifespan – more than two years if we compare them with the dwarf hamster.

Long haired Syrian hamsters are more giant and more resilient than the fancy hamster, so they are best for children who want to learn how to take care of a hamster.

However, they are still fragile, so it is essential to take great care of them.

Long-Haired Syrian Hamster for Sale Near You (Online)

Here is the breeder’s list from where you can buy a long haired Syrian hamster of your choice:

Long Haired Syrian Hamster Price

After knowing that Long haired Syrian hamsters are great as a pet, you must be thinking; how much do Syrian hamsters cost?

The price of a long haired Syrian hamster ranges between $20 to $60*, depending upon its hair length, color variation, and other defining factors.

However, the cost will increase with proper housing, food, care, and toys.

Long Haired Syrian Hamster Lifespan

Before making up your mind about any pet, it is good to know its lifespan. For example, if we talk about long haired Syrian hamsters, their average lifespan is around 2 to 3 years.

However, in the wild, long haired Syrian hamsters have a shorter lifespan.

Although, there are many factors to consider for an average lifespan. For instance:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Care provided
  • Exercise
  • Sickness
  • Environment

It has to be assumed that if a long haired Syrian hamster is taken care of well, it can live to the greatest.

Long Haired Syrian Hamster Food

When we talk about Syrian hamster food, you should provide them with nutritious food. The right amount of seeds, grains, and nuts.

You can also give them fruits, including apples, carrots, peas, cabbages, broccoli, and other nutritious vegetables.

Long Haired Syrian Hamster Cage

After buying a long haired Syrian hamster, you must think, what’s the best cage for a Syrian hamster?

Long haired Syrian hamsters are solitary animals, but they love human interaction. There are different cage options for your Syrian pet hamster. However, an important thing to consider for housing is a spacious environment with plenty of bedding.

A giant cage is always better because Syrian hamsters love to hide, so make sure to provide enough bedding and space.

Research has shown that small spaces or cages can make Syrian hamsters chronically stressed. So, if you want your hamster to live longer, give them enough space.

Long-Haired Syrian Hamster for Adoption

Long Haired Syrian Hamster Care

  • Taking care of a long haired Syrian hamster is not tricky, and there is no excuse not to take care of your furry pet. They are pretty easy to handle and can get tame with daily handling.
  • The long haired Syrian hamster is a solitary animal, but they are social toward humans. So, if you want to keep your hamster happy, give it proper time and provide them with a cage enough to have fun.
  • Give them some good hamster toys and chews. For instance, card boxes, toilet roll tubes, and cereal boxes. At the same time, it is infrequent that a long-haired Syrian hamster bites its owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about long haired Syrian hamsters:

Can Long haired Syrian Hamsters Live For 4 Years?

Yes, long haired Syrian hamsters can live for years if they are taken care of well. An average lifespan of a Syrian hamster is up to 3 to 4 years, but in some cases, their life expectancy can increase quickly.

Is A Syrian Hamster a Good Pet?

Syrian hamsters make an excellent pet as they are friendly and docile. This breed is a perfect fit for children and older adults because they can be trained easily.

Are Syrian Hamsters Ok Alone?

Syrian hamsters are solitary pets, but they need human interaction as well. So, don’t leave them alone.

Should I Get a Male Or Female Syrian Hamster?

Well, male Syrian hamsters are more friendly than female Syrian hamsters. So, if you want a furry partner, get a male Syrian hamster.

Can You Have 2 Syrian Hamsters in the Same Cage?

Being a solitary pet, you can put two Syrian hamsters in the same cage. Then, they can live peacefully with each other.

Are Long-Haired Syrian Hamsters Friendly?

Yes, long haired Syrian hamsters are friendly by nature. They love to spend time with their owner.

Do Long-Haired Syrian Hamsters Need Haircuts?

Yes, it is essential to groom your long haired Syrian hamster. They have long hair and get easily tangled, so you may need to shorten their fur. Carefully, use a pair of scissors to trim its fur to 1 inch in length. Or, take your hamster to a barbershop.

How Big Do Long-Haired Syrian Hamsters Get?

Long haired Syrian hamsters get big, 5 to 9 inches long, and weigh around 5 ounces.

Do Long Haired Hamsters Bite?

It is more infrequent than a long haired Syrian hamster bite. If their owners train them well, then they do not bite. They bite only when they are scared.

Do You Have To Brush Long Haired Hamsters?

Yes, it would help if you brush long haired hamsters. Their hair gets tangled easily, so it is essential to brush them.

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