Chipmunks For Sale NEAR YOU: US Breeders List

Chipmunks are lively and speedy critters who belong to the squirrel family. They have chubby cheeks, large glossy eyes, and bushy tails, making them a favorite among all animators.

Chipmunks like to eat insects, nuts, seeds, fruits, and grains. If we talk about its behavior as a pet, chipmunks are very lively and speedy. They make a bird-like chiro when they sense any danger. They hibernate from late autumn to early spring and do not store fat.

If you have made your mind about buying a chipmunk as a pet, then this article is mainly for you.

Here you will get to know about chipmunks and from where you can buy one.

Baby Chipmunks For Sale

Baby Chipmunks For Sale

Baby chipmunks are adorable, and they attract all animal lovers. They are one of the most innocent looking harmless creatures.

Cage size 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 4 ft
Lifespan Eastern chipmunks: 3 years
Siberian chipmunks: 6 to 10 years
Colors Grey, reddish-brown 
Weight 50 to 150g 

Although, chipmunks are wild creatures and, unless tamed from their birth. They will not allow you to touch them and may even bite if you try. But this does not mean they can’t be good pets.

Here is the list of breeders of chipmunks in the USA:

Baby Chipmunk Price 

Baby chipmunks are known to be needy, destructive, and stubborn. However, owning a baby chipmunk can be a little expensive.

They cost approximately about $600 and increase every year by about $150.

Pet Chipmunk Cage Information

Your pet chipmunk cage should be spacious enough that he can easily exercise, play, and rest at ease.

The ideal size for a chipmunk’s cage is 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 4 ft. However, it is not recommended to put more than one adult chipmunk in a closure more minor than a heigh of 4 feet.

Make sure that your pet chipmunk has a good portion for the day and they can run free in a safe environment.

There must not be any place to wiggle out or chew objects like poisonous plants. These all things are harmful to your little chipmunk.

Chipmunks must chew. Give them plenty of safe stuff to chew.

Moreover, they are burrowing animals by nature, so they dig the floor to store food and other stuff. 

To prevent t from damaging the cage floor, place a bale of moss peat with small holes cut in the plastic. This will satisfy their urge to burrow and dig tunnels.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Chipmunk

Here are some things that you should consider before buying a chipmunk.


Chipmunks are clean animals by nature. They do not require any special grooming as they groom themselves. So you only need to keep the cage clean and scrub it once every fortnight.


Chipmunks do not like to be picked up or handled. Unlike cats and dogs, chipmunks prefer to cling or hang on you rather than being handled or petted.

They enjoy their owner’s company, but they are not cuddly at all. They don’t let you pick them up until they are incredibly tame.

From Where To Buy Chipmunk?

Several pet stores sell chipmunks, but it is best to buy one through a private breeder.

Pet stores usually have chipmunks that they catch in the wild. However, breeders have hand-tamed chipmunks.

Moreover, breeders provide complete, detailed information on chipmunk care. 

Pet chipmunk should be active, energetic, and should have a shiny coat. 

It should also be about six to eight weeks old to get used to you and your lifestyle. 

One can also choose to get a chipmunk from animal rescuers.


Here are some frequently asked questions about chipmunks.

Is it legal to own a chipmunk?

Yes, it is legal to own a chipmunk until the end of its natural life. First, however, you need to take proper care of them.

Can you buy a chipmunk as a pet?

Yes, you can buy a chipmunk as a pet. There are several advantages of owning a chipmunk as a pet because, just like humans, chipmunks are diurnal – they sleep at night and are active. So, if you want to buy a chipmunk, you don’t need to worry about getting up in the middle of the night, as in the case of dogs and cats. Moreover, Chipmunks don’t need to be groomed or bathed, and they don’t emit any odor. They don’t need to be little trained and are adaptive to minimal diseases.

Final Words

Chipmunks are highly amusing and entertaining animals to have you around, but only if you take care of them properly.

They are playful and do not like to be confined in a small space for a long time.

Chipmunks are hyperactive and curious animals who love to run, jump and explore.

If we talk about the cage of the chipmunks, do not place it in the middle of the room. Instead, one side of the cage should be against the wall so that your little pet does not feel overtly exposed and feel sheltered.

Moreover, do not keep chipmunk all day in the cage. It will get bored. Free them in a room where there is plenty of open space with minimum furniture.

Don’t keep valuable belongings in the room; chipmunks are hyperactive and tend to get destructive. Remove all electrical wires, etc. They might chew on it.

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