Baby Llamas for Sale NEAR You: Breeders List

Baby llamas are the cutest animals with big soulful eyes, funky fur, and an adorable snout.

If you’re already smitten and thinking of buying them, we have the best llamas for sale with all the specifications you want.

Baby Llamas For Sale Near You: Breeders List

Baby Llama
Scientific NameLama glamaClassMammalia
Lifespan20 yearsOrder
Weight130 – 200 kgFamilyCamelidae
SpeciesL.glamaSizeHeight: 1.7 – 1.8 m Length: 92 – 160 cm

Getting the best animals in town is every pet owner’s dream. We can help you realize your dream into a reality with our list of thoroughbred llamas and their respective breeders.

All you need is to find out about the state near you and give them a call right away to get in touch.

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Jim WhiteMount Solon, VA[email protected]
Lorah RotoliOakfield, NY[email protected]
Cameron ThornbergKnox, ND[email protected]
(701) 208-0752
Sharon WilliamsonTrempealeau, WI[email protected]
Rick AdamsBend, OR[email protected]
Susan BoteanSeguin, TX[email protected]
Rita ZorrozuaCheney, WA[email protected]
Michael and Patricia WestEast Bend,NC[email protected]
Emaly LeakDuanesburg, NY[email protected]
Pamela CampbellManheim, PA[email protected]
Debra ShoffPort Washington, OH740-254-4265
John and Krista BaileyOzark, AR[email protected]
Brad and Sylvia DeWardCheney, WA[email protected]
Eydie x Eydie RobshawMorriston, FL [email protected]
Ali and Fran SoukupLyndon Station, WI[email protected]
Clark and Sonya SalisburyClyde, TX[email protected]
Joel, Shelle, Raelyn, Andrea, and Erika JohnsonGrundy Cente, IA[email protected]
Katrina and Gary CapassoBallston Spa, NY[email protected]
Charlene ArendasLowellville, OH[email protected]
Breeders List

Different Breeds of Llamas

Llamas across the US have the following four breeds. Their breeds are diverse. For example, they have different sizes, fur, and coat fibers, making them unique. 

  1. Classic Llamas
  2. Wooly Llamas
  3. Medium Llamas
  4. Suri Llamas

Different Colors of Llamas

Llamas come in various colors like black, brown, white, piebald, gray, roan, cream, red, and fawn. Some llamas combine these colors, while some may appear speckled or spotted.

How Much Does A Baby Llama Cost? 

As impossible as it may sound, llamas don’t come cheap. They are a sound investment that can prove fruitful over the years. How much is a baby llama really for? Well, you can expect to get one ranging from a few hundred to up to $5000*, depending on various factors.

Is It Legal To Own A Llama In The US?

Llamas are great stress busters. Various animal centers across the country utilize these cute creatures as they are low-key cool therapy animals. They also serve as great family pets because it’s completely legal to own a llama in the US. 

Is A Llama A Good Pet?

Llamas are among the best pets due to their predictable low-key temperament, ease of maintenance, mild manners, cleanliness, friendly nature, and intelligence. Their companionship won’t ever disappoint you. 

Are Llamas Hard To Raise?

Llamas are one of the friendliest and easiest livestock species on this planet and are also easy to raise.

They need room to graze, which keeps their parasite infestations at bay. They don’t like to stay confined and will seek shelter only when the weather is inclement. 

Is Craigslist Good Option To Purchase Baby Llamas?

The internet is a weird place to buy and sell animals, so you must be sure about what you’re looking for.

Craigslist is also not a wise option for purchasing baby llamas because you must know about the animal and its owner beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Llamas:

How many lands Do You Need For A Llama?

Llamas don’t require much land, but you need to fence the property for them that shouldn’t be too high or strong either. Experts suggest around two acres of pasture for a dozen llamas or a maximum of six llamas per acre.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Lama?

Not very expensive, we can say. It will cost you around $65-$160* per month to care for the bedding and food of your llama. The overall general care of a llama isn’t very grueling.

How Much Does A Llama Cost In The US?


How Much Is Llama Fur Worth?

Llama’s fur is super profitable because the highest quality and cleanest fur sell for around $3 -$4* per ounce.

Are Llamas A Good Investment?

They are low maintenance; you’ll need a couple of hundred dollars to keep them in good health and hay. Not only are llamas a good investment, but you’ll also certainly enjoy their company.

How Do Llamas Raise Profit?

There are many ways to raise profit from llamas, like selling their meat, wool, and milk and also offering them for riding and breeding.

Do Llamas And Dogs Get Along?

Yes, they get along because llamas and dogs are peaceful animals and are at ease around each other. If all goes well, you often spot your dog wagging its tail around your llama.

Do Llamas Like To Be Patted?

Yes, why not? They love pats on their back, neck, and head and occasional scratch-on-the-back from their familiar people. You can pat them as you wish, but first, allow them to get accustomed to the human touch. 

Can You Ride An Alpaca Or Llama?

Llamas and alpacas aren’t suitable for riding because their bone structure doesn’t support heavy loads on the back.

Do Llamas Need To Be In Pairs?

Companionship matters for llamas, and they cannot be left to live alone. They do best when in a herd or pairs, mostly with ones of a similar age. 

How Fast Can A Llama Run?

Llamas can run at an astounding speed of up to 40 mph which helps them steer clear of predators.

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