Wild Baby Bunny Age Chart (Download as a PDF!)

Wild rabbits are different from domestic breeds in their reproduction potential.

Mothers used to be very fertile, and young ones get maturity at the age of 6 weeks.

You may encounter an abandoned wild baby bunny, and it is crucial to know its age to provide him with the necessary care. A wild baby bunny age chart can help you a lot. 

How To Tell How Old a Wild Baby Rabbit Is?

Suppose you have found a wild baby rabbit and want to figure out its age.

You can have an idea by noticing its eyes, ears, size, length and fur. A newborn baby rabbit was born with closed eyes and ears. He has no fur and seems like a mouse.

At different stages of age, the eyes and ears of a baby rabbit start opening. Hairs and fur start covering the body. Size and weight keep on increasing till it reaches maturity.

Look at the wild baby bunny age chart to have a precise idea about the age.

Wild Baby Bunny Age Chart

Wild Baby Bunnies
AGEBody Appearance
Less than 3 days oldA newborn wild bunny has closed eyes and ears. It has merely 2 inches in length with 15 to 25 grams in weight. The body may have grey or black hairs with a pink underside.
3-9 days oldAfter three days, the baby’s fur starts getting natural agouti color, and the ears start opening at 9 days of age. Fur still slick against the body. A 9-day wild bunny weighs about 35 to 40 grams and is 3″ in length.
10-14 days oldAt this stage, the eyes of the wild bunny have opened, and ears can be seen away from the body. At this stage, the bunny starts standing and has the approximate size to cover the palm of your hand. Bunny is dependent on his mother’s milk.
2-3 weeks oldWild bunnies have a pretty standard fur standing away from their body at this age. Bunny starts eating natural foods like hay, weeds and leaves. It weighs approximately 70 grams with a 4-5″ body length. 
3-5 weeks oldAt this age, bunnies are entirely weaned and depend on natural feeds. They have fur like a mature rabbit with ears and eyes wide open. Wild bunny at this stage is quite active and can leave the nest to live independently in the wild. It may weigh more than 80 grams. 
6+ weeks oldAt this stage, a wild bunny becomes larger than a softball and can cover your both hands. It weighs 2-3 pounds and is up to 15″ long. We can say it is a mature wild rabbit that can live independently in the wild.

What Should I Do If I Find A Wild Baby Bunny?

If you find a wild baby, first search nearby and place it in its nest. If it is not possible, immediately call nearby animal rescue and inform them. Meanwhile, it is essential to handle a bunny gently; they are very fragile and can die due to stress.

Place them on a soft cloth and manage to keep them warm using a heating pad. 

Avoid feeding anything to a bunny because they need specific nutrients at the rate of particular concentration, and only expert rehabilitation staff can do that.

How Do You Take Care Of A Wild Baby Bunny Without A Mother?

If you neither found the mother nor a wild bunny’s rehabilitation center, you have to take care of it. Try to keep the bunny warm using a cloth or your T-shirt, which you want to give up.

What to feed the bunny depends on its age. If the eyes of the bunny are still closed, it is too young and dependent on a liquid diet.

If the eyes are open and the bunny can roam around, you can offer him vegetables, weeds, and soft leaves.

How Do You Know If A Wild Baby Rabbit Is Dying?

There is no time to wait if a wild baby rabbit is cold, less responsive, shows abnormal breathing patterns, and does not eat and drink. All these signs indicate that the little bunny is dying, and immediate measures should be taken.

What Do You Feed A Wild Baby Bunny?

You should be very keen while feeding a wild baby bunny. You can feed kitten milk replacer or goat milk.

The mother usually attends baby bunny twice a day, so you can also follow the morning and evening feeding schedule. Always put the baby bunny on his back while feeding, like you would be feeding a human baby.

Can You Raise A Wild Baby Bunny?

Yes, you can raise a wild baby bunny. However, it is illegal to keep a wild bunny as a pet in most states of the US unless the baby is injured, sick or left alone by the mother. All you have to do is provide a nest, keep the temperature warm and feed the proper diet.  

Can You Release A Wild Baby Rabbit Back Into The Wild?

You can release a cottontail baby bunny in the wild when he starts eating natural things like hay, grass and weeds.

At the age of 4 weeks, a wild rabbit starts eating natural things, so that is the age when you can release it in the wild. After that, as long as you keep it, the rabbit will become more dependent as a pet.

How Old Are Wild Baby Bunnies When They Leave The Nest?

At the age of 4-6 weeks, wild baby bunnies used to wean and start eating natural things. They also begin visiting the surroundings and are ready to leave their nests at this age.

How Long Do Cottontail Rabbits Live?

Cottontail rabbits are the most common wild rabbits in the US. They don’t have very long life spans. On average, cottontails live for 15 months. Extreme weather conditions, shortage of food and other significant causes of their death.


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