Cute Gerbils for Sale Near You! (Female and Male)

Loving the wilderness of the Asian and eastern countries, Gerbils are these lovable, friendly, and curious rodents that have become a popular choice for pets. Having more than 100 different types, they have become a thriving business for many breeders.

Baby Mongolian Gerbils For Sale NEAR You!

NameMongolian GerbilsPhylumChordata
Scientific NameMeriones UnguiculatusClassMammalia
Lifespan2-5 yearsOrderRodentia
Weight60 gramsFamilyMuridae
SpeciesM.unguiculatusSize5-6 inches

Baby Mongolian Gerbils is the epic representation of every pet owner’s wish. All they want is your love and affection, unlike many other pet species.

From being social to being curious, they are an absolute choice to be kept as pets. Having a life expectancy of 5 years, growing up with a furry gerbil doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Mongolian Gerbil Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Wandering GerbsLexington[email protected]
Pikes Peak Gerbils-Colorado SpringsColorado 
Midsummer Clan GerbilsMorgantown[email protected]

Pet Fat-Tailed Gerbils For Sale Near You!

NameFat-tailed gerbils PhylumChordata
Scientific NamePachyuromys duprasiClassMammalia
Lifespan3-8 years OrderRodentia
Weight40-120 gramsFamilyMuridae
SpeciesPachyuromys duprasiSize3-5 inches

Fat-tailed gerbils are incredibly flexible and highly cooperative in every situation. They don’t mind solitude and necessarily need company.

You won’t find many fat-tailed gerbils in pet stores or homes as they have recently been introduced in the trading business.

These docile rodents have a life expectancy of 3-8 years and are only available in sandy agouti color.

Fat-Tailed Gerbil Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Superior GerbilsColorado Website
GerbilsontherezColorado Website
Gerbil HubConnecticut Website
Little’s Little GerbilsDelaware Website
Thelodar Gerbil ClanMassachusetts FB Page
Ohana GerbilsMichigan Website

Great Gerbils For Sale Near You!

NameGreat GerbilsPhylumChordata
Scientific NameRhombomys opimus ClassMammalia
Lifespan2-4 yearsOrderRodentia
SpeciesRhombomys opimusSize 15-20cm

Great Gerbils are family-oriented animals. They live in big groups and can carry 4-7 pups at a time. Great Gerbils are the largest of their species showing off their 15-20 cm length.

Great Gerbils Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Khulan GerbilsMissouri FB Page
Desert Cloud GerbilsNew Mexico [email protected]
Wonder Clan GerbilsPittsburgh Website
Gerbil GenesisOhioFB Page
Silver’s SanctuaryOntario Instagram
GerbilsNWOregon [email protected]
GerbilimoQuébec Website

Pallid Gerbils For Sale Near You!

NamePale GerbilsPhylumChordata 
Scientific NameGerbillus perpallidusClassMammalia
Lifespan2-4 yearsOrderRodentia

Native to Egypt; Pallid Gerbils are gradually becoming popular due to their attractive pale orange color and intelligence.

Cleaning, feeding, and training pallid Gerbils is extremely easy. However, with a bit of love and guidance, a pallid Gerbils can learn some clever tricks.

Pallid Gerbils Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Crown and ClawSouth Carolina [email protected]
Whiskers GerbilsTexasWebsite
River City GerbilsTexasWebsite
Juniper Jam GerbilsVirginia [email protected]
Olsen’s Fat GerbilsWashington Website
Mystique MenagerieRinggoldWebsite

Gerbil Price

Getting a pet requires proper planning and budgeting.

Questions like how much do gerbils cost? Are justified. The Gerbil itself is around 5-10$*.

Things like cages, bottles, toys, food for months and years, bedding, emergency vet visits, medicines, and much more are necessary to make the place habitable and more like home. This altogether and much more will cost more than 500$.

How Old Should A Gerbil Be When You Buy It?

A Gerbil should be old enough to leave the care of her mother. The ideal age is between six and seven weeks, which is very early and unacceptable. Young animals, including Gerbils, need nutrients, care, and security that only a mother can provide at that time. 

Gerbils For Adoption 

Here are some of the adoption sites where your future gerbil pet is waiting for you;


Here are some frequently asked questions about Gerbils.

Where To Buy Gerbils Online?

It is essential to make sure that the animal you are going to a pet is healthy and living in a safe environment, as animals facing abuse and improper confinement lead to aggression and behavioral problems. It is not advisable and is not easy to get a gerbil online. If you get a good deal by chance, it is not guaranteed that the pet will be healthy.

How Much Are Gerbils At Petco?

The average price of getting a gerbil is between 10-100$*. You can find a good deal in different pet stores.

What Animals Does Petsmart Sell?

Petsmart has a good range of animals from birds, home dogs, cats, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, snakes, frogs, ferrets, rabbits, sugar gliders, and guinea pigs to Gerbils. These animals are well taken care of and appropriately vaccinated.

Where Do Wild Gerbils Live?

The wild Gerbils prefer vast lands with rough grass and minimal greenery. Some Gerbils are fond of deserts and grasslands. They are immune to extreme temperatures and dry environments.

Should I Get 1 Or 2 Gerbils?

It is always an excellent choice to own two of any animal if you don’t have any other pets. Animals need someone like your own or similar to grow out of their shell, adjust and socialize. Getting a pair together will save you the trouble of introducing and maintaining peace.

Which Is Better, Gerbil Or Guinea Pig?

It all depends on your preference and patience. Comparing guinea pigs to gerbils, guinea pigs are much larger and can give you the comfort of owning a big pet. At the same time, gerbils are small and carefree animals that don’t need your constant attention. Gerbils are also much cheaper than a guinea pig. 

Do Gerbils Recognize Their Owners?

It is unmistakably clear that Gerbils do have a memory. However, it is uncertain as to how much and to what extent gerbils can remember something. Scents, faces, tricks, pet names, petting, and kindness are a few things they remember. It can be said that Gerbils do recognize their owners.

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