Can Gerbils Eat Apples? (Feeding Size, Risks and More)

Maximum domestic pet holders like giving their gerbils a small delight daily. It is a virtuous impression to attempt and give them somewhat nourishing, satisfying their fitness.

Apples are very healthy fruit. Even then, we should know whether apples are suitable for the health of our gerbils before we feed them apples.

Can Gerbils eat Apples?


Yes, because of the apples’ unique taste and robust appealing fragrance, gerbils love to consume them. Gerbils cannot take apples as their primary diet. Apples are good to balance their nutrients level of their diet. I would recommend feeding no more than one apple slice per week to your gerbil.

Can Gerbils eat green Apples?

Lime apples are seamlessly well for gerbils to consume, together with the covering and epidermis. The covering layer covers supplementary nutrients than the epidermis. Therefore, leave it on our gerbil’s apple cut. Though we have previously stated, we essentially remove the pits initially. We can make the slice up into tiny masses for easier for our gerbil to consume, and then it will be glad to pick the portions up and bite on it, also.

How Much Apple can a Gerbil Eat?

It would help if we only nourished apples to our gerbil as a treat. Gerbil should not be measured by their regular day-to-day diet and should be offered irregularly and in slight amounts.

I would recommend feeding no more than one apple slice per week to your gerbil.

That is a perfect quantity to offer gerbils all the well-being advantages. I have mentioned in this article a slight danger of the health dangers produced by the fiber and sugar content.

Can gerbils eat apple seeds/cores?

Apple seeds are extremely poisonous to our gerbils. It is due to apples comprising a composite matter which is known as amygdalin, generally originating in apples and various other fruits, such as apricots, cherries, and peaches. Though the apple seeds are not harmless, and we must not feed these to our  gerbils in excessive amounts.

Can gerbils eat Apple Leaves?

Gerbils obviously consume seeds of many bulbs, grasses, and a wide collection of aromatic plants and leaves.

Leaves of the various fruits like apple and oranges and vegetables can be used to supplement the diet of our gerbils. It is important to note that never offer your gerbils rhubarb and grapes or their leaves as these are very toxic for your gerbils.

Can gerbils eat apple trees?

Gerbils indeed consume seeds of several grasses, corms and a variety of trees and basil. Apple’s tree can be utilized as an extra supplement for our gerbils share. But you should not offer the rhubarb and grapes trees or their branches to our gerbils because these are extremely toxic.

Can gerbils eat apple tree branches?

The actual fact is that the gerbils could consume apple tree branches; there are far away more nourishing root vegetables and berries we can offer to our gerbil.

Can gerbils eat Applewood?

Apple woof is the most favorite tree woof to rats and many other animals. It odors excessive and sense of taste good, and the younger the wood, the improved its perceptions.

Miserably, maximum commercially full-grown apples are seriously treated with toxic substances even the woof is spewed to keep rats away.

Can Gerbils eat Apple Skin?

The apple outer layer is also harmless; therefore, it is acceptable to leave it on if we fodder the apple to our gerbil. Though, the apple pits are not harmless, and we must not feed these to our gerbils and other pets.

Can Gerbils eat Apple Sauce?

Apple sauce is not suitable for gerbils. It has the amount of sugar content and absences of the essential nutrients extracted from new apples, which could cause over weightiness. Although a portion of the determination of nourishing gerbils fruits is to get enjoyment from them, all gerbils consume must also contain nutritive rate.

Apples are not the poorest berry to offer to gerbils. Whereas they hold water and sugar content, they as well as contain a good amount of different nutrients that can advantage gerbils. Given that we only offer our gerbil with a cut of apple in a while, we would not cause it any damage.

What human food can gerbils eat?

The diets that a gerbil must consume are few fruits and root vegetables and 3 or 4 types of unsalted nuts.

Diets that are harmless for gerbils are given below(but not limited;

  • Apple
  • Broad beans
  • Banana
  • Carrot
  • Chicory
  • Blueberries
  • Cauliflower

What food kills gerbils?

  • Humanoid diets that can be toxic to our gerbil
  • Every drink encompasses caffeine like tea, energy drinks, and coffee.
  • Chocolate: Theobromine is a fundamental element of it and could be problematic for the gerbil to digest.
  • Chicken’s eggs.
  • Pastry, sweets, and Toffee are also toxic to our gerbils.

Health benefits of Apple for Gerbils:

Apples can be a beneficial source for our gerbil.

They are crammed with essential nutrients, and they must like the sugary taste.

There are some benefits of the apples for our gerbils:

Vitamin A

Gerbil needs the essential vitamin A for the wellness of their eyes. Its shortage can cause night blindness.  It is also required for the production of white blood cells and immune systems.  They help to imprison pathogens. Bacteria in the flow of blood, and keeping the bones strong.

Vitamin C

It aids to save the physique in contradiction of tissue and cell injury along with helping the body to improve engross iron.


It is vital for strong ingestion. There are two types of fiber, insoluble and soluble.

Solvable fiber supports regulating the level of blood sugar of the physique and helps eradicate the body of oily matters like cholesterol.


It is relatively regularly ignored, but apples comprise a decent quantity of calcium.

It supports constructing solid teeth and bones, along with dense fur with that beautiful glossy look.


It is suitable for serving to preserve a well-functioning anxiety.

It similarly aids in controlling muscle and heart shrink ages and stopping high levels of blood pressure.

Health Risks of Apple for Gerbils:

Apples have much similar well-being risks for gerbils as several other diets.

In self-control, apples could be a good mineral deposit resource and vitamins. I have mentioned previously, but their sugar levels come with many disadvantages!

Extra sugar

Our gerbil will like the apples because it is sugary and full of sweets.

Apples have regular sugar, but it will be injurious to our gerbil in extreme quantities.

Our gerbil may increase mass, as the extra sugar is transformed into fat.

Extra fiber

Fiber is a good source for the gastral structure, but excessive fiber can begin to reason gastral problems of its own. Extra fiber can jam the gastric system instead of serving to save things affecting. Additional fiber can result in uneasiness, diarrhea and constipation.


Apple is not the best food you could give them and there are better foods available that you could feed them that they would enjoy. Feed them raw apple, not apple which has been cooked, seasoned, flavored or has additives in it.

Gerbils could not handle nourishment with a good deal of water content as their physiques could not develop the water. If Gerbils have an excess diet with a great deal of water content in it, they will develop diarrhea, and it will not be pleasing.

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