Guinea Pig Vision 101: Can Guinea Pigs See in the Dark?

Guinea pigs are great pocket pets. If you also have one of them, you might notice that guinea pigs are busier at night than today. But can guinea pigs see in the dark? Or they need a torch to see in the dark at night?

No, guinea pigs can’t see in the dark. However, they have a sharp memory that helps them to remember the paths and tunnels. Some researchers have also pointed out that due to their sense of smell, they can find their ways in the dark.

 If you want to know about guinea pigs and their night vision, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, you will get to know all the details about guinea pigs, their vision, and their ability to see in the dark.

Can Guinea Pigs See in the Dark?


Like other animals, guinea pigs don’t have adaption to see in the dark. Guinea can’t see in the dark at all. However, they can navigate their way because of their strong-smelling and hearing sense. They have a sharp memory, and they can easily remember pathways, tunnels, and other methods.

Some researchers point out that they can do so because their senses are strong enough – like hearing and smell.

Other rodents like rats and mice are active during the night, and they can see well, but guinea pigs can’t see. They fall in those categories of a rodent who have a limited vision at night.

How Well Can Guinea Pigs See In the Dark? Guinea pigs can’t see well in the dark. Just like other rodents, guinea pigs are not able to see in the dark. They only rely on their hearing and smelling sense to navigate the path. These senses help them to keep away from their predators.

Do Guinea Pigs have Night Vision?

No, guinea pigs don’t have night vision. They can’t see in the dark. We humans rely on our eyesight than any other sense. But in guinea pigs case is different. They have extremely sharp hearing, even more than human beings.

Due to these senses, guinea pigs tend to depend less on eyesight.

Guinea pig’s vision facts

Here are some interesting facts of guinea pig’s vision:

  • Guinea pig’s vision is worse than humans
  • Guinea pig’s eyes are placed on the side of their heads
  • Guinea pigs have a great memory

Can Guinea Pigs See Colors?

Yes, guinea pigs can see colors as they have a dichromatic color vision which means that they have two types of functioning color receptors or cone cells in their eyes.

Guinea pigs can differentiate between colors but not well than humans. But what colors can guinea pigs see?

Guinea pigs have dichromatic color vision, and they are susceptible to the green color. According to research, guinea pigs have rod cells with a peak sensitivity of about 494 nm. So, the researchers suggest that the guinea pig’s eye contains three classes of photopigments. One is a red pigment, and the other two are cone photopigments.

Can Guinea Pigs See Straight Ahead?

Just like other prey animals, guinea pigs have a wide-angle sight. Due to this reason, guinea pigs can’t see straight ahead.

Because of their wide-angle sight, they can easily see their predator.

How Do Guinea Pigs See Humans?

Yes, guinea pigs can see humans, but how? Guinea pigs are social with each other and with their owners too. Some particular types of noises and movements help them in recognizing their owners.

Should I leave a light on for my guinea pig?

Now we know that guinea pigs can’t see in the dark. The question here is, should I leave a light on for my guinea pig? Well, no! I will not recommend this. You should not leave a light on because guinea pigs are comfortable in the darkness, and even they enjoy it. 

Can Guinea Pigs Live in the Dark?

Yes, guinea pigs can easily live in the dark. They are crepuscular animals, and they love to live in the darkness.

Can Guinea Pigs Sleep in the Dark?

Quick Fact: Guinea pigs are crepuscular animals and generally sleep in small paces of 3-10 minutes.

We know that guinea pigs can’t see in the dark. But can they sleep in the dark? Yes, guinea pigs love to sleep in the dark, which is better for their overall health. They feel much secure and take a longer nap than they take during the day.

If you want your guinea pig to sleep well, then keep them in the dark. In this way, they can sleep peacefully.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat in the Dark?

We already know that guinea pigs can sleep in the dark. But what about eating? Can guinea pigs eat in the night? Yes, guinea pigs can quickly eat in the dark. Because of their sharp smelling sense, they can easily smell the food and eat it.

They can quickly eat in the dark without any difficulty. It has been important for their survival and why they are still around today. This means, if you turn off the light of your room, then guinea pigs can quickly eat in the dark.    

Final Thoughts

Coming back to the question, can guinea pigs see in the dark? No, guinea pigs can’t see in the dark like other rodents. But their other senses like hearing and smelling compensate for their vision. Guinea pigs have a sharp memory that helps them in remembering their path and tunnels.

I have explained all the queries related to the guinea pig’s vision. If you still have any other, then you can ask in the comment’s section.

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