Hairless Guinea Pigs For Sale (2023)

Are you looking for a Hairless guinea pig for sale in the USA?

Hairless guinea pigs had originated in the laboratory around 40 years ago. A lab in Montreal bred a colony of guineas in which genetic changes were identified. And these spontaneous genetic changes resulted in hairlessness in guinea pigs. So this is how hairless guinea pigs came back in time.

In this article you will get a list of US hairless guinea pigs breeders.

Hairless Guinea Pigs For Sale


Hairless Guinea pigs are categorized into; the skinny guinea pig and Baldwin guinea pig.   

BreedHairless Guinea Pig 
Lifespan 5to 7 years 
Breeding Age 3 to 4 months  
Weight 1 to 2 lbs 
Colors Chocolate, Silver, Cinnamon, White, Golden, Lilac, Golden  

The skinny guinea pigs have a bit of hair on their skin, while Baldwin guinea pigs also have bit hair, losing them with time.   

This unique characteristic is appealing for some people, but some find it really weird.   

Baldwin Guinea Pig

Baldwin Guinea Pig

A Baldwin guinea pig as an adult is entirely hairless. They are developed for Crested guinea pigs with wrinkles and folds on their shoulders and crowns in the areas where the crest is. In addition, they have rubbery textured skin.   

Baldwin Guinea pigs should not be directly exposed to sunlight, and they even can’t bear cold temperatures. So, they should be kept indoors only.   

Skinny Guinea Pig

Skinny Guinea Pig

On the other hand, Skinny guinea pig was developed as a crossbreed between a haired guinea pig and a hairless variety of Hartley lab guinea pigs. However, they still have hair, especially on their feet, nose, and legs.   

Skinny guinea pigs born without much hair and stay like this way. They have different skin pigmentation and have a variety of color patterns including Dutch, Himalayan, and Tortoiseshell.  

Although, the hairlessness of skinny guinea pigs is due to a recessive gene. 

You can buy baby Baldwin and Skinny hairless guinea pigs from several breeders in the state of Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Arizona, Kansas, Washington.   

Here we have updated the list of breeders in 2023; from here, you can find your hairless guinea pig pet:

Hairless Guinea Pigs Price   

With the increasing demand for hairless guinea pigs, the price of hairless guinea pigs has increased upward to $150.

After knowing about all the characteristics of hairless guinea pigs, are you pondering how much hairless guinea pigs are?   

Baldwin guinea pigs are a rare type of guinea pigs, and they are hard to find, just like other breeds. If you are looking for a Baldwin guinea pig, you can expect to pay over $50 to $100.

In recent years, hairless guinea pigs have become quite a trendy pet, and as a result, their average cost has been climbing. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 for a skinny pig. However, the price could rise if you want a unique color.   

Hairless Guinea Pigs Color Options   

Skinny hairless guinea pigs are just like the other guinea pigs. It is the only hair that is different.  

Skinny hairless guinea pigs are not completely bald but have little peach fuzz on specific body parts.   

Skinny guinea pigs have large patches of hairless skin that make them more susceptible to damage from the sun and make it harder for them to regulate their temperature. In addition, they have dry skin and are prone to contracting mites.   

These breeds come in a variety of colors and patterns, including brindle, Dutch, and Himalayan.

The most common colors options of hairless guinea pigs are:  

  • Chocolate   
  • Cinnamon   
  • Silver  
  • White   
  • Golden   
  • Lilac  

Where To Buy Hairless Guinea Pigs In The USA?   

Hairless guinea pigs are increasingly popular among guinea lovers. One can buy hairless guinea pigs from online and offline pet stores.   

One of the online pet stores is ‘‘The Savy Pets.”   

Omlet pet store is one of the stores that deal with hairless guinea pigs.   

Petland is one of the apps to buy hairless guinea pigs and other breeds in the USA.   

Petco is another app that is available to buy hairless guinea pigs in the USA.   

How to buy Hairless Guinea Pigs?

Hairless guinea pigs are considered good starter pets, but several things must be kept under consideration before making the final decision.

Here are some things that you need to check before buying a hairless guinea pig.  

  • Since hairless guinea pigs do not have fur on their bodies, they find regulating their internal temperature challenging.   
  • Keeping this in mind, their cage needs to be held between 65 C and 75 F. Moreover, they should be kept away from anything that could influence their core temperatures like fireplaces and direct sunlight.   
  • Hairless guinea pigs do not have unique lighting needs. They are not nocturnal, so they must be kept in a cage where they cannot see the sunrise and set naturally.   

Hairless Guinea Pigs Adoption   

Guinea pig finder is one of the sites in the USA from where you can adopt several breeds of guinea pigs, including hairless guinea pigs.   

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about hairless guinea pigs:

How much are hairless guinea pigs at Petco?

Petco is an online pet application that deals in a variety of pets, including guinea pigs. At Petco, one can find a hairless guinea pig for not more than $150.

Where can you get a hairless guinea pig?

Hairless guinea pigs are available at online pet stores as well as some breeders.

Hairless guinea pig cage size

Hairless guinea pigs need at least 7.5 square feet of tank space to live. However, they enjoy going up and down several times, so keep in mind that their cage is spacious enough. Try to buy a cage for your hairless guinea pig that is as wide as it is tall.

Where do hairless guinea pigs come from?

Initially, guinea pigs were native to Peru back in 5000 BC. However, if we talk about hairless guinea pigs, they originated in a Montreal laboratory around 40 years ago.

Are hairless guinea pigs good pets?

Hairless guinea pigs need extra care due to their lack of fur. So petting a hairless guinea pig can be hard sometimes.

Are hairless guinea pigs born hairless?

No, the Baldwin breed of hairless guinea pigs is born with little hair on their body, but they lose them once they are adults.

Can hairless guinea pigs grow hair?

No, hairless guinea pigs do not grow hair. However, skinny pigs have hair on their feet, legs, and muzzles.

Do hairless guinea pigs smell?

Hairless guinea pigs are good starter pets, but they can be a bit smelly. If you don’t clean their cage correctly and often, then these rodents can be smelly.

How to care for a hairless guinea pig?

Hairless guinea pigs can sometimes be too careful. They must have plenty of substrate lining at the bottom of their cage so they can dig down when they feel cold. Go for paper shavings or similar products such as cedar and pine-containing chemicals that provide your pet’s warmth.

Are hairless guinea pigs hypoallergenic?

No, hairless guinea pigs are not hypoallergenic. People usually think that these guineas are hairless, so they will not cause allergies. But this is not true. If you are allergic to guinea pigs, then hairless guineas cannot change things for you.

Can you give a hairless guinea pig a bath?

Yes, giving a bath to a hairless guinea pig is entirely normal, just like other pets. Keep their skin clean by giving them a bath with soap.

Can you be allergic to hairless guinea pigs?

Yes, since hairless guinea pigs are hypoallergenic so you can be allergic to them.

Final Words  

Hairless guinea pigs are a rare type of guinea pigs. If you love guinea pigs but want one with a little bit of twist, then consider adopting a skinny hairless guinea pig. They are adorable and loving, just like all other guinea pig breeds, but their bald appearance helps them stand out among all the different species.   

However, hairless guinea pigs require extra care, so if you are willing to give extra attention to your pet, it is the best option for you.   

They also require more care, as they cannot regulate their body temperature and are prone to a few more health problems.  

If you’re willing to pay the price, though, you’ll have a wonderful, outgoing pet that will never fail to put a smile on your face. 

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