Lethal White Guinea Pig: The Only Guide You Need!

Lethal white guinea pigs are genetically compromised with several chronic issues. Some of them are blind, deaf, and in worst cases, they can also have internal issues. However, with the proper care (especially from a vet), a lethal guinea pig can live an average and happy lifespan.

Lethal white guinea pigs face several health problems in their life that make their life miserable.

Lethal white guinea pigs don’t live as long as healthy life just like other guinea pigs. But what’s wrong with them?

Lethal white guinea pig occurs due to a recessive gene carried in roan and Dalmatian coats colored guinea pigs. Breeding these two types of guinea pigs gives a 25% chance of having a lethal white guinea pig.

This article will cover everything related to lethal white guinea pigs, including their lifespan, characteristics, health problems, and care.  

What is a Lethal White Guinea Pig?


Lethal white guinea pig lacks pigmentation and is always white with pink eyes. These guinea pigs are mainly more diminutive than the other guinea pigs. However, they suffer from a range of illnesses and issues that include blindness and deafness.  

BreedLethal White Guinea Pig
SizeMuch small than other breeds
Lifespan3 years
Eye ColorPink

Lethal white guinea pigs are unique creatures that are small in size. A well-cared lethal white guinea pig survives only for 3 years. They suffer from a plethora of health issues that come with their birth.

What Causes a Lethal White In Guinea Pigs?

Lethal white guinea is a rare breed of guinea pig. But what causes a lethal white in guinea pigs? What are the reasons behind this?

The lethal white gene called ‘Microphthalmia’ occurs when breeding roan x roan or Dalmatian x Dalmatian cavies together.

Lethal White Guinea Pigs vs Albino Guinea Pigs

People often confuse lethal white guinea pigs with albino guinea pigs. But both of them are slightly different.

An actual albino guinea pig is rare, while lethal white guinea pigs are slightly more common. Both the terms are interchangeable and often confused, but both breeds look alike.

So, when someone talks about an albino guinea pig, they refer to a lethal white guinea pig with pink eyes. However, albino guinea pigs don’t suffer from the health issues that lethal guinea pigs do.

Lethal White Guinea Pigs Weight and Lifespan

Lethal white guinea pigs are born with several diseases; this is the reason behind their short life span. If they care well, then they can live for 3 years maximum. However, if they are not treated well, then they even don’t live for 3 years.

They come with a myriad of tragic and challenging health issues that dramatically decrease their typical lifespan.

The weight of a guinea pig ranges from 500 to 1500 grams. Lethal white guinea pigs are of medium size usually. However, a specific weight range couldn’t be given to lethal whites and it can vary from individual to individual.

The reason for variation in the lethal white guinea pigs weight is the expression of the recessive gene (Microphthalmia). Some individuals will have lower weights due to stunted growth, while others may be normal.

Characteristics of Lethal White Guinea Pigs

  • Lethal white guinea pigs require extra care as they lack pigmentation and are always white with pink eyes.
  • If we talk about their size, they are much smaller than other guinea pigs.
  • Unfortunately, they don’t live as long as other guinea pigs because of specific health problems discussed in the next section.
  • Lethal white guinea pigs need lifetime support that includes the change of home environment, nursing for whole life, and veterinary care, which will come at a considerable ongoing financial commitment.

Health Problems of Lethal White Guinea Pigs

Lethal white guinea pigs are unfortunately destined to suffer a lot of health issues throughout their lives. This attributes to a lot of congenital deformities. Following are some of the health problems of lethal white guinea pigs:


Lethal white guinea pigs have Microphthalmia.’ Which means they have little or no eyes when they are born.


One of the most common health problems among lethal white guinea pigs is ‘deafness.’ They are born with this health problem.

Malformed teeth both front and back

Lethal white guinea pigs have malformed teeth both front and back. They typically miss front incisors.

Stunted Growth

Stunted growth is one of the health problems among lethal white guinea pigs. Due to this stunted growth, they have a shorter life span.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Lethal white guinea pigs face gastrointestinal disorders that remain with their lifetime.

Poor immunity

Lethal white guinea pigs have poor immunity, that is why most of the diseases attack them.

Beyond all these health problems, lethal white guinea pigs are loveable pets, and they need proper care and vet facilities to live a good life, just like other guinea pigs.

Lethal White Guinea Pig Teeth

Letha white guinea pigs need extra care and precautions if you are going to pet them. The reason behind this is their health problems. Lethal white guinea pigs are prone to tooth issues. Some of them are born with one front tooth or sometimes not even one.

Lethal white guinea pigs don’t have incisors that’s why they face difficulty in eating.

Lethal White Guinea Pig Care

Letha white guinea pigs are loveable, and they can live 2 to 3 years that are their ideal average life span if they are taken care of properly.

But note here that caring for a lethal white guinea pig is expensive because of the myriad of health problems from the start of the day.

Here is the list of home care for the lethal white guinea pigs:

  • A single-level cage and maintenance of the same enclosure layout help navigation.
  • Choosing an appropriate guinea pig companion to ensure that lethal white guinea pig can live without any stress.
  • Monitoring the weight of a lethal guinea pig, so you can ensure that they can live a stress-free life.
  • Ensure that they have regular dental examinations with a vet and treatment as necessary.

How to Tell If Your Guinea Pig Is Lethal White?

Now we know enough about lethal white guinea pigs, but how can one figure out this breed. Here are some of the signs of a lethal white guinea pig.

Born dead or has a short life.

  • A lethal guinea pig is always born utterly white with red eyes; this is not just a color but because these guinea pigs are born without any skin pigmentation.
  • Born blind in one or both eyes
  • Born with no eyes
  • Born deaf in one or both ears
  • Missing teeth or other teeth deformities
  • Low immune system
  • Neurological Problems

Lethal White Guinea Pigs Adoption

Do you want to adopt a lethal white guinea pig? Are you looking for a website in your area? If yes, then you can visit the following site:

Lethal White Guinea Pigs Adoption Links
New York Guinea Pig Adoption
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Texas Guinea Pig Rescue
Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue
The Guinea Pig Sanctuary
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about a lethal white guinea pig that you should know before making any final decision.

Can lethal white guinea pigs live alone?

Like other guineas, lethal white guinea pigs are social animals, and they can’t live alone. They need a partner with them with whom they can live. Because if the owner does not have time to play with their guineas, the loneliness can make them die.

Are lethal guinea pigs always white?

Yes, lethal guinea pigs are always white without any skin pigmentation. They have red eyes, and they are commonly referred to as ‘PEWs.’

Are all white guinea pigs lethal?

Nope! all white guinea pigs are not lethal. It may be albino or just having white fur. Albino guinea pigs are born without skin pigmentation, so appear white. While pink-eyed guinea pigs just have white colored hair coats.
In the white guinea pig’s litter, a lethal guinea pig will appear skinny with stunted growth.

What breed of guinea pig lives the longest?

Skinny guinea pigs tend to live the longest among all the breeds. Their typical lifespan is 7 to 8 years. However, Silkie and Himalayan guinea pigs can live up to 4 to 5 years.

Why is my guinea pigs pee white?

Are you facing some issues in your guinea pig’s pee? Is it white? Well, this could be due to the presence of calcium carbonate and ammonium phosphate crystals. Their urine is usually dense, cloudy, and white.

Guinea Pig White Tears

Guinea pig’s milky white tears are entirely normal. However, if the number of discharges increases, you must visit a vet because it could be an eye infection.

Final Words: Should You Buy A Lethal White Guinea Pig?

After knowing almost everything about a lethal white guinea pig, the last question that must appear in your mind is that should I buy a lethal white guinea pig or not? Is it worth it to buy?

Well, for me, if you are ready to take care of your lethal white guinea pig after knowing about all the health problems, then go for it. But always keep in mind the cost of the visit of a vet.

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