Can Chickens Eat Cheese? #11 Cheese types Explained!

If you own a flock of chickens, then you might have several questions in your mind about what you can feed to them and whatnot. What about cheese? Can chickens eat cheese? Is Cheese safe for your chicken’s health?

Yes, chickens can eat cheese but not all types. Cheese like goat cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, and cottage cheese are the best options for chickens. Chickens can also eat other products made of cheese like cheese popcorn, cheese pizza, cheese crackers, and cheese ravioli.

If you want to know more about cheese and chickens, then this article is for you. Here you will find out all the cheese-related questions that are healthy options for your adorable chicken.

Let’s explore!

Can Chickens Eat Cheese?


Chickens can eat cheese; in fact, they love it. Just like human beings, chickens are cheese lovers and consume it along with other dairy products. Cheese is an excellent option for chickens to get extra calcium, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Cheese is a powerhouse of nutrients that help chickens to grow strong. However, if given in excess amount, it can be harmful to your pet’s health.

This dairy product is laden with vitamins A, D and K that helps in the overall health of the chicken. These vitamins boost immunity and bone strength. Moreover, phosphorus present in cheese helps in prevention against weak eggshells.

Do they like cheese? Chickens love to eat cheese but only as a treat. One should not feed an excessive amount of cheese to your pet chicken because it can lead to several health problems, including digestive issues.

Can baby chickens eat cheese?

Baby chickens can also have cheese, but in a small amount.

Like other dairy products, yogurt and milk, baby chickens can also eat cheese, which is entirely safe for them.

Baby chicks also need a specific type of nutrients required for their growth, and all these nutrients are present in cheese. You can easily feed cheese to your chicks.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is fresh cheese, like a curd form with a mild flavor. It is soft, white, creamy and fresh cheese. However, it does not go through any piping process. Cottage cheese is completely safe for your pet chicken as it is in pure form.

Cottage cheese is available in cream, whipped, lactose-free, and sodium-free. Moreover, it is packed with nutrients and provides chicken with the following nutrients:

  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fat
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Riboflavin
  • Calcium
  • Folate

It also has a decent amount of zinc, choline, and copper that benefits your baby chicken.

Health benefits of Cheese for Chickens

Here are some health benefits of Cheese for chickens:

  • Promote Bones Health

Cheese is full of minerals such as proteins, calcium, vitamin A, D, K, and zinc. All these minerals promote bone health in chickens.

  • Supports healthy nervous system

Vitamin B12 presents in cheese plays a vital role in supporting the nervous system of chickens.

  • Shell Protection

Cheese consists of phosphorus that supports strong shell protection.

Types of Cheese that chickens Can Eat and Can’t Eat

Now we know that chickens can eat cheese but are all types safe for them? In this section, we will discuss the kinds of cheese that chickens can eat quickly and those harmful to them.

Types of Cheese that chickens Can Eat

Chickens can eat goat cheese, cheddar cheese, shredded cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, brie cheese, and mozzarella cheese. These types are safe for your pet chicken, and you can easily feed them.

Cheese NameExplanation
Cream Cheese:Yes, chickens can eat cream cheese, and they are perfectly healthy for them. Like other types of cheese, cream cheese also contains beneficial nutrients for chicken’s health.
Goat Cheese:Goat cheese is one of the best cheeses among all the cheeses to feed your chicken. Chickens can eat goat cheese quickly.

Goat cheese is better for chickens than a cow because it has less amount of lactose and sodium. This type of Cheese also contains more nutrients than any other kind of cheese, and that’s why it is more beneficial for them.
Shredded Cheese:Yes, chickens can eat shredded Cheese quickly. They are a little aromatic and acidic, but still, they are entirely safe for your chicken.

Shredded Cheese can be quickly eaten by chicken because of its soft texture and availability in different shapes.
Mozzarella Cheese:Yes, chickens can eat mozzarella cheese but in moderation. If you are looking for shredded cheese, then mozzarella is a good option for your chicken. Mozzarella cheese is less acidic, and it can be served with any other treat. Your pet chicken will definitely love this type of cheese.
Cottage Cheese:Well, yes! Your chickens can eat cottage cheese quickly. Cottage cheese is completely safe for your pet chicken, and you can easily feed it to your pet.
Brie Cheese:Brie cheese is creamy, soft, and buttery, and it is used internationally. It is usually made from cow’s milk. Brie cheese is completely safe for your chicken but in moderation.
Cheddar Cheese:Yes, chickens can eat cheddar cheese, and it is entirely safe for them. Like other Cheese types, cheddar cheese is also safe for your chicken, and they can eat it without any hesitation.

Types of Cheese that chickens Can’t Eat

Cheese NameExplanation
Moldy Cheese(Blue Cheese):No, not at all! Moldy cheese is also known as Blue Cheese, and chickens can’t eat them. Certain types of mold and leftover food can be harmful to your pet chicken. Don’t ever try to offer it to your pet because it can be dangerous for their health.

Any stale food is not safe for your pet chicken. Blue cheese is made from culture penicillin that gives it blue color or green streaks.

However, sometimes blue cheese contains antibacterial properties that are great for your chicken’s immunity.
String Cheese:String cheese is one type of cheese that does not contain any nutrition, and it can be challenging for chickens and other birds to eat. String cheese is low moisture cheese, and the cheese is stretched in such type.
Parmesan Cheese:Parmesan cheese is an Italian cheese that is extra hard for your chicken. It is not recommended to feed parmesan cheese to your pet chicken because of its hard texture. It is hard for your chicken to swallow parmesan cheese, so it is recommended not to feed it to your chicken.
Cauliflower Cheese:Chickens can only eat a small amount of cauliflower cheese because it comprises three dairy products – Cheese, milk, and butter. All these products in large quantity can lead to several digestive issues in chickens.

Common digestive problems in chickens are impacted crop, sour crop, or pendulous crop. For this reason, it is best not to feed cauliflower cheese to your pet chicken.

Chickens are biologically designed to have dry foods. They can’t eat any wet food, so wet cheeses are entirely avoidable. Examples of damp cheese are cheese spreads, ricotta, and Parmesan Cheese(Hard Texture). All these moist cheeses have a high amount of fats than proteins, leading to several health problems in chickens.

Any high processed cheeses are entirely avoidable as well as flavored cheeses. All the extra steps in the making of these cheeses can be harmful to your chicken.

Never feed a cheese that included herbs or seasonings because it can be poisonous to your chicken. It is always essential to research before providing Cheese to your chicken to avoid any complications.

Wet/melted or liquid cheese is bad for chickens for two reasons:

  • Wet foods are wholly prohibited to chickens as they lead to several health problems
  • Cheese is highly nutritious, so any kind of processing makes it harsher for chicken’s body

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Balls?

It is okay to feed cheese balls to your chicken because they are entirely safe. However, they are fatty, but a moderate amount is entirely safe for your pet chicken.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Rind?

The cheese rind is the outside shell of cheese, and they have usually produced while the making process of cheese. These are natural and completely edible. But what about chickens? Can chickens also eat them?

Well, yes! Chickens can eat cheese rind but only in moderation. As it is a dairy product and chickens can’t process it very well.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Puffs?

Yes, chickens can gulp cheese puffs, and they are entirely safe for them. But again, one needs to feed them in moderation only.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Grits?

Cheese grit is one of the southern dishes made up of corn, milk, and butter. It is a traditional breakfast in the south, and people really enjoy it. But can chickens eat cheese grits?

Yes, chickens can eat cheese grit but only in moderation.

Can Chickens Eat Cheesecake?

We already know that chickens can eat cheese, but what about cheesecake? Can chickens eat cheesecake? Well, we will not recommend you feeding cheesecake to your chicken because cheesecake contains several other ingredients that are not suitable for your chicken.

Can Chickens Eat Cream Cheese Icing?

Cheesecake is not suitable for chickens. What about cheesecake icing? Can chickens eat cream cheese icing? Yes, chickens can eat cream cheese icing but only in a small amount.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Crackers?

Yes, chickens can eat cheese crackers, and they love to eat them. However, it is essential to check that the crackers are not too salty for your pet chicken.

You can treat your chicken with cheese crackers as an occasional treat only.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Pizza?

It is recommended to feed wholesome foods like rice, oats, fruits, and vegetables to your chicken. But you will be amazed to know that chickens can also eat pasta, pizza, and spaghetti. Chickens love to eat such leftovers, and cheese pizza is one of them.

Chickens love to eat cheese pizza as an occasional treat only once a week.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Popcorn?

What about cheese popcorns? Can chickens gulp them, and are they safe for them? Yes! Chickens can eat cheese popcorn quickly, and even they will love to have them.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese Ravioli?

Yes, chickens can eat cheese ravioli, and they will love to have them. As it is discussed in the above heading that chickens can eat pasta. Add cottage cheese into ravioli because chickens love to have them. Moreover, cottage cheese is full of nutrients that are healthy for your chicken.

What Can Chickens not Eat?

Just like other pet animals, chickens also demand care. For this, you need to know what you can feed your chicken and whatnot. You need to know that what is safe for them and what is not. Here is the list of foods that chickens can not eat at all:

  • Avocados
  • Chocolate or candy
  • Citrus
  • Dry beans
  • Junk food
  • Moldy or rotten food
  • Green potato skins

Final Thoughts: Can You Feed Cheese to Chickens?

After reading a detailed article on cheese and chicken, you can now analyze what type of cheese chickens can eat and what can’t. Chickens can eat several dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese. Chickens can eat cheese(not all types) and other products made of cheese like cheese popcorn, cheese pizza, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

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