What is A Male Chicken Called? (Cock Term Explained!)

The chicken world is a little bit confusing at times.

Most people usually mix the terms used for male and female chickens; if you are also one, this article is for you.

What is A Male Chicken Called? A young male chicken is called ‘Rooster or sometimes ‘Cockerel’. A cockerel is usually up to a year in age or when they start mating. However, those that are more than one year are called ‘Cocks’. Cock is another word used for roosters. Cock is derived from ‘Cockerel’.

If you want to know more about male chickens, then this detailed article is for you. Let’s explore more about male chicken.

What is a Male Chicken Called?


A young male chicken under the age of one is called Rooster or sometimes ‘Cockerel’. Roosters are friendly, and they protect their flock from any danger. Being symbolize as a sign of vigilance, hope, dawn, and defiance – roosters has a long history in different cultures.

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Names for Baby Chickens

Here are the names that are used for baby chickens:

Sexed ChicksThis is the name that is used for a new chick that is sexed, and the seller known whether it is male or female.
ChickIt is the common name used for baby chickens.
PeepIt is another name that is commonly used for baby chickens.

Names for Male Chickens

Here are the names that are used for male chickens:

CaponA capon is a male chicken that is neutered rooster.
RoosterA rooster is a matured cockerel.
RooRoo is a slang term used for a rooster or male chicken.

Other Terms used for Chickens

Here are some other terms that are used for chickens:

BroilerA broiler chicken is raised only for its meat. These chickens typically reach their slaughter age in 14 weeks.
ChookA chook is another slang term used for chickens. It is mainly used in UK and Australia.
BantamBantams are miniature chickens, usually around half the size of less. These are perfect for backyard flocks.
RoasterA roaster is another term used for meat chickens. These are more giant older birds and weigh around 2.3 kg (5 pounds)

What is the scientific name for a rooster?

An adult male chicken is sometimes called ‘rooster’, and an adult female chicken is called ‘hen’. Roosters are more giant and have more bright-coloured as compared to hens.

The scientific name for a rooster is ‘Gallus domesticus’. The life span of roosters is almost 15 years.

What is the spiritual meaning of a rooster?

The rooster symbolizes vigilance, dawn, hope, new day, resurrection, and sometimes defiance. Roosters are a sign of good luck. The saying ‘rise and shine’ are always associated with the roosters.

Why do roosters crow at 3 am?

The rooster’s crow because they have an internal clock that helps them to anticipate sunrise. Roosters, just like all birds, sing and crow in a cycle.

Every animal has a daily cycle of activity known as ‘circadian rhythms’ that follows the process of day and night. Another reason behind the rooster’s crowing is the way of establishing his territory.

What does it mean when a rooster comes to your house?

Roosters are considered a sign of spirituality and triumph. When a rooster comes to your house, it means it brings honor.

In Chinese culture, roosters are symbols of luck and fortune. For them, the rooster god and the fire rooster meaning helps in focusing on work, money, and organizing time and money. 

Can a hen look like a rooster?

Sometimes chicken owners see a strange transformation when their hen starts crowing like a rooster.

Names for Female Chickens

Here are the names that are used for female chickens:

Point of LayA point of lay is a female chicken closed to the laying process. This typically means they are around 17 to 20 weeks of age.
HenA hen is a mature female chicken that has started laying eggs.
BroodyA broody hen is a mother chicken sitting on eggs waiting for them to hatch and mothering new chicks.
Spent HenA hen that has completed its peak reproductive lifespan and is in decided decline.
PulletA pullet is a female chicken less than a year old and has not started laying eggs.

Final Thoughts

The chicken world is full of information, and getting the correct data is not an easy chore. This article has explained every bit about male chickens, like what are they called, their alternative names, the spiritual meaning of rooster and why roosters crow at 3 am.

A male chicken is a rooster that is famous for its spiritual significance. It is said that roosters bring happiness, joy, and wealth to home. It symbolizes a sign of vigilance, hope, dawn, and defiance – roosters has a long history in different cultures.

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