Can Chickens Eat Corn Husks? The Only Guide You Need

Just like other pet animals, chickens also need extra care. One should be extra vigilant while feeding anything to your pet chicken.

What about corn husk? Can chicken eat corn husks? Is corn husk safe for your chicken?

Yes, chickens can eat corn husks – the green leaves outside the corn cob. The corn husk does not have high nutritional value, but they are perfectly safe for chickens. So, if you want to feed corn husk to your pet chicken, then don’t hesitate.

This article highlights the question, can chickens eat corn husks? If yes, then which part is safe for them? Let’s discover!

Can Chickens Eat Corn Husks?


Yes, chickens can eat corn husks, and they are used as a cheap alternative to chicken treats. However, corn is not the primary component of a chicken’s diet.

Can Chickens Eat Corn? Yes, chickens can eat corn. Although they love to peck corn once you start feeding them. Chickens can eat canned corn, frozen corn, fresh or corn on the cob, and dine in all these types.

Feeding corn or corn husks to your chicken is one of the hot topics in the chicken world. Corn is one of the snacks that is used for fattening animals, especially pigs. But for chicken, it is used as an alternative snack.

Chickens can eat corn husks, and they are safe for them.

Is Corn Husk Healthy for Chickens?

We humans use corn husks for cooking and wrapping food. This is used mainly in South-Western dishes like tamales. But it is challenging and not easy to digest. That’s why we throw it away after using it for wrapping food. Moreover, they don’t provide any nutritional value to us.

But what about chickens? Is corn husk healthy for chickens? Well, corn husks don’t provide a lot of beneficial nutrients to the chicken. You can cut the husks into smaller pieces and then serve them to your chicken. In this way, they can digest it well.

Can Chickens Eat Steamed Baby Corn Husk?

Yes, chickens can eat steamed baby corn husk. Corn is good for chickens but in moderation. You can feed corn to your chicken in fall and winter season because it is easily digested and high in calories which keep the chicken warm in the cold weather.

Steamed baby corn husk is suitable for chickens because they are soft enough to be digested.

Can Chickens Eat Corn Husks for Tamales?

Tamales are a Southwestern dish in which corn husks is used. This traditional Mesoamerican dish is wrapped in a corn husk and then cooked well.

Coming back to the question, can chickens eat corn husks for tamales? Yes, they can eat corn husks for tamales, and they will enjoy this as a treat.

Can Chickens Eat Corn Silk?

As discussed in the above headings, chickens can eat corn husk quickly, but what about corn silk? Can chickens eat green corn husks and silk?

Corn silk is the straw-like strand that is tucked under the husks in with the corn. This silk is highly nutritious for both humans and chicken, and it is used in the making of herbal remedies worldwide.

You can add this nutritious silk along with the corn husks so that your chicken can have all those nutrients. As we all know that, chickens love to eat corn, deer corn, and all other types of corn.

Can Chickens Eat Fresh Corn on the Cob?

Yes, chickens can eat fresh corn on the cob too. You don’t need to throw leftover corns on the cob. Your backyard chickens will definitely enjoy pecking them.

According to Feed corn to Poultry, Corn is one of the most accessible grains for chickens to digest. However, corn is not the only source of nutrients that chickens need in their diet.

Can Chickens Eat Raw Corn on the Cob?

Yes, chickens can eat raw corn on the cob. The choice is totally yours. If you want to feed steamed corn, then it is all okay. Both natural and steamed corn provides the same health benefits to your pet chicken.

Can Chickens Eat Corn Stalks?

Corn stalks are tremendous and excellent enrichment for chickens. You can definitely feed corn stalks to your chicken.

Corns stalks are crunchy, and your chicken would love to eat them.

Can Chickens Eat Whole Corn?

Whole corn is a good choice only for grown chickens. If your chicken is grown, then you can offer a whole corn to it. However, feeding whole corn to your baby chicken is not a good idea.

Whole corn is good for chickens older than six weeks or so on. Whole corn is just like a treat to the grown chickens, and they love to have it.

Can Chickens Eat Cracked Corn?

Yes, cracked corn is also a treat for chickens that are less than six months. Baby chickens enjoy eating cracked corn, but you need to feed them in moderation.

Baby chickens have a feeble digestive system, so whole corn will be hard to digest for them. Cracked corn is best for baby chickens, and they love to have it as a treat.

Final Thoughts

Corn is one of the safest and easily digestible grains for chickens. This article discusses the corn husk, corn on the cob, whole corn, and cracked corn. All these forms of corn are easily digested by the chickens.

After knowing everything about corn and corn husk, should chickens eat corn husks if a question arises in your mind? Well yes! They can devour corn husk, and it is entirely safe for them.

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