Killing Rats With Salt And Detergent (#1 Homemade Poison!)

Animals, specifically pets, to be precise, can cause a huge uproar and disrupt your peace once in a while.

But, bearing with your pet for causing chaos and tolerating rodents that are not your pet can be very different.

Wild rats can drive you a headache with their sneaky activities. Putting their mouths in various foods and making them unclean, biting everything that comes in their way, and ripping some expensive accessories can get unbearable. 

Put your worries to a halt, as I have come up with some solid solutions to solve your rodent problem.

The first and the most tested remedy is killing rats with salt and detergent. To understand this remedy, you must understand what salt does to rodents?

Let’s get into it.

Killing Rats With Salt And Detergent (Effective Way Or Not)

Killing Rats With Salt And Detergent

Killing rats with salt and detergent is a tried and tested remedy that is incredibly effective and easy on the pocket.

The reason that makes salt a better option for killing rats is that salt is a dehydrating agent. It causes severe loss of water content if given in large quantities. The long-term ingestion of salt in high doses will lead to organ failure.

Now the question arises, what happens if a rat eats salt?

Salt is incredibly deadly for rats compared to humans because the daily salt requirement for rats is between 0.3% to 0.5%. For this reason, rats don’t prefer salty foods as anything above this ratio will cause an abrupt stop in their growth and cause kidney failure.

To improvise the killer potion, add detergent with the salt. This potion will instantly kill the rat. Detergents have strong acids added to them, which are lethal in themselves. Together with salt and detergent will progress the process ten times faster.

How To Get Rats To Eat Salt? 

Typically, a rat would eat anything accessible to it, so getting a rat to eat something salty is not a big issue. 

  • To prevent the risk of suspicion, make a bulk salt and detergent solution and mix it with various foods. Large quantities will dilute the salt within the food.
  • Another recipe for getting rats to eat salt is to grab a small box and add salt, detergent, sugar, and flour. Mix it vigorously till it becomes a thick, murky paste. Increase the sugar quantity.
  • For choosing the right bait, cheese is the top-rated option. What kind of rat doesn’t like cheese?
  • Water sources should be blocked for the rats to have acute salt poisoning.
  • Besides cheese, a scented meat bone or specific rat food will also do your job. 

The key is ensuring that the rats eat above 80 grams of salt and have no water access. This will cause intense dehydration, and rats will die within a day.

Benefits Of Using Salt To Kill Rats

Several methods are now available in the markets for killing rats. But the problem with these methods is that some are not effective while some are expensive.

Using salt and detergent techniques to kill rats is highly economical and practical.

Both salt and detergents are available in your house. Compared to the market-bought poison, salt can trick the rats into eating it.

Another benefit of using salt is that if your pet ingests it by chance, the consequences may not be instant and can be treated.

Tips to Kill Rats with Salt

  •  Block every water source from rats for the salt poisoning to work 
  • Use a heavily scented bait to distract the rats from the scent of the salt.
  • Create different recipes and add salt to increase the chances of ingestion.
  • Ensure the rats eat more than 80 grams of salt.

What Other Home Remedy Kills Rats?

Other than salt and detergent, you can use peppermint oil, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and cloves around the corner of the passage. 

Peppermint oil is the least favorite smell for rats. Infuse peppermint oil with cloth or cotton and place them by nearby ratholes.

Due to its intense pungent smell, using ammonia with water and detergent will drive the rats away from your house.

Plaster of Paris and cocoa powder is another clever remedy to kill rats. The mixture of cocoa powder and plaster of Paris will cause suffocation after the rats eat it. 

Other Reliable Methods To Kill Rats

Use the food chain for your purpose. Owls are natural hunters of rats. Build an owl house and see it for yourself. 

The method of using traps for rats is ancient. You’ll have to trick the rats with different baits to make it work. Get creative with the temptation, such as using peanut butter or fragrant cheese to lure the rats. You will set the results soon.

Dry ice is another new technique in the market. This instantly kills the rats due to the production of co2. It can be dangerous for humans too. Please do not use it in tight spaces where humans and pets reside. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about killing rats:

What Liquid Kills Rats Instantly?

LIQUA-TOX II and ammonia are the two liquid concentrates that are lethal for rats. Diphacinone is an active reagent present in LIQUA-TOX II.

What Food Kills Rats?

Flour mixed with sugar and baking powder, blue cheese, green potatoes, butter, almonds, bacon, berries, and insects mixed with poison are the foods that kill rats.

Will Epsom Salt Kill Rats?

Yes, Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate which is highly toxic for bugs and will kill rats after its consumption.

Are Rats Attracted To Salt?

Rats are attracted to salt, but their daily requirement is minimal, which they acquire from food sources. A minimum of 80g of salt is needed to kill rats, which is quite a lot for them.

What Does Baking Soda Do To Rats?

Baking soda causes suffocation. It produces carbon dioxide within the rat’s stomach, which causes it to rupture. 

Conclusion: What Is The Best Rat Poison?

Rats are those uninvited guests that do not care for your peace. Rats bring several diseases that can be pretty severe for human beings. Nobody wants ripped dollar notes or bitten foods and vegetables.

The safest and most economical solution for killing rats is using salts and detergents. This will make your house free from rats in a day or two. 

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