Why Is My Guinea Pig Scared? #7 Reasons

Guinea Pigs are generally known that they are easily scared of things. This is because guinea pigs are prey animals. That’s why they are always scared of being hunt. Several types of research have shown that guinea pigs become easily scared when they are insecure and vulnerable.

Just like human beings, guinea pigs feel endless pain and mental stagger. Your guinea pig can be scared or terrified due to reasons like their deficiency in their defense logistic can make them afraid. And sometimes they are affected by their environment. They are also scared of loud noises in the cage. All you need is to figure out the correct reason behind their sacredness.

This article will get to know all about guinea pigs and why they are scared at times. If you are a guinea pig owner and worried, for this reason, this article is for you.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Scared?


There are several reasons your guinea pig could be scared. It might include your habit of picking them too often. Guinea pigs are prey animals, and they spend most of the time avoiding being eaten.

Here are some 7 reasons that why your guinea is terrified:

  • Because of the new environment
  • Temperament
  • Bad experiences
  • Lack of companions
  • Pain
  • Scared of being hunt
  • Not enough places to hide

When we know the correct reason that why your little guinea pig is scared, then it helps you more in solving their problem and make them comfortable.

But how do you know your guinea pig is scared? You can judge that your guinea pig is worried about seeing some signs or any changes in its behavior. Here are signs of scared guinea pigs:

  • Hiding most of the time
  • Chewing cage bars
  • Over-grooming
  • Over drinking
  • Overplaying
  • Sitting hunched
  • Reluctance to move
  • The repeated circling of their enclosure

Why Is My Guinea Pig Scared Of Me?

Have you got a new guinea pig as a pet, but you feel it is scared of you? Do you want to know that why your guinea pig is afraid of you?

There are multiple answers to this question.

It might be because your guinea is new to the environment, or you are picking them too often.

One of the reasons your guinea pig could be scared of you is that you might have disciplined your guinea pig. You might have thought that you can discipline your guinea pig just like your cat or dog. But do remember that guinea pigs don’t have a tendency to be punished.

They are not able to understand anything that you are yelling at them. Rather than learn from their mistakes, they’ll simply start to associate you with yelling or bad experiences and be scared of you in the future. 

Your guinea pig might be scared because it might be lonely and does not have a cage mate. Your guinea pig might be lonely and having depression. Guinea pigs are amiable animals, and they can’t live alone.

How Do You Calm Down a Scared Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs need special care and love because they are compassionate. They need many things to enjoy a healthy life—for instance, a big cage, toys, attention, and a lot of care. So, if your guinea pig is scared, then what you need to calm it?

Well, there are many ways to calm your guinea here. Here are some of them:

  • Minimize loud voices around your guinea pig’s cage.
  • Introduce new things to your little pet.
  • Speak to them calmly when handling
  • Do not try to discipline them.
  • Cover your guinea pig’s cage when they are scared
  • You can also play relaxing music to calm your little guinea
  • Keep toys with them so they can play with them
  • Keep other pets away from your guinea pig

By practicing all these things, you can calm down your guinea pig.

Is It Normal For Guinea Pigs To Be Scared?

Now you will ask that is it normal if your guinea pig is scared? Well, yes! It is completely normal if your little pet is scared, but you need to try them calm or normalize as soon as possible.

Guinea pigs are loveable pets, and they need extra care; that’s why you need to be extra careful if you plan to have a guinea pig.

Can a Guinea Pig Die from Being Scared?

Yes, it is true. Sometimes guinea pigs die from being scared. Some sudden shocks or changes in the environment can irritate them so much that they die suddenly.

Because guinea pigs are prey animals, that’s why they are weak. They can’t defend themselves. For this reason, when they are scared, they become ill and eventually die. Instead of using force against their predators, they run away and hide.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Stressed Easily?

Yes, guinea pigs are sensitive animals, and they need extra care and protection. That is why they get stressed quickly.

Moreover, being a prey animal, guinea pigs get frightened easily, and that fear further leads to stress.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared Of Cats?

Yes, this is true! Guinea pigs can quickly get scared of cats. Cats have a specific odor that frightens little guinea pigs. So, if you are a cat owner and also want to pet a guinea pig, then having both of them at the same time at the same place can be a difficult situation for you.  

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Dark?

No, guinea pigs are not scared of the dark. Because guinea pigs are prey animals, and they hide in dark places for their protection, so that’s why they are not afraid of the dark. Even they love dark spots because they can hide there easily.

Moreover, guinea pigs are more active during the night, indicating that they are not scared of dark even comfortable there.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Dogs?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of dogs. Because dogs are prone to hunt small creatures like guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are small and loveable pets that a small kid can pet easily. If your child is not too young to take responsibility for a cat or dog, then a guinea pig is the best choice.

However, if you own a dog and a guinea pig, too, then keep a separate space for both of them.  So that your innocent guinea pig can relax away.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Cilantro Smell?

No, not at all. Guinea pigs are not scared of the cilantro smell. However, Cilantro is one of the safe herbs that you can feed to your guinea pig.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Loud Noises?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of loud noises. They hate loud music as they have sensitive ears. When they are exposed to loud noises, they usually get afraid.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Fireworks?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of fireworks. Due to loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks, guinea pigs are afraid of them. For this reason, I would advise you not to bring your little pet to any event where they are exposed to fireworks.

Because of the loud voices of fireworks, your little guinea pig can get scared quickly. 

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Heights?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of heights. Some animals enjoy climbing peaks, but the guinea pig is not one of them. They generally prefer flat and open spaces.

Guinea pigs are scared of heights, and even a little ramp leading towards a second level can frighten the guinea pigs.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Rats?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of rats. It is only a myth that guinea pigs help in keeping the rats away. Rats are aggressive, and guinea pigs can’t face them.

Being a guinea pig pet owner, you must keep your guinea pigs away from rats.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Thunder?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of thunder. Thunder produces loud noises that frighten the little guinea pig. Keeping in view that guinea pigs have sensitive ears, you should cover your guinea pig’s cage when it’s thundering outside.

They hate loud music as they have sensitive ears. When they are exposed to loud noises like thunder, they usually get scared.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Vacuums?

Some vacuums have loud voices that scare the guinea pigs. As I have discussed in the above sections, guinea pigs have sensitive ears, so they are afraid of loud noises.

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of vacuums, so you should not use a vacuum in front of your little guinea pig.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared of Water?

Yes, guinea pigs are scared of water too. If you love your little guinea pigs, don’t put them into a bathtub or swimming pool. They are afraid of water, and in this way, they can become ill. Guinea pigs need extra care and love as they are sensitive pets.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are the cutest animal on the earth that needs extra caution and care. If you are a guinea pig owner, then you must know about their behavior and habits. This article has explained everything about guinea pigs that from which things guinea pigs are afraid.

Keeping in view all these things, you must take care of guinea pigs and make them stay away from animals like cats, dogs, rats, rodents.  

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