Baby Sun Conure for Sale NEAR You: USA Breeders List

Sun conure is one of the famous companion birds known for its size and stunning plumage.

Where Can I Buy Sun Conure Parrot Near Me?

Native to South America, specifically Venezuela, Guyana, and Northern Brazil, Sun Conure has a striking coloration and sweet temperament, making it an attraction among bird lovers.

Although the coloration between males and females is very similar, the males are slightly brighter than the female ones. So, one can differentiate between both the sexes.

But from where can someone buy a sun conure parrot?

You can buy a sun conure parrot from a pet store or directly from a breeder because they are easily bored.

Baby Sun Conure for Sale NEAR You: US Breeders List

Sun Conure Parrots
BreedSun Conure
OriginSouth America, specifically Venezuela, Guyana, and Northern Brazil
Scientific Name(Aratinga solstitialis)
Adult Size10 to 13 inches long
Average Lifespan20+ years with proper care

Baby Sun Conure, also known as the ‘Sun Parakeet’, is one of the most attractive birds in the parrot family. Their multifaceted personality and stunning plumage attract every parrot lover.

It got it from its bright yellow and green plumage if we talk about its name. The specie has a black beak, a long and tapering tail with white rings around its eyes.

The sun conure is a medium-sized, brightly colored parrot, and both males and females are almost similar in appearance. They are social, friendly, and typically live in flocks.

Dallas Parrots Aviary, IncTexas4697060972[email protected]
The Bird BoyzPennsylvania717-417-0312  [email protected]
Featherheads (Florida)Florida(813) 679-4961[email protected]
Parrot StarsIllinois224-735-7537[email protected]
Love 4 ParrotsPennsylvania5708610920 [email protected]
Tropic Island Bird and SupplyCalifornia619-447-4171[email protected]
Feathered Friends & Co.541-679-6500[email protected]
My Parrot DepotCalifornia5622439119[email protected]
Birds By Joe 1 and 2New Jersey732-764-2473[email protected]
World of BirdsNew Jersey908-879-2291[email protected]
Linville’s AviaryFlorida305-968-1536[email protected]
The Purple Parrot, LLCWest Virginia3043904363[email protected]
The Bird LadyTexas956-309-0750[email protected]
Davis Aviary318 649 2403[email protected]
Susan’s Parrot PlaceMichigan6163639008[email protected]
WestBranchAviaryCalifornia[email protected]
JC AviaryTexas512-956-0937[email protected]
Birdmans Baby ParrotsIllinois7733173785 [email protected]

Sun Conure Price

After knowing about the unique characteristics of sun conure, you must be thinking of buying one. But how much is a sun conure?

A sun conure can cost you between $200 to $800*, depending on where you buy it.

You could buy sun conure from a pet store or a breeder. And always go for a younger bird to adapt your home habits quickly.

Which Is Better a Male or Female Sun Conure?

If you are going to buy a sun conure, you must be confused about which is better? A male sun conure or a female?

Male sun conure tends to be extraterritorial and aggressive than their female counterparts. In addition, they are more adventurous than the females.

While on the other hand, female sun conure tends to be cuddly and sweet in nature.

Now, it depends upon you which gender you prefer.

Why Do Sun Conures Yell?

 Have a look at the video below to listen to the yelling of a sun conure:

Well, there are several reasons behind the screaming of the sun conure. Let’s figure it out!

Needs Food and Water

Sun conures yell or scream when hungry and need water or food. Then, they scream to tell someone what they want.

Wants Attention

Sun conures are social birds, and they need attention. So, when they are ignored, they yell to gain your attention.


In some cases, when sun conures are bored, they also yell.


Sun conures also yell when they are ill. This can be a sign of discomfort or pain.


Just like other living things, when sun conures get any injury, they scream or yet to call for help.


When a sun conure is in a new place, it is pretty standard that they can feel anxious and uncomfortable. And in this situation, they yell.

How Loud Can a Sun Conure Yell?

Generally speaking, Sun Conure are loud birds. They can yell loud as 120 decibels or even above in some cases.

However, a constant yell paired with a high pitch can leave your ears ringing.

Every bird has a different personality; some sun conures can be loud, but not all of them.

Is A Sun Conure a Good Pet?

Yes, a sun conure is considered a good pet due to its affectionate and cuddly nature. Moreover, they are family birds and need attention and care as well. So, if you are ready to take some hours from your daily routine, then this parrot is the best fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about sun conures:

Are Sun Conures Rare?

Yes, sun conures are rare as most of the species are endangered. Unfortunately, their population is declining due to hunting and being caught excessively.

What Is the Friendliest Conure?

White-eyed conure is the friendliest conure among all.

Do Sun Conures Talk?

Yes, sun courses can talk. So, it is reasonable to expect a sun conure to talk.

How Old Do Sun Conures Live?

An average lifespan of a sun conure is 20+ years with proper attention and care. Unfortunately, these parrots are attention seekers and can die early if not treated well.

How Long Can a Sun Conure Be Left Alone?

A sun conure can be left alone between 2 to 6 hours, depending upon the temperament of an individual bird.

Do Conure Bites Hurt?

Yes, conure bite hurts.

How Many Sun Conures Left 2023?

According to January 2021’s report, an estimated 1,000-2,499 mature sun conure individuals are left in the wild.

What Is the Quietest Conure?

Green cheeked, peach fronted, and half-moon is the quietest conures.

How Fast Can a Sun Conure Fly?

A sun conure can’t fly fast. They can only fly from 20 to 30mph.

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