Are There Squirrels In Africa? (Quick Guide!)

Squirrels are small creatures belonging to the family Sciuridae. They are indigenous to Africa, Canada, and Eurasia.

Are There Squirrels In Africa? (Quick Guide!)

Smith’s Bush squirrel

About four subspecies of squirrels reside in different parts of Africa, mainly north, south and east.

Meaning Of Xerus

A Xerus is a striped ground long-tail African squirrel.

Xerus Facts

  • To protect itself from the harsh sunlight rays, a Xerus uses its tail.
  • Xerus are known for their long tails and dark brown color.
  • There are about four species of Xerus in the world.
  • A Xerus can live up to 12 years if given proper care. 

What Country Do Squirrels Not Live In?

Any species of squirrel are not found in Australia and Antarctica. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about squirrels:

Do Tree Squirrels Live In Africa?

The tree squirrels, also known as Smith’s Bush squirrel, are located in South Africa. These squirrels like to live on trees, as evident from their name. Northwest, Northern Cape, and Mozambique forest areas are some places where you will find flying squirrels.

Does Africa Have Flying Squirrels?

The nocturnal Pel’s flying squirrel belongs to West Africa. This species is found in Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Ghana.

How Did Squirrels Get To South Africa?

Cecil John Rhodes brought the species of gray squirrel native to North America to South Africa in the nineteenth century. The squirrels started from Groote Schurr estate, and in a short time, it expanded to Swellendam, west of Cape Town.

What Is The Afrikaans Word For Squirrels?

The Afrikaans word for squirrels is eekhoring. Afrikaans is the native language of South Africa which is a derivative of Dutch.

Are Squirrels Protected In South Africa?

There are no laws or legislation for protecting squirrels in South Africa. They are considered a pest in some parts of South Africa, including Cape Town.

Are Black Squirrels From Africa?

The Black squirrel, also known as the melanized gray squirrel, is said to have originated in Canada, Africa, and Eurasia. 

Are There Squirrels In Zimbabwe?

Yes, The Smith’s Bush squirrel is found in many parts of South Africa, including Zimbabwe. This species is called Paraxerus cepapi. The Smith’s Bush squirrel is a land squirrel and is highly adaptive. They like to live in nests and tree holes.

Are There Squirrels In Sudan?

Sudan also has this Euxerus erythopus species of squirrels. They are called striped ground squirrels and are indigenous to Africa. These species prefer dry savanna and tropical shrubland.

Are There Squirrels In Cape Town?

Yes, there are squirrels found in Cape Town. They are called Sciurus carolinensis, also known as gray squirrels. They are not the native animals of Cape Town but were brought in the 19th century by Cecil John Rhodes.

Do Squirrels Live In South America?

Yes, South America is blessed with the Southern Amazon Red squirrel. The Sciurus spadiceus, with its three subspecies, resides in the forest on the northwestern side of South America.

Are There Squirrels In Hawaii?

Unfortunately, there are no species of squirrels in Hawaii. You will find some squirrels in the Hawaiian zoos, but no squirrels are located in Hawaii.

Do Squirrels Exist In Brazil?

Yes, squirrels in Brazil are known as Guianan squirrels. The Brazilian squirrel is a tree squirrel located in Brazil, French Guiana, Venezuela, Suriname, and Columbia. 

What Is A Squirrel In Zulu?

Zulu is a Bantu language spoken in South Africa. In the Zulu language, squirrels are called ingwejeje.

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