Squirrel Balls: The Only Guide You Need!

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The reproductive system of a male squirrel consists of testicles (Squirrel balls), an associated duct system, and a copulatory organ, the penis. Squirrel balls are involved in the production of sperms which remain stored in the duct system for a while and then transferred to the sow’s reproductive organ during copulation.

In this way, the reproductive system plays an important role in the survival and continuation of species.

Squirrel Balls: The Only Guide You Need!


Testicles of a male squirrel descend from the abdomen at the age of one year.

Testicles consist of numerous microscopic ducts which produce the sperms through cell differentiation. These sperms are them accumulate in the duct system of testicles for a while before their transfer.

A variety of cells in the duct system and associated reproductive glands also produce the seminal fluid which nourishes the sperm cells and helps in lubrication.

Scrotum: The outer covering of Squirrel Balls

Squirrel balls usually hang between the hind legs in a muscular pouch called the scrotum. This visible outer covering of testicles is a muscular pouch that tends to contract & relax.

This contraction and relaxation of the scrotum help to maintain a specific temperature of the squirrel ball.

In cold, the scrotum contracts and keeps the testicles close to the body keeping them warm. While, in a hot environment, muscles of the scrotum relax to lower the temperature of testicles.

Squirrel balls also show a cyclic pattern in their physical appearance and physiological activity around the year.

In the breeding season, testicles descend in the scrotum and increase in size. While, in winter and summer, squirrel balls ascend in the abdomen, and the contracted scrotum looks like a scar.

Do Squirrels Bite Each Other’s Balls?

It’s a very common myth that squirrels bite each other’s balls to get more chances to mate with females.

However, according to game birds researchers and renowned wildlife experts, who have spent thousands of hours observing squirrels, it’s just a myth and there is no such reality.

They said, “we have observed the mating chase of squirrels for several hours, but never find a squirrel biting other squirrel’s balls”

How To Tell If A Squirrel Is Male Or Female?

It’s easy to differentiate an adult male squirrel from a female.

A male squirrel has a pair of testicles below his tail and penis near his naval area. While a female squirrel has two openings below his tail. One opening is of the digestive tract and the other is the vulva for urination and a female copulatory organ.

In newly born pups, sexing is quite challenging. If you find two openings below the tail separated by a tiny ridge, it is a female squirrel. Otherwise, it can be declared as male.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here some frequently asked questions about squirrel balls.

Do squirrels have testicles?

Yes, male squirrels have a pair of testicles. They can be seen hanging in between the hind legs below their anus. In the breeding season, testicles of sexually active squirrels become disproportionately large to their bodies.

Why do squirrels have big balls?

If you have frequent interaction with squirrels, you may be amazed to see the big balls of some squirrels. It’s interesting to share that during mating chases in the breeding season, squirrel balls become large and physiologically more active. It happens at a specific time of the year during their breeding season.

Do squirrels urinate?

Yes, squirrels urinate to get rid of the extra water and nitrogenous wastes of their body. Male squirrels urinate through the penis and sows through their vulva present below their anus.

Do squirrels mate for life?

Squirrels are seasonal breeders and produce one or two litters in a year. Sows choose their partners when she is in heat and males leave the squirrels after mating. So, squirrels choose any partner for breeding in their territory for the next season.

Do squirrels eat their babies?

Yes, squirrels eat their babies, but it’s not very common. According to National Geographic, males of North American Red Squirrel have reported infanticide. These males usually infanticide the pups of other males to ensure that the next generation of pups from this squirrel will be only his.

Do male squirrels have nipples?

Yes, both the male and female squirrels have a nipple. However, male squirrels have rudimentary nipples which remain inactive throughout their life. A female squirrel can have up to 10 nipples in her abdominal area.

What parts of squirrel can you eat?

Squirrel meat is a common cuisine in American restaurants. Meaty parts of the squirrel can be eaten like forelimbs and shoulders, hind limbs, backstraps, and belly. Rib cage and other less meaty parts are best for broth making.

Final Words

In the end, squirrel balls can tell us a lot about the maturity, breeding, and masculinity of our male squirrels.

Their enlarged size can be an indication of their breeding season and you should be prepared for the upcoming pups.

If the balls of your male squirrels are not visible, don’t be worry, it may indicate their sexually dormant state and testicles usually ascend in the abdomen during this period.

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