Silkies For Sale Near You (All Colors Available!)

Silkie Chickens are more than just a pretty name. They are exceptionally unique, with several unusual characteristics and physical attributes.

Their docile and friendly nature makes them an ideal pet for children. Moreover, Fluffy chickens are a great source of eggs and meat, which raises their economic value.

You will find several breeders and farms offering Silkie Chickens for sale.

Silkie Chickens For Sale Near You! (Bearded and Non-Bearded)


Silkies are exceptionally unique and possess more than silk feathering to make them unique.

NameSilkie ChickenPhylumChordata
Scientific NameGallus gallusClassAves
Lifespan7-9 yearsOrderGalliformes
Weight1-3 poundsFamilyPhasianidae
ColorWhite, blue, black, gold, red, partridgeSize9-14 inches

Did you know Silkies are polydactyl, having five toes instead of four?

Moreover, they come in eight varieties of colors, including red, blue, black, white, lavender, bush, partridge, and gold.

Silkie Chickens are divided into two categories, bearded and non-bearded. The difference between the two is the presence of an additional layer of feathers below their beaks.

Their serene temperament and docile nature make them an ideal choice for a pet.

Who wouldn’t want to befriend a chicken as attractive as the Silkie?

Well, you can easily find this breed from the breeders’ list below.

Partridge Silkie Chicks For Sale


Partridge Silkie Chickens are these bright-colored reddish-brown chickens that have intricate patterns on their fur.

To differentiate between the male and female chickens, closely monitor their colors. The bright-colored chicken is the male, and the female has a light color.

Partridge Silkie Chicks Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Mr Animals FarmVirginia[email protected]
VJP PoultryWisconsin[email protected]
CaliforniaHatchery.ComCalifornia[email protected]
Ideal Poultry Breeding FarmsTexas[email protected]
Spring HillFlorida[email protected]

Blue Silkie Chickens For Sale


There are specific colors in Silkie Chickens that are not natural, like lavender.

Similarly, two dominant blue genes are mixed to get a blue-colored Silkie Chicken, and a beautiful shade of bluish gray is obtained.

Blue Silkie Chickens Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Golden Egg FarmMassachusetts[email protected]
Debbie HosleyCalifornia[email protected]
Alabama SilkiesAlabama
Swanky SilkiesMassachusetts[email protected]
Master BreederIllinois309-365–8656

Black Silkie Chickens For Sale


Black Silkie Chicken is by far the most attractive and popular Silkie Chicken, also known as dark-boned chicken in Mandarin. With black eyes, turquoise lobes, and silk quill, they are fancied over other Silkies.

They share similar attributes with other varieties, possessing black skin and meat.

Black Silkie Chickens Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Shelly WalkerNew York
Charla PriceKentucky[email protected]
Chloe AndersonArkansas[email protected]
Tara StangMinnesota[email protected]
Liesl Marie DerrFlorida[email protected]

White Silkie Chickens For Sale


You will find white-colored Silkie Chickens on most poultry farms as this is the most common color in this breed. No doubt Silkies are impressive in all colors but looking at these cute little white fur balls in your backyard is adorable.

White Silkie Chickens Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Tracy JennerFlorida[email protected]
The Dunham FarmTexas817-627-4789
Murray McMurray HatcheryIowa+1-800-456-3280
Rochester HatcheryCanada[email protected]
Cheshire PoultryUnited Kingdom[email protected]

Lavender Silkies For Sale

Lavender going by the name steel blue, are not a natural color in Silkies. This color is produced by mixing two lavender genes to get this gorgeous lavender color.

It has been noted that the obtained lavender Silkies do not have strong immunity and die relatively early compared to other Silkie breeds.

Lavender Silkies Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Pipinchick PoultryUnited Kingdom[email protected]
Durham HensEngland01388 731131
Holly JoyArizona
Uncle Bill’s FarmIowa[email protected]
Linda QuattroneNew Jersey[email protected]

Silkie Chicken Price

Having heard so much about its beautiful quill and rare bone color, you might be wondering how much is a Silkie?

Well, despite their unique appearance, they cost around $5* to $25*. Expect a show-quality breed for competitions to range from $100*-$200*. Ultimately, it all depends on how well the Silkie is kept.

Silkie Chicken Eggs

Although Silkie Chickens are sought for their eggs raises a question in our minds. Do Silkies lay eggs every day?

First, let’s not forget that Silkies are small chickens, so also lay small eggs. Despite being so small, the eggs have an abundance of dark yolk and are incredibly delicious.

Silkies are not a great egg layer; they lay roughly 3 to 5 eggs in one week. An estimate of around 150 eggs is gathered annually.

Silkie Chicken Meat

Silkie Chickens are often used for dual purposes. Some are used to lay eggs, while others are kept for meat. They are highly sought after because of their remarkable black meat.

Although, not everyone likes it as it has its distinct taste, which is different from regular chicken meat.  Several poultry farms and markets sell Silkie Chicken meat at different prices. The meat is a delicacy in many European and American countries.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Silkie chickens.

Where Can I Buy Silkie Chicks?

Numerous websites offer Silkie Chicken, baby chicks, and eggs at reasonable prices. Instead of buying pets from a pet store, buy from private breeders and farms as you can trust them to get a healthy and high-quality chicken. To help you find your best fit, we have recommended some of the breeders above.

Does Tractor Supply Have Silkie Chickens?

Yes, Tractor Supply does sell various breeds of chicken, including Silkie Chicken.

How Long Do Silkie Chickens Live?

Silkie chickens can live happily for nine years if given proper care and nutrition. Being a low-maintenance breed with amicable nature, caring for them doesn’t sound like a troublesome task. Feed and provide them with fresh water at all times.

How Much Space Do Silkies Need?

Silkies are undemanding for the most part; they require a minimum of four square feet for each chicken. The space should have proper ventilation and stable shelter to protect against overcast conditions.

Can Silkies Live With Other Chickens?

Yes, Silkies are known to be very docile and friendly and enjoy sharing their space with other chickens. They mostly do well with other chickens, but you might need to keep an eye on your Silkie as they are often bullied because of their stunning features and calm demeanor.

Do Silkies Need Heat In Winter?

No, Silkies do not require heat at all in winters. They are popular as the ‘winter chickens’ and can withstand extreme chilling temperatures below zero degrees. There is no need to buy heat lamps as they make things worse than making them better due to their high voltage.

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