(Quick Answer) How High Can a Mouse Jump?

Mice are incredible climbers, and they can jump up to 13 inches from any flat surface. Several categories of mouses like a field mouse, kangaroo mouse, deer mouse, spinifex hopping mouse can jump through quickly.

How High Can a Mouse Jumps? (Full-Grown And Baby) 

Mouse Jump

Are you fascinated by how high mouse jumps on cupboards and other places? Well, it is fantastic to know that a mouse can jump up to 13 inches from a flat surface or a floor. 

However, the number also depends upon the size and weight of a mouse as well. For instance, if a mouse is bulky, it may only jump up to 8 inches.

But if a mouse is running and then tries to jump, the number increases. 

A mouse running with speed can jump up to 24 inches. This gives them access to reach places that human beings can’t even imagine. 

Mouses are skillful jumpers, and they jump through places where we can’t even imagine. They are tactful to reach such heights with just a blink of an eye. 

The mouses can climb walls and latch onto any rough or uneven surfaces with their tiny claws. Moreover, they can also mount a partition or jump on a particular porous finish. 

No matter what species they are, most of the mouses can jump up to twenty times their height and climb 13 inches up on a smooth vertical surface. 

Similarly, a baby mouse can quickly jump up to 5 inches depending upon its size and weight. 

How High Can a Mouse Jump? (According To Breeds)

A mouse is an excellent jumper with tremendous climbing skills as well. 

There are several kinds of mouses like Kangaroo mouse, Spinifex Hopping mouse, Deer mouse, White-Footed Mouse, Western Harvest Mouse, all these breeds can jump on an average up to 13 inches, depending upon their weight. 

Here is a comparison table of different breeds of mouses and their average jumps:

BreedAverage Jump
Kangaroo Mouse9 feet
Spinifex Hopping Mouse13 inches  
Deer Mouse  18 inches  
White Footed Mouse  3 to 4 feet  
Western Harvest Mouse13 inches  

How Do Mice Climb on Counters?

As discussed in the above headings, mice are great climbers, and they can jump up to such high places where human beings can’t even imagine.

So, what about counters? Can a mouse climb on a counter too? Definitely, Yes!

It is convenient for a mouse to climb on counters if it is high up to 13 inches. The mouse can quickly jump on a counter, whether made of wood, plastic, or metal.

Mouse have excellent climbing skills, which means they can enter the house through openings and even small spaces.

Mice usually climb on counters searching for food or looking for a safe place to hide.

Moreover, they can easily climb over the vertical brick walls to reach the roof areas well.

What Surfaces Can Mice Not Climb?

The mouse has a variety of athletic abilities to help maximize the chance of reaching a desirable destination. They can jump across a distance as vast as a foot and a half, and even they can swim too. 

Mice have sharp and tiny claws at the end of each toe, and these claws help them climb and jump. Especially to free climb up the sides of several surfaces like textured walls and other vertical surfaces. 

Their little feet are pretty impressive, with soft and flexible appendages that help them grasp, hold, and grip. 

They have five toes on each front foot and four toes on each back foot that gives them stability to climb even challenging spaces. Their foot also has a unique grand that releases odor as the mouse walks around. 

This helps another mouse know where, how long ago, and other helpful information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about mouse jump.

Can Mice Jump Out of A 5 Gallon Bucket?

Do not judge these little creatures by their size. Mice can jump up to 10 inches from standstill and over 24 inches when running. So, what about a 5-gallon bucket? Can mice jump out of it? Yes, mice can quickly jump out of a 5-gallon bucket.

Can A Mouse Climb Out of a Plastic Bucket?

Yes, a mouse can climb out of a plastic bucket too. Mice are great climbers, and they can rise to high places quickly with their tiny claws.

Can Mice Climb Into Your Bed?

Mice are incredible climbers, and they can climb up about any space. They can also leap one foot into the air. That is why it is easy for them to climb into your bed. It is an easy task for them. Beds are usually made of wood or metal that is easy to climb. Moreover, the bedsheets and blankets are also draped easily, providing a ladder for mice to climb up the bed.

But Why Will Mice Climb Into Your Bed?

There are two reasons behind climbing up into the bed. Mice are shy creatures who avoid humans, and the bed is the fastest way for them to take their food out at bed. So, if you have a habit of taking snacks with yourself on the bed, these little creatures will wait for the night to collect the leftovers. So, it is recommended not to take any snacks or food to eat with yourself while going to bed.

What Does Antifreeze Do to A Mouse?

All mammals, including mice and rats, are attracted to antifreeze, consuming it and dying. It is hazardous, and it should never be used as a pesticide. 


Mice are amazing creatures to climb and jump up to 13 inches from any flat surface, and they can climb up to walls, cupboards, counters, beds, and trees with their tiny feet and small claws.

There are several categories of mouses like a field mouse, baby mouse, kangaroo mouse, deer mouse, spinifex hopping mouse that can jump through quickly. 

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