Mice for Sale NEAR You! (USA and UK)

Mice are found across the US and UK and you may encounter different mouse species depending on where you are.

Here is a list of common mice breeds for sale in the US and UK.

Deer Pet Mice For Sale (Online Shipped)

Deer pet mice are available for sale across the USA and UK, but we’d like to make it clear that our provided list of breeders may/may not support online delivery services.

NAMEDeer MicePHYLUMChordate
SCIENTIFIC NAMEPeromyscus maniculatusCLASSMammal
LIFESPAN 8 yearsORDERRodentia
WEIGHT20 gramsFAMILYCricetidae
SPECIESP. maniculatusSIZE9.6 cms (adult)

Deer mouse gets their name after their fur coloring which resembles that of a deer.

They have dark fur on their dorsal surface, while their undersides and legs are white. Their tails too resemble that of a deer due to being dark on the top and white underneath.

Deer Mice Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationMousery NameContact Details
JessicaAlabamaMystical Menagerie[email protected]
AllisonCaliforniaAllisons Ark[email protected]
DevinFloridaWillaBerry Exotics[email protected]
RachelGeorgiaChromatik Kritters[email protected]
IesheaIdahoShow and Tail Mousery[email protected]
NicoleKansasTallgrass Rattery[email protected]
LailaMarylandLaurel Road Micery[email protected]

House Mouse For Sale Near You!


If you come across a mouse that has large eyes, a considerable big tail, and large ears, don’t think twice about its breed, because that one is definitely a house mouse. 

NAMEHouse MouseKINGDOMAnimalia
LIFESPAN 2-5 yearsCLASSMammal
WEIGHT19 gramsORDERRodentia
SIZE2.4 to 3.4 inchesFAMILYMuridae
SPECIESM. musculus

House mice are cute adorable creatures with thin whiskers and sharp claws. Their long slender tail and ears are scantily clad in hair and appear almost naked, but the rest of their body has ample soft and short fur. 

House Mouse Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationMousery NameContact Details
BeckyCaliforniaBecky’s Bitty Critter Boutique[email protected]
AlexisFloridaLex’s Little Mousery[email protected]
KaylaGeorgiaWonderland Mousery[email protected]
KysehiaIllinoisKSK Exotics[email protected]
SaraIowaThe Run-Run Mouse[email protected]
ErynMaineBaker’s Dozen Mousery[email protected]
KatelynNew YorkMousetahe Rodents[email protected]

White-footed Mouse For Sale Near You!


If you’re looking for mice for sale, a white-footed mouse won’t disappoint you with its cute pink feet and white fur. They are very tiny, weighing only a few ounces.

NAMEWhite-footed mouseKINGDOMAnimalia
SCIENTIFIC NAMEPeromyscus leucopusPHYLUMChordate
LIFESPAN 1-3 yearsCLASSMammal
WEIGHT22 gramsORDERRodentia
SIZE9.4 cmsFAMILYCricetidae
SPECIESP. leucopus

The white-footed mouse is a common species found across the United States and has many names, with woodmouse being a famous one.

These animals are short-lived with only 1-2 years in their lifespan. 

White-footed Mouse Breeders List

Breeder’s NameLocationMousery NameContact Details
SharonNew YorkDark Moon Rodentry[email protected]
CassandraNorth CarolinaThe Mouse Den[email protected]
Dr StevenOhioNovoHelix[email protected]
DarrellOklahomaPine Hollow Rodentry [email protected]
ShannonPennsylvaniaWobbles’ Rodentry & Critters[email protected]
RebekahTennesseeJavaMouse Mousery[email protected]
DonovanUtahSpice cupboard pets[email protected]

Mouse Price

If you want to pet a mouse, its price is not a hassle to worry about.

Mouse prices can range anywhere from $5* to $10* on average, and there are many factors involved. They make affordable pets, and many stores carry several breeds of them.

It’s always better to get them from a reputed breeder or pet store. 

Mice (Legal Or Illegal)

You can keep mice as pets without any fear. Mice belong to the category of animals that are beyond legislation in the USA. Hence, you can keep them as pets without the fear of jurisdiction.

Mouse Trap Laws In The USA

It is illegal in the US to use mousetraps and if you spot anyone doing so, immediately inform the local authorities or state wildlife department, so they stay vigilant on such unlawful acts.

Mice For Adoption

You can take up mice for adoption, but there are many things to consider before adding them to your family.

You have to keep them in groups, keeping into consideration their social behavior. It’s good to speak to the sales agent at your pet store to check their availability, their genders, and their current housing situation. 

A glass aquarium is good for housing as it gives them plenty of space to play. A wire cage is also a good option if it is designed specifically for the animal. No matter which option you consider, the enclosure has to be kept clean as part of your routine.  

As far as their nutrition is concerned, pellets designed especially for mice and other such rodents provide complete nutrition for them.

Additionally, you can give them mixed grain, fruits, vegetables, and seeds, without replacing the pellets. To keep them aptly hydrated, water spouts serve their function well.

Their grooming does not come at an extra cost because mice will groom themselves regularly, and you don’t have to bathe or clean them like other pet animals. However, if you notice anything irregular in their eating or grooming habits, check with your vet to identify the cause.

Mentioned below are the links of a few trusted ones in the mice adoption business.


Here are some frequently asked questions about mice.

Where To Buy Pet Mice?

You can buy pet mice from either a large chain store or a small pet shop in your vicinity. Another option is to look for rescued mice that are usually put up for adoption.

SmallPetsX.Com does not provide veterinary advice. Our aim to help small pet owners understand their pets a little better so that they can provide their pets with the life they deserve. All content is therefore for informational purposes only. If you're concerned about the health of your pet you should seek medical advice from a vet.

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