Magpie Bird for Sale (Legal or Illegal in the USA and UK)

Magpies are the colorful birds belonging to the family Corvidae.

They are ranked among the most intelligent creatures and one of the few non-mammal species that can recognize themselves in the mirror test.

Magpie Bird Overview

Scientific NamePica PicaClassAves
Lifespan25 to 30 YearsOrderPasseriformes
Weight210 to 270 gFamilyCorvidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusPica, Urocissa, Cissa, Cyanopica
Size44 to 46cmSpeciesEurasian Magpie

Magpies are medium-sized birds having some resemblance to crows. They can be found in various color patterns, and color patterns vary with the genus.

Magpies are known for their bold personalities and intelligent demeanour.  Magpies of the genus pica are found in the temperate regions of Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

They are very smart birds and can recognize a person on a second encounter.

They are found in color combinations like black and white, while others are found in blue and green. Magpies have four genera and many species.

Black and White Magpies

Genus Pica

  • Eurasian magpie
  • Black-billed magpie
  • Yellow-billed magpie
  • Asir Magpie
  • Maghreb magpie

Blue and Green Magpies

Genus Urocissa

  • Taiwan blue magpie
  • Yellow-billed blue magpie
  • White-winged Magpie
  • Sri Lanka blue magpie

Genus Cissa

  • Common green magpie
  • Indochinese green magpie
  • Javan green magpie
  • Bornean green magpie

Azure-winged Magpies

Genus Cyanopica

  • Azure-winged magpie
  • Iberian Magpie

Magpie Bird for Sale: Breeders List in the US

Admirable BirdsAlabama, Estill Fork(256) 776-2120
Mandy & Paul – Singing Wings AviaryARKANSAS479-293-4994
Rocky Mtn. Bird Farm & Pet SupplyMonument, Colorado 805-503-9592
Donald PerezLittle York, Illinois(309)729-1149
Royal Wings AviaryIndiana(574) 273-1767
K&M BreedingMuncie, Indiana765-215-2797
Beaks of Paradise, LLCZachary, Louisiana225-270-0405
Sunshine’s AviaryMidland Michigan989-600-1095
Marie HagemanSewell, New Jersey609-589-0606


We don’t claim that you will find magpie birds from the given list of breeders due to their shifting business and bird range. Rules for keeping wild and exotic birds also keep on changing for states in the US. Keeping magpies as a pet is illegal in the UK and Australia too. So, it is recommended to know about the state regulations of your area.

Magpie Bird Price in The US

The price of a magpie depends on several factors like its age, color pattern, and breeding status. You can purchase a magpie in the US in legal states from 1000 to 2500USD*.

Woman Gives Toys to a Wild Magpie — and He Invites His Friends Over to Play

Is keeping a Magpie Legal? (USA, UK And Australia)

Before owning a magpie bird, it is very important to know the laws of the area with respect to keeping wild birds.

Keeping a pet magpie is illegal in most states of America. A license is required to keep wild animals and birds as pets in Australia.

Britain’s Law protects all wild birds and eggs, so keeping a magpie bird in the UK is illegal. You can be fined 5000 GBP or a six-month prison sentence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about magpie birds:

Can a magpie be a pet?

Magpies are beautiful birds and intelligent creatures. They make a good pet when trained and loved. However, you should not keep a wild magpie as a pet because it is cruel and illegal in most countries.

Can I keep a magpie as a pet UK?

Since the protection of birds Act of 1954, all wild birds and their eggs are protected by the Britain law. It is illegal to keep any wild bird-like magpie as a pet.  It can result in heavy fines and even prison for up to 6 months.

Are Magpies Intelligent?

Yes, magpies are very intelligent birds like the other family members. They have high brain-to-body ratios like ravens, crows, and great apes. Magpies can recognize humans and are one of the non-mammal animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror test.

What is a magpie’s lifespan?

Magpies live for 25 to 30 years. In the wild, their lifespan is shorter than when kept in captivity.

Do magpies live in Norway?

Yes, magpies live in Norway. However, they are considered very cunning and thievish by the Scandinavian people due to their nature of destroying other birds’ nests and eggs.

What Do Magpies Eat?

Magpies are omnivores. They eat various things like seeds, lean meat, dead frogs, fruits, insects, and small rodents in the wild. In captivity, you can feed magpies, dead frogs, insects, seeds, vegetables, and pet foods.

Do Magpies Like Humans?

Magpies live, breed, and feed near human territories, which means that they like humans. They make nests near human colonies and can have a lifelong relationship with humans.

Do you salute a magpie?

The Magpie bird is associated with several superstitions in Europe. People believe that keeping the Magpies happy and respecting them brings good luck. So, one should wave a hand or salute a magpie.

How do you tell a male magpie from a female?

The coloration of the hood is the most noticeable feature to distinguish between a male and a female magpie. A male has a vibrantly white hood, while a female magpie has a grayish hood.

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