Lionhead Angora Rabbit Sale NEAR You: US Breeders List

Do you know what happens when you cross a Lionhead to an Angora rabbit?

Yes, it produces Lionhead Angora Rabbit. This cute rabbit breed has a compact body, erect ears, and a mane like a male lion.

Are you interested in buying a Lionhead Angora Rabbit? If so, you are at the right place.

What Is Lionhead Angora Rabbit?

A Lionhead Angora Rabbit is a petite breed, but its distinctive feature is its fluffy wool and mane similar to that of a male lion.

Their docile pleasant nature and variety of colors make them fascinating pets for all age groups. However, they can be timid due to being held and can scratch on mishandling.

Here are all the details you need to know about the Lionhead Angora Rabbits:

Species Name Oryctolagus cuniculus
Weight 2.5 to 3.5 pounds on average
Family Long coated Netherland Dwarf and a Jersey Wooly
TemperamentSmart, friendly, and docile
Lifespan 7 to 10 years
Size About 8 to 10 inches long
Minimum Cage Size30 x 30 x 24 inches cage size for a rabbit weighing around 5 to 6 pounds 

Lionhead Angora Rabbit For Sale Near You: US Breeders List

If you want to purchase a Lionhead Angora Rabbit, we suggest not buying from a pet shop. This is because pet shops sell neglected animals. They also won’t have any information about the pet’s condition or health history.

Instead, get one from a breeder as they don’t charge more, and will give you accurate information about the animals’ breed and pedigree.

Here is a list of the Lionhead Angora Rabbit breeders in the US approved by ARBA:

Breeder’s NameRabbitry Name StateCityE-mail
Misty ArnoldsMisty Blue BunniesNorth CarolinaConcord[email protected]
Emily Ingalls Ingalls Rabbitry Iowa StateVan Horne[email protected]
Angela Coe5C Rabbits Oklahoma Perry[email protected]
Heather Wright Pixie Hollow RabbitryPennsylvania Lebanon[email protected]
Ashley PaddenFlower Bud Rabbitry Pennsylvania Franklin[email protected]
Anthony KaoBunny Hut CaliforniaRosemead[email protected]
Julie HartfordBunny Hollow OntarioEnglehart[email protected]

How Much Is A Lionhead Angora Rabbit Worth?

A Lionhead Angora Rabbit is pretty expensive, ranging from $50 to $100. However, it gets more expensive than this as their food costs will cost you around $500 per year or $60 per month. Add their grooming charges if you are unable to groom this tiny furball on your own.

How Big Do Lionhead Angora Rabbits Get?

Lionhead Angora is a small-sized rabbit breed. They will grow out to a maximum of 8 to 10 inches in length, weighing only 3 to 4 pounds. Their ears will be less than a couple of inches, while their signature mane, which circles their heads, will be about 2 inches long.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lionhead Angora Rabbit

All the cuteness of these fluff balls doesn’t come easy. They require a more significant time investment than short-haired rabbits. Below are some essential things for you to consider before adding them to your family:

  • They are very energetic, so you should be comfortable with handling them.
  • Their grooming will take almost thirty minutes every week, so you have to devote this time to their upkeep.
  • Make sure you don’t have animal allergies, as they shed a lot of wool.
  • No matter how often you brush them, there will always be loose fur.
  • Lionhead rabbits poop a lot, but if you litter train them, it will relieve you, in the long run.
  • They are not people pleasers like dogs. So don’t expect them to wiggle themselves around you. Just like cats, they will love you for the food, attention, and care.

Lionhead Angora Rabbits Diet

Lionhead Angora Rabbits need good food, which includes an unlimited supply of grass hay such as timothy hay each day.

A simple rule of thumb is that a Lionhead Rabbit eats around its weight in hay every day. Then, add a variety of leafy green vegetables, including lettuce, carrot tops, herbs, etc. They must have a fresh water supply at all times.

Lionhead Angora rabbits eat 4-6 ounces of pellets every day, depending on their weight. You can also add 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil to help your pet rabbit’s digestion process. An occasional treat will also do much good to your tiny fluff ball.

Interesting Facts about Lionhead Angora Rabbits

Lionhead Angora Rabbits are exciting and fun-loving animals. Here are some other interesting facts about them:

  • The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes six breeds with the Angora wool.
  • Angora wool needs excessive grooming. 
  • Documentation of their lineage is mysterious, dating back to the eighteenth century, but the actual story is murky. Now they are bred with many other rabbit species.  
  • The first Angora rabbit came to the United States from Angora in Turkey in the nineteenth century. 
  • Lionhead Angora Rabbits are diverse and colorful.
  • The most beautiful attraction of a Lionhead Angora Rabbit is its mane, which is not the same for all Lionhead. Some have a single mane, a double, or some of them may have no mane at all.  
  • Caring for the mane is tricky because Lionhead Angora Rabbits face Wool-block due to their long wool.
  • They are tiny. Some of them may weigh even less than 4 pounds. Most owners prefer to keep these fluff balls as pocket pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about lionhead Angora rabbits:

Do Lionhead Angora Rabbits Like To Be Held?

Lionhead Angora Rabbits are true attention grabbers. Some Lionhead Angora Rabbits will love to be held, but most of them may like to be on their feet. But they love to cuddle with their caretakers. However, it isn’t easy to trim their nails and groom their belly, face, and feet as they don’t like to be held still. 

Do Lionhead Bunnies Bite?

Lionhead Angora Rabbits are small and sensitive animals. No matter how friendly or tame the Lionhead Angora Rabbits are, they are bound to get aggressive if you try to stimulate over, threaten or intimidate them. The rabbit wants to assert his dominance, protect his food or defend himself from a potential predator. Even indoors, they may nip at their caretaker’s and or feet if someone moves too close to their territory.

Are Lionhead Angora Rabbits Hard To Take Care Of?

Lionhead Angora Rabbits need adequate care. This includes proper feeding trimming and regular cleanings. They also need good physical exercise and lots of attention.

Can Lionhead Angora Rabbits Live Indoors?

Lionhead Angora Rabbits are good-natured animals. They can have a good time inside or outside with proper care, as they thrive in both conditions, but you need to understand the local factors like outdoor weather and your indoor temperature settings.

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