Indian Ringneck For Sale NEAR You! (USA Breeders)

The Indian ringneck parrot is one of nature’s most exuberant creations with its talkative and demanding nature.

Baby Cinnamon Blue Indian Ringneck For Sale (Male And Female)

Baby Cinnamon Blue Indian Ringneck
NameIndian RingneckPhylumChordata
Scientific NamePsittacula krameriClassAves
Lifespan34 years in captivityOrderPsittaciformes
Weight95-143 gramsFamilyPsittaculidae
SpeciesP. krameriSize37-43 cms including the tail 

Cinnamon blue Indian ringnecks are very popular as they’re often seen in aviaries where Indian ringnecks are bred. The overall appearance of this exotic species is reminiscent of spring because it shows a beautiful pastel combination of blue, green, and white with coral-red beaks.

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
The Bird BoyzPennsylvania717-417-0312
[email protected]
D and R AviaryIowa319-540-3448
[email protected]
JC AviaryTexas512-956-0937
[email protected]
Love Your BirdMaryland[email protected]
Parrot CrushTexas503-866-6253
[email protected]
Dallas Parrots Aviary Inc.Texas469-706-0972
[email protected]
Piedmont ParrotsVirginia571-295-5910
[email protected]

Cinnamon Blue Indian Ringneck Price in the US and UK

There is no parrot owner who doesn’t wish to own a cinnamon blue Indian ringneck. Are you wondering how much an Indian Ringneck costs? Well, they’re pricey possessions and you may get these from $1500-$2000*.

In the UK the prices range from £1000-£1500*.

Lutino Indian Ringneck For Sale

Lutino Indian Ringneck
NameLutino Indian PhylumChordata
Scientific NameKrameriClassAves
Lifespan20-30 years in captivityOrderPsittaciformes
Weight115-140 gramsFamilyPsittaculidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusPsittacula krameri
SpeciesP. krameriSize36-43 cms including the tail 

The Lutino Indian Ringneck is a stunningly vibrant and beautiful parrot with a red beak and trademark ring around its neck. They are talkative with a distinctively succulent vocabulary. 

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Whidbey BirdsWashington360-929-2869
[email protected]
Parrot StarsIllinois224-735-7537
[email protected]
GAC ParrotsTexas214-755-3866
[email protected]
Fly Babies AviaryFlorida813-892-7370
[email protected]
The Best BirdFlorida352-804-3354
[email protected]
BirdWalk Ohio440-354-2003
[email protected]
Tropic Island Bird and SupplyCalifornia619-447-4171
[email protected]

Lutino Indian Ringneck Price

The price of a Lutino Indian Ringneck depends on the type of bird you want, and also the breeder you are trusting with your purchase. It can range from $400-$1500*.

Green Violet Indian Ringneck for Sale

Green Violet Indian Ringneck
NameGreen Violet Indian RingneckPhylumChordata
Scientific NamePsittacula KrameriClassAves
Lifespan15-25 yearsOrderPsittaciformes
Weight115-140 gramsFamilyPsittaculidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusPsittacula krameri
SpeciesP. krameriSize36-43 cms including the tail

Green violet Indian ringnecks are well known for their talkative nature and vibrant violet-green feathers. These birds have a great element which makes them excellent pets. 

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
[email protected]
Alexandrine AviaryIllinois224-451-5251
[email protected]
Hawaii Zoological Hawaii808-372-2220
[email protected]
The Best BirdIllinois352-804-3354
[email protected]
Susan’s Parrot PlaceMichigan616-363-9008
[email protected]
Parrot CrushTexas503-866-6253
[email protected]
Dallas Parrots Aviary Inc.Texas469-706-0972
[email protected]

Green Violet Indian Ringneck Price

On average, a green violet Indian ringneck will cost you around $400-$1500*, but the cost can exceed $1700 depending upon the bird organization and the colors of the bird you are purchasing.

Is It Legal To Have A Indian Ringneck As Pet?

Parrots, in general, are the most popular and in-demand pet birds throughout the US. These creatures aren’t native species and have been brought from other continents and countries. It’s legal to have an Indian Ringneck as a pet here.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Indian Ringnecks.

How Much Are Blue Indian Ringnecks?

If buying from a reliable breeder, a blue Indian ringneck can cost anywhere between $400-$1500* or even more. Some of them can get more expensive due to their exotic colors.

Where To Buy Indian Ringneck Parrot?

You can buy Indian Ringneck Parrots from either pet shops, pet breeders, or online classified websites.

Should I Get 2 Indian Ringnecks?

It’s not good to get two stranger Indian ringnecks because they are shy animals. If companionship is considered and the two have previously been caged together, then it’s good to go.

Are Indian Ringnecks Good For Beginners?

Indian Ringnecks are enjoyed for their beauty and fun elements but they aren’t easygoing. They’re recommended for those who have past experience handling larger parrots.

Are Ringnecks Loud?

Ringnecks are particularly loud animals and some people may not like their unnecessary blabbering. They can also make loud shrill noises throughout the day.

What Size Cage Does A Ringneck Parrot Need?

The proper size for the ringneck parrot cage is 24 x 24 x 36 inches’ minimum cage size with ½ to 5/8-inch bar spacing. 

Do Indian Ringnecks Like To Be Touched?

Indian ringnecks are loving animals, and they love to thrive on their owner’s attention and care. Ringnecks generously show attention to others as well.

At What Age Do Ringnecks Fly?

At seven weeks, ringnecks are fully functional,  but they remain dependent on their parents till they’re 10-11 weeks old.

What Temperature Does Indian Ringnecks Like?

The average room temperature is usually fine for your Indian Ringneck, but it shouldn’t be more than 80 F. 

Does A Ringneck Bite Hurt?

A ringneck may give you a strong forceful bite which can puncture your skin and draw blood as well.

Do All Indian Ringnecks Talk?

All Indian ringnecks are superb talkers who can memorize up to 250 words. They are an excellent choice for people who want talking birds.

Which Is Better Ringneck Or Cockatiel?

Cockatiels are sweet and docile animals whereas ringnecks are more complex in behavior, which makes their training and upkeep difficult.

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