Finger Monkey For Sale (Breeders List and Buying Guide)

Finger monkeys, often called Zaris, belongs to the Callitrichidae family. They are exotic wild animals with mischievous personalities.  

Marmoset Overview

Pygmy Marmoset (Finger Monkey)

Marmosets are a New World monkey species that originated from South America. They are wild animals found in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Brazil. 

Finger monkeys have been categorized into three groups, namely, “The True Marmosets,” “The Tamarins,” and the “Goeldi’s monkey.” The difference between the “true” marmoset and the “Tamarins” is the length of their lower canines.

The shortest marmoset is the Pygmy marmoset, whereas Goeldi’s marmoset is the largest specie. More often than not, marmosets can live up to 16-18 years.  

Scientific NameCallithrix
GeneraCallithrix, Calibella, Cabuella, Mico
No Of Sub Specie22
TemperamentAggressive, active
SizeSmall, maximum 9 inches tall
Body Temperature35.5 to 39.7 °C
Minimum Cage Size6×3×6 Inches
Life span5-20 years

How many subspecies do marmosets have? The Marmosets have been categorized into four genera, with 22 different species. The four genera include Callithrix, Calibella, Cabuella, and Mico.

How to purchase marmosets in the USA?

Marmosets are wild animals and are extremely dependable if owned as a pet. For this purpose, A complete understanding of this breed, its diet, habitat, health issues, and much more are fundamental.

If you plan to adopt a finger monkey, I will encourage you to join this Facebook group.

It has other marmoset owners in it. You will get a better perspective by hearing out the experiences of marmoset owners. This will help you figure out your problems regarding owning this breed. 

Marmosets are unsuitable for being kept as pets as they come from the wild and will not easily adjust to the duplicated setup.

Creating a space that represents the complex jungle habitat is not easy and will not be 100% accurate. Still, this breed is not banned in most states, but few have put a restriction on it.

To be a parent of this breed, you need to be approved as an applicant. Various pet stores and breeders only sell this pet to the approved applicants to ensure that the pet will be in good hands and that the owner can handle their nature.  

Is It Legal to Keep a Marmoset as A Pet Monkey in US And UK?

In more than 20 states in the United States, it is illegal to own a Marmoset. Nevertheless, you can still inhabit a marmoset in the following states mentioned in the table below. Whereas in the United Kingdom, you can easily purchase a marmoset from a pet store.

States With legal statusStates with Illegal Status
Washington StateCalifornia
North DakotaConnecticut
NebraskaNew York
West VirginiaNew Hampshire
VirginiaNew Jersey
North CarolinaNew Mexico
South CarolinaPennsylvania
NevadaRhode Island

Steps to Purchase a Marmoset

  • Find out if your state allows you to own a licensed exotic animal. 
  • Contact Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and have them inspect the animal.  
  • Get the marmoset checked by a vet and keep the medical records safe.
  • Look for a site or a breeding facility that has Marmosets for sale.
  • Ensure that the breeder you are purchasing from is an authentic breeder with proper records and documentation with a USDA license. 
  • If all these steps are fulfilled, you will be given the license to own a Marmoset. 

To make your adoption easy, I advise you to look into dragonstoneranch. It is a USDA licensed breeding facility. Dragonstone ranch has various exotic pets, including a marmoset that they have raised with love and care.

People residing in the US can purchase a Marmoset monkey through this leading site, and we have provided other breeders below in the table.

They have a premium package that comes with the necessities when you adopt.

Adoption Process

Adopting a Marmoset from sites like dragonstoneranch requires you to fill out an adoption application and add your name to their waiting list. On the approval of your application, a $1000 fee has to be paid, which is non-refundable.


This is to warn you and to have in your knowledge that Marmosets are exotic wild animals and are known to be dangerous. Wild animals do not have the instinct to hold back. They can get aggressive and bite very hard.

Marmosets are not suitable for first-time exotic animal owners or children. Do complete research about the animal, its temperament, and its requirements. Read the experiences of various Marmosets owners before applying for it.  

Finger Monkey For Sale: Breeders List in the USA

Breeder’s NameStatePhoneWebsite/Email
Poggis Animal HouseFlorida9547089441PoggisAnimalHouse.Com
Patty EmeryMichigan5179188192JungleFrenzyLLC.Com
Dragon Stone RanchTexas(773) 387-0534Dragonstoneranch.Com/Monkeys
Kimberly GunnFlorida941-204-1685[email protected]
EdyTennessee4237210379 –
Chuck BowyerNorth Carolina910 610 3153KCsRanch.Com
EllenKodak, Tennessee8652358632 –
Connie WatersTennessee4232894896 –

Pygmy Marmoset for Sale

Pygmy marmosets are found in the forests of the Amazon region. They make their homes in forest trees and bamboo thickets. Due to their tiny size, they become easy prey of wild cats, hawks, eagles and snakes.

Since, pygme marmosets are wild animals, they need a very specific living environment. It is always challenging to provide them a complex wild environment at home. However, they can make a good pet for you if they got good care, proper food and friendly environment.

You can adopt a baby marmoset from pet shop or nearby licensed breeder.

Finger Monkey Price

How much do marmosets cost? You can get a marmoset at a price range between $1000-$7000*, excluding other expenses such as food, cage, etc.

Some breeders are selling infant marmosets at $2000*. A separate budget of an estimated $900 needs to be set for food supplies that a marmoset eats for a month. 

To make the marmoset feel at home, a cage setup with a hammock will cost you around $340.

Don’t forget the annual and emergency vet visits. This will make you spend $500 a year.

Add shipping price, diapers, toys, and much more to the expenses that you need to consider before taking a high responsibility.

Are Marmosets Good Pets?

This is a complicated question as the marmoset breed has its pros and cons. They might not be suitable for every person as marmosets do have special needs, and some breeds might become difficult for you to handle. They are very dependent. 

If you want to own a marmoset for companionship, this may work for you, as most marmosets have 16- 18 years. They are wild animals and crave attention. They need to be indulged in various activities, and they tend to get bored easily. 

It all depends on how much you can take care of and give time to them.  

What Do Marmoset Monkeys Eat?

The diet of a marmoset ranges from insects to fruits and animals. They also consume tree sap and nectar. They tend to eat animals like spiders, frogs, snails, and insects like crickets and worms in the wild.

However, their favorite food is tree sap, for which they dig their paws continuously. In zoos and being as pets, they are also fed fruits like bananas, grapes, and blueberries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about marmosets:

Can I buy a finger monkey?

Yes, the specie of Finger monkey has not been banned officially in various states despite it being a wild animal. Limited breeders are selling it for $1000-$5000*.

What is the cutest monkey?

Out of the long list, Pygmy marmosets have secured the second position after Proboscis monkey, which has the first. The Pygmy marmoset is famous for its small size and mischievous personality.

Do marmosets throw poop?

It depends upon the type. Pygmy Marmoset is known to be aggressive and difficult. They show their aggression by throwing faeces and screeching. While other breeds of marmosets have not shown this behavior, they try to pee on the owner or outside the cage.

Can marmosets be potty-trained?

No, Marmosets cannot be potty-trained. To make it understandable, they do not have this feature installed. They are wild animals and do not have an instinct to go to a specific space to relieve themselves.

How long do marmosets live?

Marmosets have been known to have the shortest lifespan of approximately 5-16 years. They live their best life for the starting seven years, then their health starts to deteriorate and their chances of survival decrease.

How big do marmosets get?

Generally, a common Marmoset monkey can grow up to 15-25cm tall without including their tail size, up to 10-16 inches long. The smallest marmoset, the Pygmy marmoset, is only 4.6-6.2 inches tall.

What is the most common pet monkey?

Capuchin monkeys can take this title as they are the most sought pet breed because of their petite size and somewhat calm demeanor compared to other species like Chimpanzee, which are very dangerous and can cause serious harm.

Final Verdict

Marmosets are small species of primates. They have been getting popular around the globe through movies and TV shows. But, owning and caring for a monkey, regardless of the breed, is not easy.

Marmosets are wild animals and should be kept in the wild. A man-made space can’t substitute the jungle, and it is hard for the marmoset to adjust. We don’t recommend adopting a Marmoset, but if you still want to, we have provided some information and a guide to help you make this decision.

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