Dutch Rabbit For Sale NEAR You: Breeders List

Dutch rabbits are friendly, playful, and possess a pleasant temperament.

These rabbits are available in seven colors and are easily recognizable due to their distinct markings called “white blaze” on their body.

Dutch Rabbit Overview

BreedDutch rabbit
SpeciesOryctolagus cuniculus
Family Lagomorpha
Care LevelModerate
TemperamentCalm, friendly, and active
Cage SetupWater, food bowl, bedding
ColorsDutch pattern, numerous colors
Life span5-10 years
Minimum Cage Size2×2×2 feet
Body Temperature40-70° Fahrenheit 

Dutch rabbits are very popular worldwide and used for many purposes.

They are also used in pet shows and are relatively expensive for this purpose. However, a fully grown rabbit reaches its destined height and weight at 6-7 months.

The baby rabbits, also known as kittens, are beautiful and have delicate features. The seven colors recognized by the American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA) play an essential role in showcasing its features. 

Kittens come in Blue, Black, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Tortoise, and Lilac, which are still developing. Dutch rabbits are also known as Holland or Brabander.

Black And White Dutch Rabbit For Sale Near You: Breeders List

Dutch Rabbit

The Dutch rabbits are identified by their unique white pattern around the nose, neck, and back.

The seven colors recognized by American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA) and British Rabbit Council also include a deep black color with white fur.

The black lacquer covers the eyes, ear, and everything on the top, while the white coat covers the lower part. A fine line separates the two.

The black Dutch rabbit has dark brown eyes and a slate blue under color. The fur is dense and glossy. They are used in pet shows; therefore, they are included in show rabbits.

BreedBreeder’s NameRabbitry NameCityStateEmail
DutchAbigail StevensonTiff and Tom’s RabbitryYucaipaCalifornia [email protected]
DutchMelissa MurphyPeacefully Bouncing BunnBernardstonMassachusetts[email protected]
DutchJody RosnikAlpine RabbitryCanon CityColorado [email protected]
DutchRachel HessBrush Mountain Rabbitry BentonvilleVirginia [email protected]
DutchBrian ElrodCricket Hill Rabbitry Woodbury Tennessee [email protected]
DutchJill PfaffJill’s  Wild Dutch BunchEagle PointOregon [email protected]
DutchKelly BennerBlack Hare HollowGouverneur New York [email protected]
Dutch Rabbit ARBA Breeders List

Chocolate Dutch Rabbits For Sale

The Chocolate Dutch rabbits are called chocolate because of their beautiful dark chocolate fur that coats the top half of the body. They have big brown eyes. This color is very liked by children. If you want chocolate Dutch rabbit, you can contact the breeders given in the above list and ask if they have any for you.

Yellow Dutch Rabbits For Sale

Among other colors, Dutch rabbits are also available in yellow color. However, the color itself is not so valuable, and it is an under shade color which should be evenly spread out towards the lower part of the body. If you want this color rabbit, you can contact the breeders given in the above list and ask if they have any for you.

Dutch Rabbit Price

Generally, the Dutch breed is low-priced and affordable. They are readily available in pet stores. There’s a trivial difference in the price of the show-class rabbits compared to an ordinary dutch rabbit.

If you are looking for a specific colored rabbit, you might need to spend a bit more on it. The estimated price for a Dutch rabbit is between 30 and 90 USD.

Dutch Rabbit Weight

The weight of the Dutch rabbit depends upon factors like genetics, proper nutrition, and hydration. Other than that, Dutch rabbits are known to have small to medium body types. They can get 7.5 to 9 inches tall. It typically weighs around 3.5 to 5.5 pounds and will attain their respective size fully at 6 to 7 months if they are receiving proper nutrition. 

What Should I Feed A Dutch Rabbit?

A happy and healthy bunny is all that a rabbit owner wishes for.

To keep it in perfect shape, the pet parent should check the hay as different types of hay are required at various stages in a rabbit’s life, such as orchard, oat, and other fresh grass hays are essential for adult rabbits.

At the same time, alfalfa hay is vital for young nursing rabbits to gain additional nutrients such as calcium and protein. Although rabbits enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, 70 % of their diet should be hay.

What Size Cage Does A Dutch Rabbit Need?

The cage size for a Dutch rabbit or any rabbit should be double or triple for the rabbit to play and rest with its legs fully stretched easily.

According to The Rabbit Code of Practice for the Animal Welfare Act, the cage or hutch should be high enough that the rabbit’s ears don’t touch the top and wide enough so that it can hop a few hops. The minimum cage size for a Dutch rabbit should be 2×2×2 feet.

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