Do Magpies Live in Norway? (A Quick Guide)

Norway inhabits more than 500 species of birds including ducks, geese, sparrows, ravens, magpies, and many other species.

Corvidae family includes crows, ravens, jays, magpies, treepies, nutcrackers, and ground jays are the most intelligent birds of the avifauna in Norway.

Do magpies live in Norway? (A Quick Guide)


Yes, magpies live in Norway. Magpies need a temperate climate to survive and reproduce. They live in different places throughout the world and make their home in parts of Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe.

Magpies don’t migrate far from their home throughout the year but move from higher elevations to lower areas in case of very low temperatures.

Common magpies are present throughout Europe and found in Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Ireland.

Weather Required For Magpie’s Habitat

Magpies inhabit a temperate environment. They live in grasslands, meadows, and at the edges of forests.

Magpies’ nests can be found on the trees and shrubs near the river so they don’t need to move far for water.

Magpies look for food in the open areas and make their homes in forests to avoid predators. Some species live in the Rocky Mountains like in Colorado.

List of Birds Those Live in Norway

DucksAnatidae5 to 10 years
GeeseAnatidae20 to 24 years
WaterfowlAnatidae15 to 20 years
PheasantsPhasianidaeUp to 7 years
PigeonsColumbidae15 years
DovesColumbidae2 years
BustardsOtididae10 to 15 years
CuckoosCuculidae5 years
RailsRallidae2 to 4 years
CootsRallidae9 years
HawksAccipitridae15 to 25 years
EaglesAccipitridae20 to 30 years
KitesAccipitridae24 years
CrowsCorvidae10 to 15 years
MagpiesCorvidae20 to 25 years
RavensCorvidae25 years

White-throated dipper is the national bird of Norway

Final Words

Magpies live throughout Europe including Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Areas with temperate climates are suitable for magpies to survive and reproduce.

Magpies don’t migrate far away from their homes throughout the year and choose forest edges to make their nests.

Some people believe that giving respect to magpies keep the bad luck away while others considered it cunning and thievish because magpie eats the eggs and young of other birds.

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