#10 Common Pets You Would Find in France (2023)

Which is the most common pet in France?

More than half of French households own a pet be it dogs, cats, fish, or rodents.

A common pet you would find in France will certainly be a fish. Statistically speaking, 36 million own fishes, whereas cats and dogs are the second and third most favored pets with 15.1 and 7.8 million owners respectively.

A quarter of French homes have dogs while at least a third of households are content with their pet cats.

10 Common Pets You Would Find in France (2023)


We always thought the Brits are the most pet-loving nation in the world. No, they are not. 

French families love their pets over anything else (well, not counting the French perfumes, French cuisine, and French apparel of course). Throughout France, you’ll find the laws and rules in favor of pets.

Pets can accompany the French literally anywhere from trains to buses to restaurants. With over 44 million pets in French homes, the largest number across Europe, you can see how much they love their animals.

What are their 10 most common and favorite pets, let us consult the table below to see what are the favorite pets of French families.

Fish36 million
Cat15.1 million
Dog7.8 million
Bird6.2 million
Rat5 million
Rodent2.1 million
Reptile1.9 million
Rabbit 1.9 million
Reptiles 1.7 million

What is the Most Popular Dog in France?

Poodle is France’s official dog, but the Shepherd breed is highly popular among the French. They are kept for companionship in France as hunting and other similar sports are uncommon there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about common France pets:

In France, the second favorite pet is the

Cats with 15.1 million owners respectively.

A well-known French dog is a

Poodle is France’s official dog, but the Shepherd breed is highly popular among the French.

What pets are allowed in France?

Many animals are allowed in France and can be used as pets but within the veterinary regulations set out by concerned authorities. Dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, rodents, domestic cats, ornamental fish, and all species of birds compile the list of pets allowed in France.

How many pets are there in France?

More than half of the population of France (or 65% of French households) own a pet which may include a cat, dog, fish, or even a rodent. 

Are cats popular in France?

As of 2020, France had 15.1 million domesticated cats making it the top cat owner in Europe, accounting for almost half of French households. Cats are popular animals in France that can accompany their owners wherever they go, from restaurants to trains to buses. You have only to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities for pet conduct.

Can you own a fox in France?

Foxes haven’t yet been domesticated in France, and a fox in captivity is similar to that in the wild with similar needs. If in captivity, the animal will be protected under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. So it is evident that a wild animal cannot be kept as a pet without authorization from concerned authorities.

Are ferrets illegal in France?

Ferrets are not permitted to enter France from any country or EU member state.

Do moose live in France?

After the downfall of the Roman Empire during medieval times, the moose started disappearing slowly, and they finally vanished during the reign of Charlemagne. So you won’t find any moose in France these days.


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