Baby Cockatiel Bird For Sale (All Colors Available!)

Cockatiels love human contact and crave attention, making them an ideal choice for home pets. 

Gray Cockatiel Bird For Sale (All Colors Available!)

Scientific NameNymphicus Hollandicus   ClassAves
Lifespan10-14 yearsOrderPsittaciformes
Weight70-120 grams(adults)FamilyCacatuidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusNymphicus Wagler,1832
SpeciesN. HollandicusSize30-35 cms(adults)

All genetic color mutations originate from the ‘gray feathers and orange cheeked’ gray cockatiel. They are also best known for retaining their gray feathers and white bodies. Originating from Australia, they love to inhabit bushlands and scrublands. Their nomadic nature keeps them in the sky, seeking better food and water resources.

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Fly Babies AviaryFlorida[email protected]
Parrot StarsIlinois224-735-7537
[email protected]
Lyns Pampered PerchConnecticut203-494-4352
[email protected]
Laura’s Little ParrotsTexas972-804-3024
ACR AviariesFlorida772-342-8352
[email protected]
Exotic Pet Birds Inc FloridaNew York585-671-2473
[email protected]

Gray Cockatiel Price in the US and the UK

The normal rate for gray cockatiels varies from breeder to breeder just in case you are wondering how much is a cockatiel bird. But on a general note, a gray cockatiel in the US may range from $30-$300*.

Current prices in the UK are slightly more than in the US. You can expect a quotation of around £150*.

On the other hand, if you see a gray cockatiel selling at dirt cheap rates, beware of wildlife traffickers because these species don’t come at stooping rates.

Whiteface Cockatiel For Sale (Male And Female)

NameWhite CockatielPhylumChordata
Scientific NameNymphicus Hollandicus   ClassAves
Lifespan16-25 yearsOrderPsittaciformes
Weight3-4 ounces(adults)FamilyCacatuidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusNymphicus Wagler,1832
SpeciesN. HollandicusSize12 inches(adults)

The Whiteface Cockatiel is a color mutation version of cockatiels, typically gray with a grayish or white face. This species of cockatiels stands out because it does not have orange cheeks or yellow color. 

What’s CrackingNew York631-974-2936
[email protected]
Taylor’s Birbs and Borbs Georgia4784428388
[email protected]
Missy’s BirdsCalifornia 530-844-2165
[email protected]
Dustin’s BirdsMichigan989-464-1616
[email protected]
World of BirdsNew Jersey908-879-2291
[email protected]
Marquez TielsArizona[email protected]

Whiteface Cockatiel Price in the US and the UK

The price for white cockatiel may range from around $30 to $250* which as mentioned earlier depends upon various factors. Likewise, in the UK the prices are slightly higher and you can get a good decent pair for anywhere between £50 to £250*.

Ashenfallow Cockatiel For Sale

NameAshenfallow CocaktielPhylumChordata
Scientific NameNymphicus Hollandicus   ClassAves
Lifespan16-25 yearsOrderPsittaciformes
Weight85-90 grams(adults)FamilyCacatuidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusNymphicus Wagler,1832
SpeciesN. HollandicusSize30-35 cms(adults)

Ashenfallow cockatiels have a soft cinnamon-colored body with red eyes, and pink feet and beaks. Their feathers have a high concentration of yellow color due to cinnamon cockatiel mutation. Their notable color is hence creamy cinnamon.

MisFit AviaryMinnesota[email protected]
Otter Branch AviaryNew Jersey[email protected]
Maple Leaf AviariesNorth Carolina908-433-5971
[email protected]
Los Monos AviaryPennsylvania717-753-4242
Lopez CockatielsPuerto Rico[email protected]
Cockatiels with April LoveTennessee919-389-1942

Ashenfallow Cockatiel Price in the US And UK

Ashenfalow cockatiels have a unique appearance due to their common cream color making them high in demand. This makes their price on the end higher. You can expect an Ashenfallow cockatiel for anywhere between $200 and $300*.

Whereas in the UK, the rates for Ashenfallow cockatiel are similar to that with prices ranging from £150-£250*.

Blue Cockatiel For Sale

NameBlue CockatielPhylumChordata
Scientific NameNymphicus Hollandicus   ClassAves
Lifespan15-25 yearsOrderPsittaciformes
Weight160 grams(adults)FamilyCacatuidae
KingdomAnimaliaGenusNymphicus Wagler,1832
SpeciesN. HollandicusSize12-13 inches(adults)

Don’t be awestruck because blue cockatiels do exist, though they are rare. The majority of cockatiels you see around are mostly gray. Blue cockatiels aren’t full blue. It’s their tail that has a shade of blue-gray all over it. The absence of cheek patches and yellow shades on their body makes the blue color pop.

Marquez TielsArizona[email protected]
Birds of Color AviaryCalifornia909-261-0772
[email protected]
[email protected]
Feisty FeathersCalifornia
Enduring Impression AviaryGeorgia706-699-3226
Pelican State AviaryLouisiana318-680-5808
[email protected]

Blue Cockatiel Price in the US And UK

As compared to other breeds, you can expect to be charged more for a blue cockatiel. The rarity of blue cockatiels makes their prices go up. On average, you can get one from a decent breeder for $300-$400*, whereas in the UK the prices may range from £200-£300*.

Cockatiel (Legal Or Illegal)

If you’re considering owning a beautiful pet who’d double as your companion, you can certainly count on a cockatiel. As far as their legality is concerned, you need not worry because these birds don’t require any special licensing to own.


Here are some frequently asked questions about cockatiels.

Where To Buy Live Fertile Cockatiel Eggs For Sale?

Numerous websites specialize in selling live fertile cockatiel eggs. These eggs are collected from healthy cockatiels and are also 100% tested for hatching healthy cockatiels babies.

Is Craigslist Good Option To Buy Cockatiels?

Craigslist is an online classifieds store where people list what they want to sell. Cockatiels at Craigslist normally retail at around $200 to $450*. This price is comparatively higher and you need to remain cautious. Websites can be risky and you have to keep your eyes open to avoid any scams.

Where To Buy A Cockatiel?

Before buying a cockatiel, you need to gather some basic information, and depending on your choices, you can filter through the options. Owning a pet isn’t all fun and games, rather a solid responsibility on your shoulders. It’s thus important to choose the right place to buy your cockatiel. There are many places where you can buy cockatiels, and some of them are; Pet shelters/Pet stores, Local Breeders, PetSmart, PetCo, Online Stores and Craigslist.

What Store Has Cockatiels For Sale?

PetSmart and PetCo have cockatiels for sale.

Is Spring Mix Salad Safe For Cockatiels?

Spring Mix Salad contains carrots, beet greens, broccoli, corn, dried tomatoes, endive, corn, spinach, kale, pumpkin, sprouts, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, chards, and turnip greens.  The darker the color of the salad, the more nutrition it contains. 

How Much Do Cockatiels Cost?

Cocktails can cost you anywhere between $150 to $300*.

Do Cockatiels Do Better In Pairs?

Cockatiels are highly social animals and they love to have companions and attention from other cockatiels as well. If you keep two of them together, it will keep them good company. They will soon establish a pecking order so it’s wise to get them a large cage with extra perches and more food and water.

Is It Cruel To Have A Pet Cockatiel?

Just like dogs on chains, birds also crave freedom when they are confined to their cage. It’s not cruel to have them as a pet, because solitary confinement, loneliness, and boredom make them aggressive and self-destructive. 

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