Can Squirrels Die From Falling? (Explained!)

When we talk about heights, squirrels are daredevils.

Squirrels are slightly larger than mice, and they can easily survive from falling. However, squirrels are rodents, and they do not die from falling. They can withstand extreme falls and hurt themselves, but they stay.

Squirrels are mammals that have unique physical attributes which help them to fall from height with minimal damage. They are lightweight and have little gravity by which they don’t die from falling. As a result, squirrels can survive a fall of 5 meters minimum and 100 feet maximum without any injury.

This article explains everything you know about squirrels and the heights. I have explained that from what size a squirrel can fall without any damage and how a squirrel is different from other rodents in terms of intelligence.

Can Squirrels Die From Falling From a Tree?


Squirrels are incredible climbers, and when we say that a squirrel dies by falling from the tree, then it’s hard to believe. So the question hers is, can squirrels die from falling a tree? Well no!

Squirrels don’t die when they fall from a tree. On the contrary, they are natural and incredible climbers that it is hard to fall from a tree.

They have sharp claws that hook into the tree bark and make it impossible to fall apart. When they climb a tree, their movement is intermittent, quick, and very precise. All these abilities help them to enhance their natural ability to climb a tree fast without any damage.

Can Baby Squirrels Die From Falling?

Now we know that squirrels are excellent climbers, and they can’t fall from the tree, but what about baby squirrels? Can baby squirrels die from falling?

Well, no! baby squirrels don’t die from falling. Their mothers take care of them, and due to their natural ability to climb a tree efficiently, there are very minimal chances of falling.

But in case if a baby squirrel falls out of tree, then what to do in that case?

  • If you find a baby squirrel fall out of the tree, you need to give the mother squirrel a chance to reclaim their baby and relocate them.
  • If the baby squirrel is injured, leave it, keep people and pets away and monitor them from a safe distance.
  • If you see that mother squirrel is not coming to rescue, get him quickly to a wildlife rehabilitator.

How far can a squirrel fall without dying?

Squirrels are natural and incredible climbers, and we know that their physical ability helps them survive when they fall from a height. But how far can squirrels fall without getting hurt?

A squirrel can fall from heights of up to 100 feet without hurting itself. What about 200 feet? Can a squirrel survive a fall from 200 feet?

Because of lightweight and low gravity, squirrels have a less terminal velocity, but 200 feet is much high for a squirrel to survive in my point of view.

What is the terminal velocity of a squirrel?

Just like rodents, the squirrel is small in size and has less gravity. If we do calculations, the terminal velocity of a squirrel is 10.28 m/s and 23 mph. The reason is that squirrel has a large area and mass ratio that means gravity does not pull on in too much with force.  

Do squirrels really land like superheroes?

Squirrels are agile, cunning, and intelligent creatures that make leaps and bounds with ease. That’s why it is no surprise that squirrels land just like Captain America.

Yes, these nimble rodents really land like superheroes.


Are Squirrels Smart?

Yes, squirrels are smart. They are knowledgeable. They communicate with each other through different vocalizations and scent marking.

Squirrels also use their tails as a signalling device, and they twitch them when they feel insecure or any danger around them. Moreover, they are experts at adapting and capable of living almost everywhere. Here are some of the facts about squirrels that make them intelligent than other rodents;

  • Quick learners

Squirrels are quick learners. They have capable of learning by observation.

  • Great Memory

Squirrels have a great memory. So they bury their nuts under the ground to have access later. In this way, they are capable of learning things through their sharp memory.

  • Intelligence

Memory and capable of living anywhere are two hallmarks that make squirrels different from all other rodents.

What animals kill squirrels?

There are several kinds of animals that are predators of squirrels. A few of them are:

  • Weasels
  • Coyotes
  • Badgers
  • Foxes
  • Bobcats

However, in North America, snakes, raccoons, red foxes, grey foxes, bobcats, and coyotes are the predators of squirrels.

What animals can survive a fall from any height?

I have already explained about the squirrels that they have a lightweight with a low velocity that helps and save them when they fall from a height.

Do you have a question in your mind about what animals can survive a fall from any height?

Yes, mice and rats are animals that can survive a fall from any height.


This article has explained everything about squirrels and their height which they can easily bear. Moreover, how a squirrel survives when it falls from a height, how are they different from other rodents? Which other rodents can easily survive a fall from any height? All these questions are explained in this article.

Squirrels are amazing mammals with several incredible capabilities that make them look like a superhero. With extraordinary memory power, they can easily find a buried nut for later use. Moreover, they can easily detect any danger around them with the help of their tail.

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