Can Hamsters eat Arugula? (A Definitive Guide)

Arugula is a spicy-tasting leafy green. It is a very nutritious and tasty diet. Arugula is a healthy food that we have possibly measured offering with our hamsters and other pets.

When it approaches nourishing our tiny hamsters, a selection of diets which are not dangerous for our other small domestic animals, although few diets are fairly dangerous for them.

As a general rule, hamsters could not consume very syrupy, watery, or sour and bitter diets. Uncertainly we are discerning of nourishing arugula to our small hamsters, and we are questioning if little hamsters consume arugula, at that time the reply is yes, little hamsters can consume arugula!

Can Hamsters eat Arugula?


Hamsters can eat arugula but in very small quantities, excessive feeding can lead to digestive problems. Make sure to shower and dehydrate the arugula before serving it to your hamster. Feed them a 1/2 teaspoon portion of arugula twice or once a week.

Arugula is a brilliant basis of various nutrients that advantage your hamster. Similarly, it is low in sugar content, which means that it could be a nontoxic, vigorous diet when you suggest it in control.

Can arugula make my hamster sick?

Arugula can offer our hamster disease diarrhea, inflating, and a distressed stomach, primarily if our pet is not previously familiarized with new diets. While we bid a small quantity of arugula, retain an eye out for whatever rare. If difficulties happen, do not danger our hammy’s fitness by charitable it to them.

Can you feed dried arugula to your hamsters?

There is no such danger if we famine to food dehydrated arugula to our hamsters. It will benefit if we progress with the least amount when you feed dehydrated arugula to our hamsters. Offer them 1/2 portion of dry arugula leaf at initial to get how they respond to it. The uncertainty they reject takes it out from the hamster cage not to rot.

Can Hamsters eat Baby Arugula?

Yes. All categories of the arugula are suitable to nourish your hamster, packed with vitamins and all essential nutrients with much health welfare. Though, feed hamsters some arugula in control, as excessively arugula can result in diarrhea disease.

Can Dwarf Hamsters eat Arugula?

Yes, a dwarf hamster can eat arugula. As for your dwarf hamster feeds them 1⁄2 of teaspoon arugula twice or once a week. Although, you can give them 1/3rd of the 1/3rd share the leaves of arugula weekly. It is important to note that you have to be very careful and never overdo it. Large quantities may hurt your baby hamsters.

Can Syrian hamsters eat arugula?

Yes, we can serve arugula to syrian hamsters, because they are among the most common types of hamsters to possess as domestic animals at home. These are pretty huge and healthy and a more solid gastral system than their minor hamster partners. A 1/2 teaspoon portion of arugula twice or maybe once a week merely. Offer them simply about 4/3 part of a remote arugula greenery pet session.

How much arugula can a hamster eat?

Arugula consists of sodium, a small amount of fat, and a lot of calcium. Hamsters can eat arugula but in very small quantities. There are certain restrictions while it moves toward the quantity of arugula.

Here’s how considerable arugula to nourish our hamster:

Adult hamsterOne portion of arugula around the size of hamster’s skull
Baby hamsterNone

Feed them a 1/2 teaspoon portion of arugula twice or once a week. 

Arugula Nourishment Ingredients

Like all abundant green vegans, arugula comprises rare calories, although as long as an inspiring selection of essential nutrients.

A portion of arugula comprises almost:

  • Five calories
  • Four grams carbohydrates
  • Two grams fiber
  • One gram fat
  • Three grams protein

Arugula Nutritious Particulars

Half cup ration of this delicious, energetic discerning green offers you around:
Five milligrams of vitamin C
One milligram of iron
Nine milligrams of potassium
Nine mcg vitamin K
16 milligrams of calcium
Seven mcg of  folate
237 IU of the vitamin A
Seven milligrams of magnesium
Two milligrams of phosphorus

Can hamsters eat arugula leaves?

Yes, hamsters can eat arugula leaves but in very small amounts never overdo it.  The over feeding of arugula leaves can harm hamsters. Feed them one third of the one third ratio of arugula leaves weekly. It is a leafy vegetable like kale and spinach full of nutrients and the best feeding option for hamsters. 

Can you give arugula seeds and stems to your hamsters?

Yes, we can offer arugula stems to our hamsters in a small amount. We cannot nourish arugula seeds to our hamsters as they are lovely sour, and our hamsters cannot consume them.

Benefits of Arugula for Hamsters

Arugula is a caring leafy green root vegetable related to kale and spinach.  Though this leafy root vegetable has a healthy spicy mustard drop to it, consequently, it is most acceptable to feed this to our hamsters merely in control.

Arugula is ironic in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, and folate. An attendance in arugula is seamless for the eyes, lungs, heart, skin, kidneys, and to an outstanding antioxidant. Therefore, the antioxidant possessions in arugula assist in getting rid of free radicals in your hamster’s physique, refining their protection and building them much more substantially.

Vitamin C can increase hamster’s eye fitness and peel and hair.

The existence of Vitamin K is too identical helpful for our hamsters employing its benefits with bone absorption and has blood-clotting properties.

Folate in arugula encourages the creation of red and white blood cells in our hamster’s bone essence. It similarly aids our hamster’s physique to yield RNA and DNA.

Ca supports forming solid and robust skeletons, although correctly helping our hamster’s muscles, stresses, and heart function.

Can You overfeed Arugula to your Hamster?

If you are overfeeding arugula to our tiny hamster’s reasons to cultivate diarrhea, most important to dryness. It might be thought-provoking to diet dryness in hamsters. Consequently, we must provide our hamsters very tiny portions of arugula objective about twice or once a week.

Excessively arugula can also reason our hamsters to swell and reason intestinal care and gastric problems.

What is poisonous to hamsters?

Nuts(Not all nuts), fruit, seeds, and vegetables are harmless for your hamsters. 

Accessible diets that can become toxic contains;

  • Apple pips
  • Cherry quarries
  • Eggplant
  • Grapes
  • Avocado
  • Elderberries
  • Horse clichés
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Chives
  • Tomatoes
  • Peach quarries
  • Raisins of the potatoes
  • Rhubarb


Arugula is a highly spiced getting blossoming green which can be added fairly a moment of pleasure to an else tasteless salad. It is healthy and pleasant, arugula is a pleasure that we have possibly measured to offer to our little hamster and other pets at our home.

Arugula vegetation is pretty spicy therefore do not offer excessive quantities of it to your little hamsters. Save your small hamsters on a vigorous diet of excellent hamster diet and the rare nontoxic nourishment as pleasures. 

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