Black Squirrel Colorado: The Only Guide You Need!

Have You Ever Seen A Black Squirrel?

Yes! Luckily, you got the chance to see a rare species of squirrels. These black squirrels astonish many natives of Colorado at first sight.

The black squirrel has a shiny furry black coat, which is quite mesmerizing for many people. Some people know them as “Black squirrels” and people of Colorado, who know the reality called them “Eastern Grey Squirrel”.

Black Squirrel Colorado

History of Black Squirrels

But, from where has this rare variety of black squirrel been aroused? 

Researchers have found this variant came from the interbreeding of gray squirrels and fox squirrels. However, the black squirrels result from faulty phenotypic genes, dominant in an estimated 1% of Gray Squirrels.

NameBlack squirrel
Lifespan10 years
Weight1 – 1.5 pounds
Scientific NameSciurus Carolines
Size15 – 20 inches


If we observe the patterns of the biological behavior of the Black Squirrels, they are more aggressive and territorial than the “Eastern Grey Squirrel”.

The Black Squirrels are bold enough to fight till death, to protect their land from other squirrel groups. However, black squirrels are robust, energetic, and brave. Aside from this, there are other characteristics which are mentioned below:


Let’s see where these Black creatures are from. Originally, The Black squirrels are native to North America. And those which are now located in other countries like the United Kingdom are imported ones.


In the wild, black squirrels construct their nest on the tree above 20 to 60 feet or breed in their burrows. A squirrel nest is called dreys, composed of multiple materials, including twigs, leaves, moss, and leaves. Furthermore, if they reside in urban areas, you will find their dreys in chimneys, attics, and sheds.


Have you ever imagined how these cute black squirrels reproduce?

Surprisingly, Female Black squirrels are not egg-laying mammals. They give birth to the offspring. Mother squirrels keep their young ones with themselves for around two to three months. The gestation period is nearly 25 to 45 days. They can reproduce approximately 2 to 3 kittens at a time and twice per year.

Black Squirrel Lifespan and Weight

Squirrels found in Colorado commonly are medium-sized squirrels that weigh approximately 1 to 1.5 pounds (0.45 to 0.68 kg). After the birth of black squirrels, the first two to three years are very crucial.

These crucial years decide whether they’ll be alive or not. As they are more prone to being attacked by their predators. These early years determine their lifespan. In the wild, they can live up to 6 years and can be increased up to 18 years if caged.

Black Squirrel Diet

Generally, they eat what a regular squirrel diet is. So, the black squirrels like to eat and stockpile nuts and acorns. Moreover, they can eat anything like seeds, fruits, insects, and even bird eggs. If they are hungry, they will eat whatever is feasibly available.

Black Squirrel Facts

An interesting feature about black squirrels is their black color fur. This black color keeps the heat inside their body and helps in regulating their body temperature. Moreover, they can easily inhabit icy temperature regions.

Another vital role of the black coat is camouflage, making it harder for their predators to figure out their existence.

Black Squirrel As A Pet

It would not be an excellent decision to keep squirrels as pets as they are not domestic animals. You cannot select them as pets based on their cute and cheeky looks.

They will be harmful to your home and furniture, except that you need to do detailed research before keeping a squirrel as a pet. Don’t be disheartened; there is a variety of animals you can choose as a pet.

Black Squirrel Colorado Race Information

It is a marathon race held every year in the beautiful trail of Lory State Park to the North East of Fort Collins, Colorado. This marathon race is based on approx. 5.5 hours of Length, with the list of strict rules and regulations, which a participant has to follow otherwise marked as disqualified.

Candidates participate by fulfilling registration forms and fees before deadline dates. After the black squirrel race competition, the winner gets the winning prizes. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about black squirrels:

What do black squirrels symbolize?

Have you ever noticed the activities or life of a black squirrel? How small in size and still hard-working, knows how to compete no matter how challenging circumstances are! The black squirrel is a symbol that teaches us how to keep our life in balance, never be afraid of crisis, learn adaptability and avoid distraction in life.

What causes a squirrel to be black?

In mammals, melanin is responsible for producing pigment, which gives colors to the skins and furs. They belong to the gray squirrel family. Scientists proved by testing the DNA of Black squirrels that they inherited the faulty genes from their fox squirrel parent by interbreeding. So the black squirrels are a Melanistic edition of the eastern and fox squirrel. Hence it is proved that this black fur is the result of genetic mutation.

How rare are black squirrels?

Black squirrels have small colonies, as this genetic form is only dominant in less than 1% of Eastern Grey Squirrels. It is their attractive black fur coat that makes them rare.

Are black squirrels mutants?

It is proved by many experiments that these black species are mutants. Due to this color variation gray squirrel has black coated fur.

Are black squirrels dangerous and aggressive?

 Black squirrels are more dangerous and aggressive as compared to the Eastern grey squirrel. Even local birds are afraid of their attack.

Do black squirrels change color?

The coat color of squirrels also changes seasonally. Color changes occur in the winter and summer seasons. In winters, their fur coat becomes thick and silver-grey before shedding to yellowish-grey in summers.

Which color squirrel is smarter black or brown?

Grey squirrels are dumb if it comes to being smart. These so-called black squirrels excitedly stockpile their nuts and then forget the location of their burrows. They have problem-solving minds when it comes to their food. However, black squirrels are smart compared to red squirrels.

Where do squirrels sleep in Colorado?

In the daytime, they are busy renovating the nest and maintaining the food supply. They only sleep at night. Usually, they sleep in their nest, known as the dreys and hollows of the trees.

Why do black squirrels have a brown tail?

Grey squirrels have a variety of color combinations. So these black and brown or black blonde-colored tail squirrels are kinds of sort of the Grey Squirrel species.

Black Squirrels other Locations?

The geographical locations of black squirrels are Midwest and North Eastern America, also located in Eastern Canada and the United Kingdom.

How do you get rid of black squirrels?

Squirrels stay away from irritating smells. However, you can use home remedies like apple cider vinegar spray, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, paprika, mint, etc. Aside from these organic products, you can opt-out of commercial products available in markets for effective results.

What other kinds of squirrels live in Colorado?

The squirrels native to Colorado are Rust Red fox Squirrel, Albert Squirrel, and Pine Squirrel.


In the end, black squirrels are native to North America. As well as, they belong to the Eastern Grey Squirrel species. Yet, the black fur is the result of a faulty gene due to interbreeding. Also, Black squirrels know the usage of their distinct color very well.

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