Baby Squirrels For Sale NEAR YOU: US Breeders List

Squirrels can live in every climate, but a change in temperature due to global warming can be a challenge for them.  

Squirrels are adaptive as they can also live in the harshest parts of the world.  

Are you living in the USA and want to buy a baby squirrel? If yes, then ‘Squirrel Control’ In Orlando, Florida, is one of the breeders from where you can find one.

Baby Black Squirrel For Sale

Baby Black Squirrel For Sale

A black squirrel in Massachusetts is an eastern gray squirrel in disguise. 

BreedBlack Squirrel  
Color variationsBlack Fur  
Lifespan  5 to 10 years 
Size 15”-20” 

The color variations in black squirrels are a result of a genetic mutation that causes excessive pigmentation. This process occurs in several species, and these individuals are called ‘melanistic’, which means ‘melanin’ – a pigmentation chemical.  

This process of natural selection determines whether the black morph will be successful in a particular region.

 A black baby squirrel is identical to a gray squirrel except for color.  

Their length is between 18 and 20 inches long, including their tails. 

Frazier Farms Exotics are both online and offline pet dealers that deals with *black squirrels as well.

In Tennessee, they operate a TWRA state-licensed and USDA Federally licensed facility and offer several squirrel breeds, including black and gray squirrels.

US Breeders List

Breeder’s NameStateContact Details
KathleenFlorida[email protected]
Elliot HarrisIllinois[email protected]
SallyIowa[email protected]
AmandaMaryland[email protected]
StaceyMissouri[email protected]
SalineFlorida[email protected]
SallyIowa[email protected]
CherylTennessee[email protected]
Baby Black Squirrel USA Breeders List

Baby Black Squirrel Price 

One can get a baby black squirrel for $200 to $250. You can contact them directly to place your order.

Baby Gray Squirrels For Sale

Baby Gray Squirrels For Sale

Gray squirrels were initially introduced from North America and were common in England, Wales, and Central Scotland.  

BreedGray Squirrel
Color variations  Gray Fur  
Lifespan  1 to 6 years 
Size 24-28.5cm 

They live in broadleaf woodlands containing oak, beech, sweet chestnut, and hazel. They are also found in various habitats such as parks, gardens, urban areas, and suitable trees.  

Are you looking for a baby gray squirrel for sale in the USA? 

You can buy a baby gray squirrel from a breeder or either a pet store. However, breeders have authentic ones while in pet stores they can sell some other by renaming them. So, do prefer buying from breeders than pet stores.

US Breeders List

Breeder’s NameStateContact Details
Animal SoupTexas[email protected]
Mark A. McKee Sr.Texas[email protected]
TiffanyTexas[email protected]
KathleenFlorida[email protected]
TonyaFlorida[email protected]
Baby Gray Squirrels USA Breeders List

Baby Gray Squirrel Price

You can get a Baby gray squirrel from any breeder mentioned above for $300 to $350.

Baby Red Squirrels For Sale

Baby Red Squirrels For Sale

The baby red squirrel has a reddish-brown coat and pale underside. In addition, they have a characteristically bushy tail that distinguishes them from the gray squirrel.  

BreedRed Squirrel
Color variationsReddish-brown Fur  
Lifespan  Up to 6 years 
Size 18-20cm, tail about 17.5cm 

It is smaller in size with red Fur and distinctive large ear tufts.

US Breeders List

Breeder’s NameStateContact Details
RuthIdaho[email protected]
Elliot HarrisIllinois[email protected]
Ratkateers RodentryIndiana[email protected]
RussellIowa[email protected]
Baby Red Squirrels USA Breeders List

Baby Red Squirrel Price 

Baby red squirrels are different from all the other breeds of squirrels due to their distinctive color. If you live in the USA, you can get a baby red squirrel for $150 to $200.

Baby Fox Squirrel For Sale

Baby Fox Squirrel For Sale

A fox squirrel belongs to the eastern United States, except for New England. They have seven subspecies, two of which occur in North Carolina. However, the fox squirrel is the giant tree squirrel in North Carolina, nearly double the size of the gray squirrel. 

BreedFox Squirrel
Color variationsPale gray, black, with white feet 
Lifespan  6 to 7 years 
Size 27.6 inches (70 centimetres) 

Fox squirrels are medium-sized squirrels with long fury tails and various color patterns.  

US Breeders List

Breeder NameStateContact Details
AmandaMaryland[email protected]
Awesome ExoticsMinnesota
StaceyMissouri[email protected]
DebbieNew Jersey[email protected]
Beverly SuttonNew York[email protected]
Baby Fox Squirrel USA Breeders List

Baby Fox Squirrel Price  

While living in the USA, you can get a baby fox squirrel for $150 to $200. 

Baby White Squirrels For Sale

Baby white squirrels are the white version of the eastern gray squirrel. For some reason, eastern gray squirrels in the USA have a gene that makes their coats white.  

BreedWhite Squirrel 
Color variations  albino and leucistic 
Lifespan  10 to 12 years 
Size 27.6 inches (70 centimetres) 

US Breeders List

Breeder’s NameStateContact Details
SallyIowa[email protected]
Irene DowdyOhio[email protected]
RacquelOklahoam[email protected]
SquirrleyTennessee[email protected]
CherylTennessee[email protected]
Baby White Squirrels USA Breeders List

Baby White Squirrel Price  

Baby white squirrels are the rarest among all the other breeds of a squirrel. For this reason, they can get expensive. You can find a baby squirrel for almost $250 to $300.

Baby Flying Squirrel For Sale

Baby Flying Squirrel For Sale

There are two categories of flying squirrels; northern flying squirrel and southern flying squirrel. Both are gray-brown, but the northern flying squirrel has belly fur that is gray at the base, and for the south of flying squirrel, the belly fur is all white.  

BreedFlying Squirrel
Color variations  Gray and brown
Lifespan  8 to 10 years 
Size 25 to 37 cm long (fully grown) 

US Breeders List

Breeder’s NameStateContact Details
Thomas RutkowskiFlorida[email protected]
ValerieFlorida[email protected]
SalineFlorida[email protected]
Baby Flying Squirrel USA Breeders List

Baby Flying Squirrel Price  

A baby flying squirrel can be purchased from breeders at the average cost of $450 to $600. However, it is essential to buy them at 6 to 8 weeks of age to make sure you can bond to them. 

Can You Adopt A Baby Squirrel In The USA?  

Just like all the other animals, you can adopt a baby squirrel of your choice as well. White Squirrel Institute is one of the organizations that deal with the adopted squirrels. 

In What States Is It Legal To Have A Pet Squirrel? 

Here is the detailed list of the states that allow petting a squirrel legally:  

State  Pet Squirrel Allowed  License Required
Alabama No No 
Alaska No No 
Arizona No No type of wildlife can be kept as pets. 
Arkansas Yes Not sure. You need to check with your state laws. 
California No No 
Colorado No  
Connecticut You are not allowed to be kept as pets.  
Delaware Allowed Yes, a permit is required  
Florida Some exotic animals are allowed Yes, a permit is required 
Georgia Pet squirrels are not allowed  
HawaiiNo wildlife of any type can be raised as pets.  
Idaho Doesn’t state  
Illinois You are not allowed unless you are a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  
Indiana Yes  
Iowa No, you can’t keep an exotic pet  
Kansas Squirrels can only be kept as pets at zoos  
Kentucky Not allowed  
Lousiana You can own them as pets. Not sure; check with your state. 
Maine Some wild animals are allowed. Yes, a permit is required 
Maryland no  
Massachusetts Only a flying squirrel is allowed I couldn’t find the answer, so be sure to check the state’s laws. 
Michigan Yes You will need a game permit. 
Minnesota No, you cannot  
Mississippi They have several restrictions, which you will need to check.  
Missouri Only injured squirrel is legal   
Montana It is legal to keep a Southern Flying Squirrel. Not sure; you’ll have to check with your state laws. 
Nebraska Yes, as long as it wasn’t obtained from the wild. You will require a wildlife permit. 
New Hampshire No exotic animals or mammals can be kept as pets.  
New Jersey Allows red squirrels and flying squirrels to be kept as pets. No permit required 
New Mexico Not allowed  
New York They are not allowed, no matter how well-behaved they are.  
North Carolina Allowed  
North Dakota Check the state’s laws  
Ohio Not allowed  
Oklahoma Squirrels may be sold, bartered, traded or purchased.  
Oregon You are not allowed to keep any type of wildlife.  
Pennsylvania Not allowed  
Rhode Island Not Sure  
South Carolina It is allowed Must have a permit 
South Dakota Not sure  
Tennessee Allowed No permit is required. 
Texas Allowed  
Utah Not sure  
Vermont Not allowed May require a permit 
Virginia You are entitled to keep them as pets  
Washington Not allowed  
West Virginia I could not find any relevant information  
Wisconsin Squirrel monkeys are the only exotic species that can be kept as pets. Not sure; you’ll need to check. 
Wyoming Not sure; you’ll have to check.  
License Required


Here are some frequently asked questions about baby squirrels.

How much does a baby squirrel cost?

The cost of the baby squirrel depends upon its breed. For instance, the price may hike if you are looking for a rare species like the white, then the price may hike.

Is it legal to own a squirrel as a pet?

In most of the states of the USA, it is legal to have a baby squirrel as a pet. However, if someone wants to pet a wild squirrel, they must ask the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. 

Is it legal to trap squirrels in Florida? 

Yes, Florida allows some exotic animals, and it is legal to trap squirrels out there.

Can squirrels be domesticated?

Yes, squirrels can be easily domesticated in the backyard or neighbourhood.  

Do squirrels get attached to humans?

Unlike rodents, squirrels do not get attached to humans.

Final Words 

Squirrels can be great pets if someone cares for them properly. This article has explained almost all the breeds of squirrels found in the USA’s states. For instance, white squirrel, red squirrel, gray squirrel, and flying squirrel. 

If you are looking for a pet squirrel, you can buy from the online and offline sources mentioned above.  

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