Baby Monkeys for Sale (#1 Breeders List & Ultimate Guide)

If you are looking for a baby monkey for sale, we are here to help you get the pet you imagined for your family.

Baby Monkey For Sale


Get baby monkeys for sale from our trusted sellers and breeders.

Many monkeys sell at varying rates depending on their breed and intelligence because some breeders train their monkeys extensively which causes a rise in their price.

Females cost more than males because they are less aggressive and because breeders treat female babies as their surrogate human babies.

However, monkeys are not good pets, they can act cute for a while and that’s about it. In reality, monkeys can cause much trouble and are also capable of nuisance in the household. 



A macaque is an Old Age monkey that lives mostly in Asian countries. The monkey is characterized by its cheek pouches and unusually short tails. 

LIFESPAN Less than 15 years in the wild, more than 25 years in captivityORDERPrimates
ADULT WEIGHT5.5-18 kg (male)2.4-13 kg (female)SUBORDERHaplorhini
SPECIESHaplorhine primateSIZE41-70 cms 
FAMILYCercopithecidaeGESTATION PERIOD243 days

Macaque Breeders List in the US

Sr. NoBreeder’s NameLocationContact Details
4.Jim RienowWisconsin920-434-2228



A chimpanzee is a primate that is most like a human because 99% of a chimpanzee’s DNA is identical to human DNA. They are noisy, intelligent, curious, and highly social animals and prefer living in loose communities consisting of male and female chimpanzees.

LIFESPAN 32 years (male)
39 years (female)
ADULT WEIGHT40-60 kg (male)
32-47 kg (female)
SPECIESHaplorhine primateSIZE63-94 cms (length)

Chimpanzee Breeders List in the US

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Kathy BFlorida9043492699
Glory JoviSouth Carolina
Kerry MorelandFlorida9188517940



Marmosets are small monkeys that possess many features that are not there in other primates. They have claws that help them to cling to trees, which is an unusual feature for most monkeys who prefer hanging from trees.

Marmosets are omnivores and are native to Brazilian lands.

SCIENTIFIC NAMECallithrix JacchusCLASSMammalia
LIFESPAN 12 yearsORDERPrimate
ADULT WEIGHT256 gms (male)
236 gms (female)
SPECIESCallithrix pencillataSIZE12-17 cms (length)
FAMILYCallitrichidaeGESTATION PERIOD152 days

Marmosets Breeders List in the US

Breeder’s NameLocationContact Details
Poggis Animal HouseTennesse954-708-9441
Tonia HaddixMissouri427-440-1351
BeckeeFlorida727 255-9045

Can You Buy A Baby Monkey In The US?

Many states in the US do not prohibit buying a baby monkey, but laws are constantly changing so it’s always good to consult the books before making a purchase. Some states and municipalities require permits to own a pet monkey. 

Illegal Monkey Breeds And States In The US

No specific monkey breeds are illegal in the US. 

You must apply for a monkey permit if you live in the following states. They will require you to apply for permission before purchasing any monkey breed.

  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota

If you decide to legally own a pet monkey, you won’t require a permit but still, make sure to check your city and local county requirements. 

  • Nevada

In the following states, it is advised to check the Department of Wildlife before purchasing a monkey breed because some of them ban monkeys while some of them do not. 

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Indiana
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee

Local authorities require an importation permit for monkeys if you want to bring in a monkey in

  • New Mexico  

Owning a monkey is fun, but 19 states have an absolute ban on the ownership, sales, and importation of pet monkeys.

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming

The following state will require you to get a bond to own a monkey. The bonding is required to run a background check as well as a credit check to ensure that you would pay any/all fines levied on you. 

You are free to buy and/or sell monkeys in the states mentioned below. They have no restrictions on any monkey breed.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

It’s always good to know your state’s monkey ownership laws before getting a monkey as it may result in a penalty or jail time.

More and more states are banning exotic animals as pets and monkeys in that category too. At times, states won’t prohibit having them, but cities and local counties will impose sanctions. So to stay on the safer side, check the local laws and regulations as well.

How Do I Get A Monkey?

If you want to get a monkey, check your state’s monkey ownership laws because sometimes even bringing in a monkey in your state can lead you to penalties or jail time. This is because many states are banning exotic species like monkeys, so it’s good to go through your county’s regulations as local governments impose rules even if states don’t.

How Much Does A Quality Breeded Baby Monkey Cost?

A good quality bred monkey may cost you between $2000* to $50,000*, depending upon the breed of the monkey you choose to buy. It’s also just not the initial cost but other things like building their home, providing them quality food, and any other thing they might require. This can easily sum up to a few thousand more.

How Long Do Pet Monkeys Live?

If you’re an affectionate pet lover, your pet monkey may easily live for up to 20-40 years because caring for a monkey is not like caring for other animals. If you take good care of them, expect them to live a longer life.

Can I Adopt A Monkey?

Many pet lovers swoon over the thought of owning a pet monkey, but there’s one question that needs to be answered, ‘How Do I Adopt A Baby Monkey In The Us?’

You can easily adopt a monkey for $52 per annum or $5 per month.


Here are some frequently asked questions about baby monkeys.

How Much Is A Finger Monkey?

A Finger monkey can typically cost around $4,500*-$7,000* and they are one of the few species in the US that are allowed as domesticated pets.

Is There Any Baby Monkey For Sale Under $100 Available?

No, you won’t find any baby monkey for sale under $100.

Is Craigslist Good Option To Purchase Baby Monkeys?

Craigslist is never a good option to buy baby monkeys because you need to physically examine them before making the purchase.

Can Monkeys Be House Trained?

Monkeys cannot be effectively house trained. Even if you succeed at training your younger monkeys, they will eventually forget their lessons once they grow up and mature.

What Is A Good Pet Monkey?

Monkeys don’t mature or get tame, no matter how hard you try. We don’t recommend owning them as pets, but if you insist, then go for capuchins. Capuchins are cute and adorable and can be a good pet monkey.

What do baby monkeys eat?

Baby monkeys are mostly omnivores which means they eat both plants and animals and depending on their habitat with a few slight variations, monkeys eat fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts, insects, flowers, and small animals. They are introduced to solid food from a young age but still depend on their mother’s milk for a year and a half.

Do Monkeys Smell Bad?

Yes, they do smell bad and this is totally normal for a wild animal. Their bad smell is not only due to their sweat glands but their nature of making a massive mess of their poo and urine.

Are Monkeys Safe Pets?

On a general note, monkeys cause more harm than good when they are kept indoors. They can act sweet for some time, and give you the attention you’re looking for but in return need too much care from their owners. At times, they may look fine, but carry viruses harmful to humans.

What Is The Best Exotic Pet To Have?

Marmosets are a small breed of monkeys with large expressive eyes and are the best exotic pet to have.

What Is The Cutest Type Of Monkey?

Finger monkeys are undoubtedly the cutest type of monkeys.

Why Do Monkeys Throw Their Poop?

It is not common for monkeys in their natural habitat to throw their poop at others. This trait is only for ones that are kept in captivity and it signifies their outstanding communication skills, intelligence, frustration, and aggressive nature while in captivity. Throwing poop is like throwing things like rocks, stones, and twigs from a cage, and monkeys do this to mark their authority.

Why Do Monkeys Kidnap Babies?

Female monkeys kidnap other baby monkeys which shows their interest in giving birth to new babies. They try to touch the baby, will try to groom it, or eventually resort to kidnapping the baby. This practice is common for the female lead in the group, but low-ranking monkeys can also do this. 

Do Monkeys Recognize Their Owners?

Monkeys belong to the category of primates who will fondly bond with their owners but perceive everyone else around them as their enemies. Monkeys possess a sharp memory similar to the one practiced solely by humans which allows them to recognize their owners, and also reflect on their memories.

Why Do Baby Monkeys Scream?

Monkeys scream when they tend to involve in aggressive interactions. These may include aggressive interactions like biting attacks, people staring at them, or a male dominant monkey trying to intimidate them. Moreover, younger monkeys scream when they want their mothers to nurse them.

Final Words

Baby monkeys are as smart as toddlers. Upon growing up, they can live for up to 10-50 years depending upon their living conditions, health, and nutrition provided. This sums up to a good companionship for many many years if you are willing to make that investment. 

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